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How to skip reading the timestamp in zabbix?

I have created a zabbix alert to return log messages whenever there is any ERROR or WARNING in the file : Item : Type : Zabbix agent (active) key : log[/usr/local/panorama/acs/standalone/log/server.log,WARN\s*\[|ERROR\s*\[,,,,\0] Type of information : Log Log Time Format : yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss,SSS And an alert : Name : Error/Warning log at...

zabbix api get all host names

I'm using Python to query a Zabbix server in an attempt to get a list of hostids and hostnames. I'm testing with the following: zapi = ZabbixAPI(server=server, log_level=debuglevel) zapi.login(username, password) hosts = zapi.host.get({"params":{"output":"hostid", "name"}}) print hosts The above test only prints out the hostids. The host names are not retrieved....

Zabbix Monitoring Tool Database Connection issue

I am trying to install Zabbix Monitoring server on Linux Cent OS 6.x. I have installed Zabbix 2.4 version on it. I have followed the following article of Zabbix to configure it: https://www.zabbix.com/documentation/2.4/manual/installation/install_from_packages Once I reach at IPAddress/zabbix at browser settings, I have successfully passed PHP settings and configuration stage....

How to find difference between two arrays in PHP?

Here is array 1: Array ( [ABC01] => 10.123.456.78 [ABC02] => 10.123.456.79 [ABC03] => 10.123.456.80 [ZYX99] => 10.123.456.81 ) Here is array 2: Array ( [0] => ABC01 [1] => ABC02 [2] => ABC03 ) I'm trying to find the difference between these two arrays and return the following (as...

Zabbix configuration - Action

The action which I'm configuring is used to sending email notification. The problem is that if I use the macros in action's name and message the email will not be send out, if using just plain text the email can be sent out succesfully. I'm using the media type of...

Where does zabbix store trapper data?

I'm trying to retreive the results from all trapper items, I assume it is stored in the database under the history table but would like to confirm if maybe it's stored somewhere else.

Zabbix external checks cannot be executed due to SELinux

I try to implement external checks in Zabbix 2.2. I've created simple bash script for SSL verification which should be executed by zabbix service. The script is located in /var/lib/zabbixsrv/externalchecks directory. Even if there are 777 permission for the .sh script I still receive message telling unable to execute /var/lib/zabbixsrv/externalscripts/test.sh:...

Logstash filter section

Could you please advise how to filter a specific words with Logstash 1.5? For example, it's necessary to filter the following words: Critical, Exit, Not connected. As I remember, in previous versions of Logstash (i.e 1.4 and earlier) it has been possible with grep filter. Currently my logstash.conf contains: input...

Scripting with PuTTY's PSFTP and suppressing the output

I'm trying to write a ruby script that executes PuTTY's PSFTP program and receive the output to use in further processing and then report a number to Zabbix. However, when I run the script, PSFTP outputs a bit of text that throws off my Zabbix item. C:\Ruby\>corporate_sftp3 -o xml Using...

Zabbix JMX monitoring with agent auto-registration

I can see how to configure a jmx server for a host using the zabbix UI. I must enter the host IP address and port. My use case has many aws ec2 instances that come and go according to scaling requirements, so I want these instances to auto-register with the...