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Yeoman angular dist version of app, does not restrict the direct folder access

I am facing this issue for my angular app. Dist version of app, does not restrict the direct folder access. so www.mysite.com/scripts and /images and /styles folder are accessible. This issue is not coming in development i.e. grunt serve this is coming in grunt serve:dist. I have tried the deny...

yeoman and bower not adding bootstrap css (angular generator)

I'm completely new to using yeoman, bower and grunt (just started learning angular), so if you need any more info please let me know and I'll update the question. I am following along a codelab on the yeoman webpage, and so far I've managed to follow along (with a few...

Grunt Build Aborted Due to Warnings

I'm new to angular and I'm working with Yeoman scaffolded apps and Grunt. I successfully created a few Grunt builds earlier on in the project but now when I do: Grunt build I get the following message: I'm not sure how to interpret the command line output which is below....

How to use x-editable plugin with meanjs yeoman generated code?

I love x-editable plugin and have used previously for angular standalone application. Currently I've generated my project using Yeoman meanjs generators and I can't find the same options like for configuring editableOptions, the way I could do in angular app. Does anyone know where I can configure these settings? Is...

Push yeoman project to github

I try to work on a yeoman project with a team. After generating the angularjs code with > yo angular and pushed the folder to github git add . git push git commit origin master and when I clone the code from git github I have this error Fatal error:...

Accessing root folder in yeoman project gives 404, but bower_components is not

I've just created web project using yeoman angular generator. I noticed bower_components is in root folder. I want to put other components that is not installed using bower into not_bower_components folder (also in root folder). The problem is that it gives me 404 when i run grunt serve, but all...

Modals do not show up after grunt build in a yeoman app

I have got an angular project generated with yeoman/generator-angular with both mobile and desktop views. The mobile templates heavily rely on mobile-angular-ui and it works just fine in development. For some reason the modals are not displayed after grunt build. Instead, calling a modal would act as if a transparent...

Grunt build is leaving out a new directory in 'Dist'

I'm new to angular and I'm trying to do a grunt build of my Yeoman scaffolded app. At one point in my project I created a new sub directory of "app/". When I do a Grunt build this directory is not included in the "dist" project and it's causing errors....

Use yeomen generator branch locally

I'm using https://github.com/DaftMonk/generator-angular-fullstack locally, but I would like the generator to use a branch of that project. So I have installed it using npm install -g generator-angular-fullstack 1) What would be the next steps if I would like to use the canary branch of that project and continue to use...

Permission denied while installing Yo

I'm trying to set up yo to use the angular generator for a project. I am following the steps detailled here: http://yeoman.io/learning/index.html I already have Node.js and NPM installed. But when I use the command: sudo npm install -g yo bower grunt-cli It fails and I get this error: >...

yo angular generates files in wrong path ( home directory )

yo angular generates the files in my home directory and I don't know why. I did the following: ppa for node curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup | sudo bash - then install node sudo apt-get install -y nodejs create a symlink sudo ln -s "$(which nodejs)" /usr/bin/node install yeoman sudo npm install...

Where to put “non-bower” components

I'm a newbie to nodejs and bower. I've just created angular projects with yeoman and see the bower_components folder. But if i have components/libraries that is not installed using bower, where should i put it?