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XV6 crashes when trying to implement triple indirection in xv6 operating system

The original xv6-rev7 operating system contains: 12 directed blocks 1 indirect blcok(points to 128 blocks) This means we have 140 blocks. Each block's size is 512KB ==> 512 * 140 = 71,680 ~= 70KB is the limit of file's size in xv6. I want to implemet triple indirect access in...

Need help to understand the syntax in xv6 kernel

I am reading files of xv6 kernel and I cannot understand what the following means: static int (*syscalls[])(void) = { [SYS_fork] sys_fork, [SYS_exit] sys_exit, [SYS_wait] sys_wait, [SYS_pipe] sys_pipe, ... } Can someone explain this to me? Especially what square brackets (e.g [SYS_fork]) mean. Thank you...

qemu request for a disc image

I am trying to get qemu up and running with xv6 but I am having some trouble with compiling xv6. what are the types of disc images that qemu accepts. for instance does Qemu accept .ISO files? I tried loading FreeBSD but I am getting the error from QEMU that...