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Ember CLI / resource / wp-api slug

For practice, and because the word 'post' is too confusing these days, I'm creating a resource called thought(s) - I'm getting some wp-json with the WordPress API (so the 'posts' are 'thoughts') - I'm setting the path to /wordpress with the intention of getting urls like this: http:/site.com/wordpress/thought-slug - I'm...

How can I get a list of posts for a category with WP-API?

Should be easy, but didnt find it in the WP-API docs.

If image is null from JSON, use another image - AngularJS

Below I have an ng-repeat where the inner div gets a background image set after reading a JSON file. My question is - If post.featured_image.attachment_meta.sizes.medium.url does not exist or is null, what would be the best approach to replace this with another image? Say a default backup image? A solution...