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Adding new social network to socmed widget through PHP — Wrong icon showing

Let me just apologize up front for my ignorance; I've never really seen PHP up-close and am really new to the Wordpress world... I added a Pinterest option to a social media widget using this tutorial. The addition worked, giving me a new Pinterest option in the widget. The widget...

How can I wrap this text so it doesn't overflow past the widget container?

http://imgur.com/5GHqLQX I have a Wordpress widget and inside the widget I am displaying profile information. Some times the text for the 2nd row is too long and it overflows past the widget container. What would be a good way to deal with this, and how could I implement it in...

How to add the “Automatically add paragraphs” option to my WordPress widget?

I'm talking about the "Automatically add paragraphs" option that appears under the textarea in the "Text" widget. I swear I've done this before, but my Google-fu is failing me and all I can find is tutorials on existing WordPress widgets, nothing about how to code this into your own textarea/widget....