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Update app from WP7 to WP8

I have a problem, I have WP7 an app in store, which is already installed on Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices. Now I want to add WP8 app version. So in dashboard I click "add new", and selecting new .xap file which is dedicated to WP8. Finally I have...

Send the user to my other apps, Windows Phone button

How can I give a code to the button "See my other apps on the Store" for my application? I used: private void buttonMyOtherApps_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { MarketplaceDetailTask marketPlaceDetailTask = new MarketplaceDetailTask(); marketPlaceDetailTask.Show(); } But this opens the current app in the store, not the list of my apps......

how to know programmatically when a last call was made to a specific number

is there a way i can know programmatically when last call was made to a specific number.Some thing like: aCallDetailObj = getCallDetail("1234567890"); aDateTimeObj = aCallDetailObj.datetime; in andriod, windows mobile and iOS(looks suspicious). thanks...

How to check if the app is preloaded or installed from Windows Phone marketplace

I have an application which microsoft is preloading in some devices. I want to give offers to those users who are using these preloaded apps. But how can i distinguish if the app is preloaded or installed from marketplace on that device?

How to go to previous page in windows phone 8 when back button is pressed

I have a home page or landing page in my windows phone c# based app where user enters login details and upon successful login user is redirected to page2 . Here the user will see a list box with few items . Upon selecting an item from this list box...

What do I need to install on a WP8 device that capable it to run my app writen by wp8 and SQL Server CE 3.5?

Please give me link of program that can capable phone wp8 run my application that written by Wp8 and VS.net 2013 and SQL Server CE 3.5. Please give me link of software that I need to install on the phone....

Windows Phone 8.1 : how to Launch an Installed app From My app

I have tried the following links How do I launch other app from my own app in Windows Phone 8.1? Call an external app on windows phone 8.1 runtime(not silverlight) xaml c# application but nothing is working for me as i simply wants to launch one app for e.g. angry...

How to send pre request before every request in windows phone 7

I want to send one pre request to my server before send every request. From that pre request I will receive the token from my server and than I have to add that token into all the request. This is the process. I have try with some methods to achieve...

What does it mean that my app doesn't support gracefully shutting down?

I have published an app to the Windows Phone Store and was given the following warning: App Policies: 10.4.2 Graceful Shutdown The app supports graceful shutdown. The app must handle exceptions raised by the any of the managed or native system API and not close unexpectedly. An app that closes...

Canvas borders c# ( Windows Phone 7)

I am using Storyboard to move my Images in Canvas. I am wondering if there is an option, when Image is moving to bottom and get into bottom border and Image will not move more down but also not stay. The point is how to make that Image will just...

Cannot implicitly convert type System.EventHandler to System.EventHandler error c#,visual-studio,windows-phone-7,windows-phone-8
I am trying to implement a Timer in windows phone app.It works fine in Windows Phone App(Silverlight) but it isnt working in Windows Phone Blank App.But it gives me following error- Cannot implicitly convert type System.EventHandler to System.EventHandler<object> This is my code - namespace Timer { public partial class MainPage...

How to use Textwrap property without defining the width in windows phone development?

I am using a grid with single row. I have placed a single LongListSelector within that row. The ItemTemplate is as follows, <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="Transparent"> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition/> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <!--when we dont mention any of the height and width properties then control tries to first occupy the minimum height/width required and...

How to use the web browser in listbox in windows phone 7?

I want to add the web browser into the list box. My requirement is I want to show the HTML contents(,,,etc) in the web browser. I have try like this: <DataTemplate> <StackPanel> <phone:WebBrowser IsScriptEnabled="True" Margin="0,6,0,0" Name="myWebView" utility:WebBrowserUtility.Html="{Binding ElementName=listBox, Path=DataContext.webImage}"/> <TextBlock Margin="0,6,0,0" Name="testText" Text="{Binding ElementName=listBox, Path=DataContext.webImage}"/> </StackPanel> </DataTemplate> Here web browser...

How to set HubSection Header Style

I want to change Font Family, Font Size and Foreground color for HubSection Header. Something like this: <Style TargetType="HubSection" x:Key="HubSection"> <Setter Property="Header"> <Setter.Value> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="100"></Setter> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="Yellow"></Setter> </Setter.Value> </Setter> </Style> <HubSection Width="500" Header="Section Name" Style="{StaticResource HubSection}"> How can I do it?...

How to create bottom to top slide menu like app bar in Windows Phone

Hi I need to create a custom bottom to top slide menu... Similar to app bar in Windows Phone. How can I achieve this. Please any point to start? UI looks as in images below:When the user slides the botton panel the state of bottom panel should change from 1...

Windows phone Apps using Express edition with SDK?

I am looking forward to develop windows phone apps targeting windows phone 7 and 8. I am using windows 7 professional.. I am going to install visual studio 2013 express edition for windows.. with addition of windows phone SDK 8 .. will windows 7 supports all this ?? do I...

Resize image and change background Color

I finish from resizing image but how can I change Background Color (Change black Color)? Like this image: http://i.stack.imgur.com/2Y3xG.jpg BitmapImage img = new BitmapImage(); img.SetSource(e.ChosenPhoto); Image image2 = new Image() { Width=640,Height=640,Visibility=Visibility.Collapsed,Source=img }; WriteableBitmap wb1 = new WriteableBitmap(image2,st); wb1.SaveJpeg(ms1, 640, 640, 0, 100); ...

Set part of a picture as button

I have one larger image and would like to make only one smaller part of that image (that part is in the center of the image) to serve as button, i.e. to be clickable. Is that possible?

List.BinarySearch Windows Phone

I search in my list with already sorted data like this: public class ShortWord: IComparable<ShortWord> { public int id { get; set; } public string Word { get; set; } public int CompareTo(ShortWord obj) { return this.Word.CompareTo(obj.Word); } } List<ShortWord> words; words.Where(t => t.Word.IndexOf(text.ToUpper()) == 0).Take(30).ToList(); It is working very...

Windows phone store update app package on same app version?

I have uploaded an app with version Now I want to just update the package of this submission and not version in Windows Phone store can i do that?

An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeException' occurred in System.Data.Linq.dll

I am getting the error below and I don't know why, because my application was running normal 4 hours ago, but now isn't working and I did not changed anything.. An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeException' occurred in System.Data.Linq.dll I am getting the error in the line db.SubmitChanges();.. I am...

Using Scheduled Task Agent with Periodic Task local notification at a particular time in WP8

Using Scheduled Task Agent with Periodic Task in Windows Phone 8 how do i show the local notification at a particular time. For example at (9AM and 5 PM) every day?

Windows Phone 7.x does not show content to all screen size

I've found the problem. The same xaml does not shown for all screen size in W.P. 7.1 but does in W.P. 8. There is standard project template with red border to see difference: <phone:PhoneApplicationPage x:Class="PhoneApp1.MainPage" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" xmlns:phone="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Phone.Controls;assembly=Microsoft.Phone" xmlns:shell="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Phone.Shell;assembly=Microsoft.Phone"...

Align control to right - xaml

I have Grid with 3 columns. <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto" /> <ColumnDefinition Width="*" MinWidth="215"/> <ColumnDefinition Width="*" /> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> In first column I have image. In second Stack Panel. In third I have my user control and I want to make it horizontal right, but it's align to left. This is code...

Windows phone 7 app

I have tried to choose a contact from the contact list in a windows phone 7 app and display it in a textbox. Now I want to save that contact in that textbox for future use of that application. How I can save a chosen contact from a windows phone...

Multiple Animations Windows Phone 7

I am trying to make one-hand machine game. To animate falling down Images I am using storyboard. My question is if someone know how to make multiple images. In this code I have just on image falling down. Somone know how to make e.g 100 images animation in the storyboard?...

Create SDK/API using Parse.Com

I got an assignment to write a SDK/API for a mobile app, which will be developed in all 3 platforms(Anroid/Windows/iOS) by different persons. Since those mobile app developers are outside companies, my company doesn't want to expose any Data Base structure related information to them. So they wanted me to...

Should I convert the async calls to sync in Windows Phone 8?

I'm a pretty experienced programmer that used to program in Android and recently started programming for Windows Phone. When I discovered the async/await paradigm introduced in C# 5.0. I liked but programming my first app noticed that a simple network connection for a login request in example, makes the async...

Windows phone apps on Windows 10

I'm creating apps for windows phone pretty much since the beginning and I was wondering.. Will the Windows Phone apps run on Windows 10 (for Phone) ? I could not find an answer anywhere and I wonder if the Windows Phone store will just disappear with the new version of...