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Will the Braintree JavaScript API work ok for Windows Phone?

I have been reviewing Braintree for an app I may be developing. I was wondering if I could use the JavaScript API to utilize Braintree on a Windows Phone 8.1 HTML / CSS / JS Runtime app(since there is no official Windows Phone API). Would I run into any issues?

How can I retrieve the user-access-token when logging in via Facebook in my windows phone 8.1 app?

I'm trying to implement Facebook login in my cordova app. It works in iPhone and Android, but I can't get it to work on Windows Phone 8.1. What I'm doing now for Windows phone 8.1 is to call a cordova plugin that I made which does the following: string loginUrl...

BadImageFormatException - How to reference System.IO.Compression in my Windows Phone 8.1 app?

I need to reference System.IO.Compression to use ZipArchive class in my Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 app. I add it with Object Explorer so it copies the dll C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework.NETCore\v4.5.1\System.IO.Compression.dll to my root path project, which is copied in the .xap package. I can build but my app crashes at...

Can I deploy multiple instances of my application on the same windows phone?

I would like to deploy two or more instances of my application, however VS informs me that there is already an installed instance of this application on my phone. How can I install/deploy multiple instances on the same phone for debugging?...

How to implement an horizontal image gallery in windows phone

I want to implement an image gallery with horizontal scroll. The amounts of items in the gallery can be very high depending on users. I've tried adding Items to a FlipView: <FlipView> <Image Source="Assets/Logo.png" /> <Image Source="Assets/Logo.png" /> <Image Source="Assets/Logo.png" /> </FlipView> The behavior is correct but since the image...

Embedded C# lambda expression as function parameter

Does anyone know what problem is with the below piece of code, which cannot compile in VS2013? GenericCommand.AddHandlerFactory("MyKey", (cmd, action) => { return (command) => { var result = new SuccessResult() { ResultText = "some example text" }; result.Send(command.Configuration); }; }); The prototype of AddHandlerFactory is : public static void...

Windows Phone 8.1 MediaComposition - Audio Too Fast When Stitching Videos

I am having a problem when trying to concatenate multiple videos together. Whenever I combine 2 or more videos, the audio is played at double speed, while the video plays out normally. Below is the code. Am I missing something? I get the same results when testing but cloning a...

Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate no Windows Phone 8 template

I don't see the Windows Phone 8 template in VS 2013 Ultimate edition. Yes, I have already tried solution from this question on Stackoverflow but it doesn't work, or maybe this solution was just for VS 2013 Preview. Any suggestion and workaround is appreciated I have VS updated to latest...

Portable Class Libraries not recompiling when Windows Phone app is in ARM build configuration

I've just started working with the Lumia (formerly Nokia) Imaging Library. Due to some restraints of the library it is necessary to use either the ARM or x86 build configurations. That's fine, but I have three portable class libraries that are referenced by the app. Whenever I make changes to...

Error in sending HTTP requests in Windows Phone 7.1

I am trying to send a HTTP request in Windows Phone using Visual Studio 2010 Express, but I am getting this error: The type or namespace name 'HttpClient' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) It's not able to find HttpClient even when...

Migrating contents of Windows Phone 7.5 IsolatedStorage to Windows Phone 8.1

I have a Windows Phone 7.5 game that stores user progress in files located in IsolatedStorage. I am now planning to upgrade the code to WP 8.1. I don't want users to lose their progress when they update, therefore I need to somehow migrate user files from IsolatedStorage to new...

Hold and get ListView Item index

I have a ListView with the following items: 1. One 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four 5. Five When I hold one of this itens my hold event is fired and I get the content and the index of the item, but for me get the index I have to...

Convert number to string using Hebrew letters

This is probably an easy one (it may even be a dupe), but I cannot find answer to this - how to print number using Hebrew letters? I've tried to change app language and/or using format provider: myTextBox.Text = 555.ToString(new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("he-IL")); but I can't get Hebrew letters. ...

Update app from WP7 to WP8

I have a problem, I have WP7 an app in store, which is already installed on Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices. Now I want to add WP8 app version. So in dashboard I click "add new", and selecting new .xap file which is dedicated to WP8. Finally I have...

Auto-update buttons in W8.1P App when Accent colour is changed

I have an app with several buttons, with which I've set the background to match the phone's Accent Colour. I've noticed that if the user changes the Accent Colour with my app open in the background, then the buttons will retain the previous colour. The app has to be closed...

Upload an image via httpclient

I have this code that uploads data public async Task<int> UploadAllDeposit() { tableSettings settings = App.ViewModelMaintenance.Setting; var q = from tableDeposit deposit in salesDB.Deposit where deposit.IsSync == false select deposit; int stat = 0; if (q.Count() > 0) { using (var client = new HttpClient()) { client.BaseAddress = new Uri(App.ServiceURL);...

Adding references in a shared (.shproj) project

I'm having an issue with adding a dll reference to a shared project. As seen in the picture below I have a Universal solution with a project for windows and a project for windows phone. In the HubApp1.Shared project I need to add a reference for some code in Class.cs....

Windows Phone App crashes after Launcher.LaunchFileAsync when downloaded from store

I have a strange problem, if I deploy my app through visual studio as debug or release version all is working well. But if I publish it to the store and download it from there the app crashes after Launcher.LaunchFileAsync or FileOpenPicker. When my app launches for example the default...

How i can develop windows phone 8.0 app in visual studio 2013 Comunity?

I have windows 8.1 OS. and when I choose Windows Phone App in VS it create Windows Phone 8.1 App without choice

Save parameters when application is closed

How do I save parameters before closing my Windows Phone Runtime app and use these parameters when I activate my app? I have a String and an int that I need to save.

How to Launch Windows Phone Foreground App from VoipHttpIncomingCallTask?

I have an App that I have written in C# Windows Phone 8.0. I have implemented a VoipHttpIncomingCallTask called ScheduledAgentImpl : ScheduledTaskAgent. In this class the protected override void OnInvoke(ScheduledTask task) is called whenever a Push Notification comes in with the Type set to 4, for Incoming Call Notification. I...

Resuming and suspendig WinRT Camera App

I have an app with three pages: MainPage, Page2 and Page3. At MainPage I have my camera, at Page2 I have the historical with the scans from MainPage, and my Page3 has some infos about the app. My issue is when I Suspend and when I Resume it. It suspends...

How to show Windows Phone application to client before publish in store

I have developed Windows Phone Silverlight application (support 8.0 and 8.1) for my client request. The client is goint to publish the application in WP app store, but first he must check on his phone if everything is OK with the application. The application was developed with Visual Studio 2013,...

Windows Phone 8.1 XAML - Overriding ResourceDictionary entry

I'm using a library (https://qkit.codeplex.com/) to implement a JumpList on my app and I wish to override its default margin for group header elements. This margin is defined on the library code as a resource in a resource dictionary: <Thickness x:Key="JumpListHeaderItemMargin">19,0,0,9.5</Thickness> How do I override the value for this key...

BackgroundTransferService with POST method and Parameters

I want to upload a file (VideoFile) to server through BackgroundTransferService. My problem is, I also want to send 2 parameters along with File (POST request). So, is it possible to send parameters along with File upload while using BackgroundTransferService API..? Code with BackgroundTransferService: BackgroundTransferRequest req = new BackgroundTransferRequest(new Uri("ServerURL",...

How to get daily steps from the Microsoft Band

With Microsoft Band and Windows Phone app I want to get from the MSBand the steps taken in the current day. Today, when I subscribe to the pedometer, the totalsteps attribute returns the steps taken overall. For example, my MSBand is returning 1M 444K steps. Does anyone knows how to...

Cannot access LocalFolder files on Windows phone app (UnauthorizedAccessException)

I am trying to get an application to write (then read) a simple text file in Windows Phone 8. My app has three controls: a create file button, a display file button, and a textbox where the contents are supposed to display. I have the following events set up in...

Phonegap developer app javascript Errors

I trying to run my phonegap app with the "Phongap Developer app" on my windows phone, but it's throwing strange javascript errors, like this: Object doesn't supprt property or method "defineProperty" Object.defineProperty(Detail, "name", { get: function () { return this._name; }, set: function (value) { this._name = value; }, enumerable:...

Can I download and install apps that previously published for wp8.1 with a Windows 10 phone?

I have read many articles about the "forward compatibility" of WP apps stating an app targeting 8.0 can run on an 8.1 phone. But I have not verified this on WP Store. I have published a universal app for WP 8.1 and some users have installed this app. Now I...

WP 8.1 - How to save an image to Isolated Storage if know it's URL

I have the image URL. How can I save it into Isolated Storage in WP 8.1. Can I trigger both save it and then share it onto Facebook with only one button? This is my code - which work well following Burak Kaan Köse's: public async void GetImage() { StorageFolder...

ViewModel binding in HubPage using CaliburnMicro

What would be the needed flow to make views defined in HubPage sections to get bound to the corresponding ViewModels? <Hub Header="{Binding HubHeader}" > <HubSection x:Name="NewestOffers" Header="{Binding NewestOffersHeader}" IsHeaderInteractive="True" > <DataTemplate > <local:NewestOffersView DataContext="{Binding NewestOffers}"/> </DataTemplate> </HubSection> <HubSection Header="{Binding SearchHeader}" IsHeaderInteractive="True" > <DataTemplate x:Name="SearchView">...

Pivot with multiple Header items and a single PivotItem

Is it somehow possible to create a Pivot with a single PivotItem and multiple headers to create an effect like there are multiple PivotItems but a single one is displayed. All the pivot items will be the same type and will have a single template. One of the problems is...

Cannot use System.IO.Compression and SQLite both referenced in a WP8.1 project

I have a strange error in my Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight project. I just created a small test project and get the same behaviour: If I install "Microsoft.Bcl.Compression" and then "SQLite.Net.Platform.WindowsPhone8" via NuGet I get the following exception if I try to compress a file even if I am not...

Ad added in DevCenter not visible in PubCenter, how to track?

Previously I was creating ad units in pubCenter and it worked fine. But this time I decided to do it in DevCenter. My app is already published. It has an adControl with proper app ID and ad unit ID. However no ad is showing up. But it's ok, I'll wait...

Can't create Windows Phone appx bundle from Cordova project

I need to create an appxbundle file for Windows Phone Store but unfortunately, the Visual Studio 2015 RC Cordova Tools build only appxupload with appx file. The Cordova version is 5.0.0. I've found two workarounds from this post. Unfortunately, none of them is working. The first one 1.) Another way...

Create a .dll Library consisting GUI Components windows phone 8

I have to create a library which i would like to reference in other project. However I would like to include in other projects. So basically when there is a button click I have to switch to the application pages created by my library. Is there any way to do...

FreeType linking problems

I'm writing a DirectX WindowsPhone app and I need to use FreeType with it. So ok, I've downloaded FreeType sources and used CMake to generate Visual Studio solution for WP ARM, but when I link freetype to my program it says unresolved external __imp_FT_Init_FreeType and stuff like that. I investigated...

Windows phone app with sqlite local storage

I'm trying to save my objects that I got back from my JSON into a local storage db with SQLite I've imported a lot of packages and also the SQLite framework. I've also made these two classes: Activity public class Activity : INotifyPropertyChanged { [SQLite.PrimaryKey, SQLite.AutoIncrement] public int act_id {...

Set content of particular Pivot Item

I wrote a Windows Phone 8.1 (WINPRT) App. It contains Pivot, in which pivot items are generated dynamically according to JSON. For example, when I open Clothing Category Page,>> Summer Wear,Winter Wear etc pivot items are generated dynamically. Now I am clicking the button to load more items in GridView...

GroupBy in LINQ with string[] array

I'm working on the database application which shows clear report of the transaction by its tags. This is my old database. Title Amount TagsReport (string[] array) Food 5 "Hotel","Friends" Food 6 "Hotel" Family 8 "Hotel","Mobile" Family 9 "Electricity" Food 8 "Party" I wish to generate the report like below: Desired...

'system.argumentexception' When uploading multipart

I am trying to post multipart data using System.Net.Http.HttpClient but when I am instanciating my content I am getting this exception: A first chance exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in System.Net.Http.DLL An exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in System.Net.Http.DLL and wasn't handled before a managed/native boundary e: System.ArgumentException: The format...

Windows Universal App maintain open WebSocket

How to have a WebSocket open on Windows Universal App? Can I have my WebSocket be open even when app is closed?

Deployment failed because no Windows Phone was detected when using Windows Phone Emulator

I'm facing a weird problem. When I'm trying to debug my app on Windows Phone Emulator I'm getting this error: Deployment failed because no Windows Phone was detected. Make sure a phone is connected and powered on. However Emulator is launched, the app is deployed correctly and I'm able to...

Set Pivot Selection to another in SelectionChanged event

I want to make a pivot navigating to item[0] when it was navigated from item[2] to item[1], from item[3] to item[2], etc. Here is code: int lastIndex = 0; private void PageChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e) { switch (MainPivot.SelectedIndex) { case 0: //Do smth break; case 1: //Do smth break; case...

Windows phone 8 app bar command parameter always null - Cimbalino

Xaml Namespaces xmlns:toolkit="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Phone.Controls;assembly=Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit" xmlns:interactivity="clr-namespace:System.Windows.Interactivity;assembly=System.Windows.Interactivity" xmlns:appBar="clr-namespace:Cimbalino.Phone.Toolkit.Behaviors;assembly=Cimbalino.Phone.Toolkit" xmlns:cmd="clr-namespace:GalaSoft.MvvmLight.Command;assembly=GalaSoft.MvvmLight.WP8" <!--LayoutRoot is the root grid where all page content is placed--> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot"...

Is there a Windows (Phone) equivalent of the Android selector?

Android xml has a nice thing for button (and other things) states which are selectors. Here is an example of the Android Documentation: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <selector xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" android:constantSize=["true" | "false"] android:dither=["true" | "false"] android:variablePadding=["true" | "false"] > <item android:drawable="@[package:]drawable/drawable_resource" android:state_pressed=["true" | "false"] android:state_focused=["true" | "false"]...

Is it possible to change windows phone theme styles (eg: PhoneTextNormalStyle)

Is it possible to change PhoneTextNormalStyle from code behind ? I tried in ways but no luck. I have already used this style in many places in my app . Now i want to change foreground color . How can i do this without changing all the places in xaml...

Windows Phone: how to handle an event from a web page in a WebView?

Which callback/delegate is the one to intercept the event of a user clicking on a link within a WebView? I'd want that URL. I just need to know if it is possible and how should I do in some way.

Storing Sqlite DB in RoamingFolder [closed]

I'm working on a data tracker app and I would like to be able to sync user data across both the phone and the windows store application. Does anyone have any experience with using the Roaming Folder to store a Sqlite Database?

Difference between Hide and Unpublish in Windows Phone Dev Center

I want to remove/hide my app from the public Windows Phone Store. In the Windows Phone Dev Center, on the app page, there are two different options: Hide app in Store Unpublish What is the difference between these two? How should I choose, or maybe do both?...

Developer unlock Windows Phone 8 : Error Code 0x64

We need to unlock a Windows Phone 8 device in order to deploy our app that still supports this specific platform. The process was working some months ago without any problem but now, Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool, available with SDK 8.0, returns the following error: We have already tried...

How can I create a simple text file on a windows phone (8.1) that can be accessed trough USB cable?

So as title states, I would like to create a simple text file, that I could write to from my C# application, and copy it to my PC trough an USB cable. Just to be clear, I would like to write a file to this place, because I can access...

Error when adding VideosLibrary capability in app's manifest file

According to the documentation, capabilities must be declared when an application requires programmatic access to certain user resources such as the Videos Library. This page of the documentation also states: All Windows Phone capabilities are not available for apps being developed specifically for Windows 10 Insider Preview. I am building...

How to go to previous page in windows phone 8 when back button is pressed

I have a home page or landing page in my windows phone c# based app where user enters login details and upon successful login user is redirected to page2 . Here the user will see a list box with few items . Upon selecting an item from this list box...

What does a .XAP file consists of?

A .XAP file is Windows Phone executable. Is there anyway we can open and see the contents of .XAP file?

Deserializing JSON Array with JSON.net

I have some JSON from the EPA's UV Index API. The json is an array with separate elements in it. Example of the JSON: [ { "ORDER": 1, "ZIP": 19021, "DATE_TIME": "MAY/27/2015 07 AM", "UV_VALUE": 0 }, { "ORDER": 2, "ZIP": 19021, "DATE_TIME": "MAY/27/2015 08 AM", "UV_VALUE": 1 }, {...

How to Build Cross Platfrom ( Windows Phone and Android) [closed]

I am a begainner into mobile app devolpment , and I wanted to make mobile apps with any programming lang and i wated to make the app cross platfrom so i dont need to write it 2 or 3 times so and i heared about xmairin but you will need...

how to get phone contacts in windows phone app 8.0 without using silverlight template

I am new to windows developement. I want to get the contacts from phone, but i am getting contacts from phone when i am using silverlight template. Now i want without using sliverlight template i need to get contacts from phone. i tried alot,but i failed to get the contacts...

Downgrade windows phone version 8.1 to 5 ~ 6.5 [on hold]

I wonder if there is a way to downgrade my windows phone version 8.1 to 5 ~ 6.5

Sharing database between android and windows phone

I have application developed by different apk/api, I have version java Desktop application and Android Application and Windows phone 8.1 Application , My problem that the three version use the same database to access it can modify and insert ..etc how i create shared database between them to use the...

Controls events causes memory leaks?

Can a subscription to an event cause a memory leak? That is, if in a given page I do public TestPage() { this.InitializeComponent(); myButton.Click += MyButton_Click; } private void MyButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Debug.WriteLine("Hello"); } Do I need to call myButton.Click += MyButton_Click; If yes, where should I call...

Geofencing doesn't rise event in foreground

it's first time I am developing app with geofencing. I have problem, that geofence does not rise an event, when device is going into desired arena. I checked msdn and everything should be fine. Here's my code: var _geolocator = new Geolocator(); BasicGeoposition pitchPosition; pitchPosition.Latitude = 45.045213; pitchPosition.Longitude = 19.040611;...

Debugging JavaScript in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone

It is possible to emulate Windows Phone in F12 Dev Tools, but occasionally something works on desktop but do not on phone. How can I debug JavaScript in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone?

Xml serialization/deserialization in WinRT (Store application)

I need to make a Windows Store application that exchanges xml serialized data over a TCP connection with a server. Since I need to use Direct3D rendering in the application I went for the c++/cx store application template however I ran into issues with xml serialization/deserialization. My usual approach in...

Cordova platform add windows EACCES error

I was trying to add the windows platform (I use OSX 10.9) and the console gave me this error: EACCES. bash-3.2# cordova platform add windows WARNING: Applications for platform windows can not be built on this OS - darwin. Adding windows project... Error: spawn EACCES at exports._errnoException (util.js:746:11) at ChildProcess.spawn...

Can I bind to a utility class?

I have a common class filled with generic functions like the one below to parse a text box: public static void DoubleParse_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e) { if (e.Key == Key.Decimal) { var textBox = sender as TextBox; if (textBox != null) textBox.Text += Convert.ToChar(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.CurrencyDecimalSeparator); } else { e.Handled = (e.Key...

Can I distinguish native from hybrid Apps?

the question is up in the heading. Can I distinguish a native App from a hybrid App when I download it from the Google Play Store? Can someone link to any App in the Google Play Store that is for sure Hybrid? I am new to this field, so sorry...

List To ObservableCollection

I am writing a Windows Phone 8.1 App. It is getting JSON from server and deserializing it and storing it into List. I have ListView bound to this List. Now if the new items are added to List, ListView isn't updated. So, I am trying to convert change this List...

Scale and translate transformations on a matrix

I am currently trying to port the following Java or Swift code in C# (in a Windows Phone library) : Here the Java code : public Matrix zoom(float scaleX, float scaleY, float x, float y) { final Matrix save = new Matrix(); save.set(anotherMatrix); save.postScale(scaleX, scaleY, x, y); return save; }...

Why can't I use the Windows.Phone.Media.Capture namespace?

I'm attempting to use the AudioVideoCaptureDevice namespace in my application however I can't seem to locate the namespace. My guess is that I'm missing an assembly reference but I'm unsure if this should be required. I'm using Visual Studio 2015 and building against the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK. ...

GroupBy in LINQ?

I'm working on the database application which shows clear report of the transaction by its tags. This is my database. Title Amount TagsReport (string[] array) Food 5 "Hotel","Friends" Food 6 "Hotel" Family 8 "Hotel","Mobile" Family 9 "Electricity" Food 8 "Party" I wish to generate the report like below: Desired Output:...

How to get the device orientation changed event under Windows Phone

With windows phone, is there an event I can register for when the device entered landscape mode? The reason why I am asking this is because we have a view with an input box. And when in landscape mode, the TextBox is partially blocked by the keyboard. So I am...

Gapless looping in Background Media Player for Windows Phone 8.1

I'm creating an app (Windows Runtime) that requires sound to run in the background (even when the phone is locked) so I set the BackgroundMediaPlayer's isLoopingEnabled property to true in the background task but when I play back the audio in the app there is about a 1 second gap...

Visual Studio Code - build Windows Phone on mac

Is it possible to build Windows Phone projects using the new IDE, Visual Studio Code, for Mac? Not looking for actual developing at this point, only to build & test the project. Something like a xbuild alternative, maybe. Reason is we already have a cruise control running on a Mac...

Is Task.Run or Task.Factory.StartNew are bad practice for windows phone or any other client platform?

I have WP 8.1 app that using web service a lot, and I want to keep it as much responsive as possible. From iOS dev expierense - there is one strict rule: "Do not do in UI thread any complex calculations! Doesnt matter how you will reach this: with blocks...

change SystemTray Color in whole application - windows phone

I want to change the SystemTray Background and Foreground color in whole application but I don't define a base page and now I can't change the color for each page. is there a way for changing the background and foreground color of SystemTray in whole application through App.xaml.cs

Is it possible to get notified when the user Reset the Windows Phone

I am developing a windows phone app, which is handling some secured information. Here my question is 1)Is it possible to get notified got or any event triggered inside our app, when the user reset(make the phone fresh, all data will be lost) the windows phone. Can anybody have clear...

Stop capture element in windows RT

How do I stop camera element when I do page navigate? I am using this await _mediaCapture.StopPreviewAsync(); but it is not working when I navigate back to my MainPage and I get this error UnhandledException += (sender, e) => { if (global::System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached) global::System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break(); }; ...

Can we use Windows 10 (for phone ) model design in Windows phone 8.1 App?

I am developing an app for windows phone 8.1 . Based on MSDN design guidelines I am using pivots and panorama controls in my application. I heard there are some significant changes in UI in windows 10 OS and MSFT is not using popular controls like pivot and panorama in...

Can't get WinAppDeployCmd for Appx deployment to work

During the App Packaging and Deployment for Universal Windows Apps presentation (fast forward to 00:36:00) one specific command line utility - WinAppDeployCmd - was used for deployment Windows 10 Universal application to the phone running Windows 10 Mobile. This utility could be found here: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\x86\WinAppDeployCmd.exe" But every...

set video to html video tag - cordova app

My app is a cordova hybrid Windows phone 8.1 app. I am capturing a video with media-capture plugin and getting the video url in my callback which is something like this: /VideoCache/Video-7c5eb8ae-5c3d-48ee-9f3b-0805e81ebc06.mp4 How can I set this video to an html video tag. I created a super simple project to...

Why has my Windows Phone Dev Centre Dashboard stopped reporting downloads?

All of my applications report in as published and up, however, I've gone from 60+ daily downloads to absolutely zero across all applications for several days straight. This seems very odd and more like an error in MS reporting on dev.windowsphone.com. Does anyone know why this may have happened? Is...

Is it possible to write an equivalent of SMSSecure for Windows Phone?

Is there an API for any version of Windows Phone that allows an application to sniff incoming SMS messages and transparently send ones, replacing the built-in SMS application with one that supports encryption like an Android's SMSSecure does?

returning a false when got 400 status of webservice in JSON

In my codebehind file I call this function: private void loginAction(object sender, TappedRoutedEventArgs e) { Webservice webservice = new Webservice(); webservice.getUser(txtLogin.Text, txtPass.Text); } Then in webservice I do this: public void getUser(String user, String password) { String strUrl = String.Format("http://*******/nl/webservice/abc123/members/login?email={0}&password={1}",user,password); startWebRequest(strUrl, loginCallback); } private async void loginCallback(IAsyncResult asyncResult) { try...

SlideView Crashes the Windows Phone 8.1 App

I am writing a Windows Phone 8.1 App (WINRT) I added SlideView Library to it. Added three grids to slideview. It works fine and awsome. https://slideview.codeplex.com Now the problem lies in navigation. I added a buton in slideview and Whenever I click on it to navigate to another page of...

Is it possible to concactenate a DataBound value with a constant string in XAML DataBinding?

To bind a value to a TextBlock we use the following syntax to display an <ItemName> property of a bounded object. <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=ItemName}" /> But is there a syntax to use the above tag to concatenate the constant string 'Item' with the databounded property, in order display something like:...

Building Qt apps for Windows Phone on Linux

Related to this I'm planning to develop an app for Android using Qt Quick Controls and an Android Emulator. The same set of components is said to work on Windows Phone. Thus I'd like to build the app for Windows Phone as well. Unfortunately, Qt for Windows Phone is only...

Fit element width of current screensize in an universal app

I'm trying to develop an app for Windows 10. But with the all new screensizing I can't seem to figure out how to get an element to fit to the current size of a device screen. For example I want a TextBlock to fit the width of the window if...

Dismiss Windows Phone alarm

Is there an API for the regular alarm/reminder that can be used to dismiss it programatically? I have tried looking in the MSDN library for a code sample, but didn't have luck.

Listen events on with data binding

I have a Listview with the following template: <ListView.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> <Image Width="50" Height="50" Source="{Binding Source}" /> <ProgressRing Width="50" Height="50" /> </StackPanel> </DataTemplate> </ListView.ItemTemplate> At this moment the View Model is: public class RowViewModel { private string url; public RowViewModel(string url) { this.url = url; } public Uri Source...

WP8 Beta App Database not listed in Isolated Store

I have a WP8 to test my developed apps. I have 2 apps installed: one deployed by VS2013 and another by Windows Store Beta App. The app installed by VS2013 appears on IsoStoreSpy or Windows Phone Power Tools programs and I can copy the database. The other one installed by...

Model in Windows Phone using Sqlite

I am using in my app the sqlite db. In order to create the db and fill it with data I had to create a winForms project where I am also using sqlite. The same model in these two different cases is not working properly. What I have in winForms...

How to reproduce audio from a stream source

Thank you for your answer, I really appreciate it, and I have to share with you that it was a useful example, but in the following link is explained how to use it on Windows Phone 8.1 and how to create your own implementation of MSS. http://video.ch9.ms/sessions/build/2014/2-528.pptx...

Detect if Application was suspended in OnNavigatedFrom for Windows Phone 8

Is there anyway to know in the OnNavigatedFrom if the App is navigating from this page because it is being suspended? I have event handlers that update the UI, that I dont want them unsubscribed from if I am just suspending the App

Windows Phone 8.1 dynamic WebView content with scrollviewer

I am creating a Windows Phone 8.1 (RT, not silverlight) news reader app. Our client gave us an API and the news content are using html tag. This approach lead us to use the WebView to render the content. In the news reader page, there are related content that will...

Connecting Microsoft Band SDK Preview to C++ project

I have just downloaded the Microsoft Band SDK Preview and trying to connect it to my C++/CX Windows Universal App project. Nuget gives me an error below, any way I could use the SDK preview from C++ code? Install-Package : Could not install package 'Microsoft.Band 1.3.10219-preview'. You are trying to...

Windows 10 FIle query issues

I am trying to follow the instructions to get files from the knownfolders in windows 10 as shown below, https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/br227275.aspx try { StorageFolder folder = KnownFolders.PicturesLibrary; IReadOnlyList<StorageFile> pics = await folder.GetFilesAsync(Windows.Storage.Search.CommonFileQuery.OrderByDate, 0, 20); Debug.WriteLine(pics.Count); } catch(Exception ex) { Debug.WriteLine(ex.Message); } The same code works in WindowsPhone 8.1 SDK. But on...

Windows Phone local toast notification Text wrapping and image is not showing

In my application, sending toast notification from the application itself. ToastTemplateType toastTemplateXml = ToastTemplateType.ToastText03; XmlDocument toastXml = ToastNotificationManager.GetTemplateContent(toastTemplateXml); XmlNodeList toastTextAttributes = toastXml.GetElementsByTagName("text"); toastTextAttributes[0].InnerText = "Welcome to My app! Let us know how you heared about us."; string text = DateTime.Now.ToString("MM-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); toastTextAttributes[1].InnerText = text; ToastNotification...

Developing Windows phone Applications with C++

Im really confused here, I'm an Android developer and i want to develop windows phone applications. after searching i found it possible to develop with C++ (and i love C++ btw) but after i started on Eclipse (Kepler) i found that there is C++11 and older, and there are compatability...

Send the user to my other apps, Windows Phone button

How can I give a code to the button "See my other apps on the Store" for my application? I used: private void buttonMyOtherApps_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { MarketplaceDetailTask marketPlaceDetailTask = new MarketplaceDetailTask(); marketPlaceDetailTask.Show(); } But this opens the current app in the store, not the list of my apps......