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What is the difference between win32 console and command prompt?

I am reading about console applications and I don't know how command prompt and win32 console are connected. Are they the same thing?

How to checkout project from head using CVS command using windows command prompt

I searched extensively to resolve my issue, However could not find any solution. Requirement: Need to checkout ADM project from HEAD. CVS server name: cvs02dv (CVS is installed on windows) CVS server directory: c:\cvs\dev (The location were all the files can be accessed using eclipse or any CVS client tool...

Find recently modified files on windows console

I need to check in cmd if there are specific files recently modified (90 min). On linux, my command works well: find /home/my_folder -type f -mmin -90 -name *.txt On MS-DOS, I cannot find a way to filter regarding modification time: forfiles /P directory /S ...

How to hide console cursor in c?

I have a simple C program that represents a loading screen within the console but I can't get the cursor to hide. I tried cranking up the speed of the sleep function so that the cursor timer would be reset and the cursor would be gone but that doesn't work....

.bat file stuck at opening notepad document, not cancellable

As I write bat file very infrequently, every time I write a new one gets me a new problem. I have a bat file that is suppose to open a txt file and open an URL (which is a concatenated string, using current date), something like: @echo off notepad "C:\Users\username\somefile.txt"...

Get first and last day of previouse week on windows command line

Is there a way to get the first and the last day of the previous week into two variables on the windows command line? The date format I'd like to use is YYYY-MM-DD.