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Portlet aware of other portlets on the same page

i am tasked to develop an "action portlet" that contains the actions (e.g. h:commandLink) for all other portlets on the same page. Now these actions should only be available if the corresponding portlet is actually present on the same page. Is it possible for a portlet to "know" which other...

What is the wp_profile Administrative Console URL of IBM Portal Express 8.5?

I was just exploring Portal Express 8.5 and was able to login to the admin console of cw_profile but not to the wp_profile. In Portal express 8 version we can use https://:10032/ibm/console/logon.jsp. This is not working on 8.5 version. Please help.

Create a cookie using HttpServletRequest?

I've created a RenderingPlugin, for use in WebSphere Portal, which is invoked serverside before sending markup to client. The plugin loops through all cookies and if 'test' is not found, I'd like to set that cookie. I know this is possible with a HttpServletResponse but the RenderingPlugin doesn't have access...

How to enable wp_wcm_async theme module in WebSphere Portal 8.5 CF 06 theme?

Recently, I have applied Fix Pack CF06 to my WebSphere Portal 8.5. This fix pack provide new feature of asynchronously loading the content in Web Content Manager Portlet. For information Click Here I have successfully completed step 1, skip step 2 because I don't want to change the loading mask....

Create a link in javascript to set value of public render parameter

I'm trying to create a link within javascript, which when clicked, sets the value of a public render parameter within WebSphere Portal. For some reason I see actual code in the generated href instead of value thats suppose to be passed in. Heres how I create the link within javascript...

how can i get access to items (contents) on webphere web content manager

Hi everybody i'm developing some specifics Websphere Portal 8 portlets and i need to get access to data on Web Content Manager (WCM). if there is a solution to get (title, content .. ) of every elements. please help me.

Data migration from liferay portal to websphere portal

i need to migrate the content of the list below from liferay Portal to WebSphere Portal. and we will use IBM Connection for the portlets. a. Calendar. b. Discussion Boards/Blogs/Forums can anyone give me an API that can be use for migrating the data? I have an options here but...

Getting response form custom @proceesAction in WebSphere Portal Portlet

i am developing a Portlet in WebSphere Portal 8 and i am having problems to get the response from a custom @processAction method, the method is called and executed, but in the jsp i cant get the data returned... I have a jsp file wich has: -definition of portlet actionURL......