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Compiling typescript files into one file, but some of them as single files

I have a project with lots of Typescript files, which I want to compile into one file. I can set that up in Visual Studio, no problem. But then I also have some files that should be compiled in their own file. Basically, I have a structure like this: js/...

Uninstall web essentials

I have downloaded a .vslx file and installed which cuases web essentials to be part of VS 2012. This may be a silly question. But How can I remove the webessentials from vs.I cannot find such an option in VS 2012. I found it total messy...

Automatically switching to minified CSS & JS files in different environments

I am using ASP.Net MVC 5 and also taking advantage of WebEssentials LESS and bundle features. WebEssentials is setup to create minified css and js files on save. This is a feature I want because I can monitor the output and it lowers the application startup time (not using Asp.Net...

LESS: Permission denied error

I work in an environment where we have very limited permissions on our computer. I installed Web Essentials 2012 and created a blank .less file. The preview window is showing /* Compile Error. See error list for details */ I pulled up the error list and it's showing LESS: Permission...

LESS Compiler: Unexpected token u

When I attempt to compile a LESS template in Visual Studio using Web Essentials, I receive an error that says "Unexpected token u" with no file name, no line number, and no column number. Why is this happening?

Sass failing to compile - Web Essentials 2013 Update 4

I'm currently using Web Essentials 2013 update 4 to provide support for compiling .scss files in Visual Studio. The tool has worked fine for me in the past however I have just created a new .scss file and have copied the bootstrap un-minified css into this new file. Upon saving,...