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Weather api hourly

I want to pull icons of hourly forecast on wunderground api. I can pull string and integer but I can't get icons.How can I do?

Weather api for providing weather forecast based upon location

Can anyone provide me the links of weather APIs which will provide weather forecast based upon the longitude and latitude?

PHP file() function for extracting data from URL

Although this may seem like a general question, how can you extract content from a URL such as (http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?q=London,uk) so that it can be formatted and used in the form of an array for each element in PHP? More specifically, how can I extract information from websites in general?

Google Weather API

I want to make an app using Google weather API. But I don't have any knowledge about it. How do I use API? Could you explain step by step how I start project?

How to tell if the city is incorrect in Android openweatherMap API?

I'm using XmlPullParser to parse the weather information from the API. My application shows the weather information once the user entered his city (input). If I enter enter "London" in the text box, my app goes to this and fetches the temperature, humidity etc. from the xml (at this point...

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: Multiple API; need to aggregate data

Objective: Get precipIntensity for several days from at least 3 API. Main issue: Cross-Origin Request Blocked, causing data to be undefined. What is a cross-origin request and how might I resolve this issue that interferes with the If() statement and gathering the collected JSON data into aggregates for mean precip?...

R + openair package: creating polar plots but missing data?

We have these data below in a csv file and we would like to create a polar plot from them. We are going to use this R package - openair for creating the polar plot. timestamp humandate NOppb 1 1412877113 09/10/2014 13:51 19 2 1412876508 09/10/2014 13:41 3 1412876508 09/10/2014...

JS Alert or append is not working on DOM

Please look at this code on https://jsfiddle.net/safron6/9g98j68g/embedded/result/ I am trying to get the calculated result from the list of APIS and JSON code that is generated to show the precipIntensity. At the end of the code there is an alert and the code works in firebug but nothing is showing...

Read multiple JSON API Pages and parse data

Objective: To collect JSON data from forecast API and then read the JSON precipIntensity property over the number of days specified, this code starts at three. Since this take a number of steps to coherently follow please try to make sense of all the code. My main issue is trying...

Weather forecast using external API

I am trying to get weather forecast using external API of openweathermap.org, and want to use angular.js so far i am able to get forecast of single city without using API KEY and trying to get forecast of multiple cities with help of API Key as i am not able...