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User request queue in WCF

I have a WCF service which creates a number of files at a server location doing various calculation on seed file depending upon the params given. The problem is that, the when 2 or more clients try to do calculation on same seed file, it is returning error. The cause...

WCF service architecture query

I have an application that consists of a web application, and mutliple windows services, only one windows service is installed depending on what version of the backend sofware is used. Currently, Data is saved by the web app in a database, then the relevant service is installed and this picks...

creating the wcf service client causes a InvalidOperationException

I have 2 solutions: In solution 1 I have a web project with wcf service references. In solution 2 I have a wpf project where I start the following wcf client: When I create an instance of my wcf client: using (var client = new LSKTicketServiceReference.LSKTicketServiceClient()) { // client.do() }...