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How to set tab-space style?

A simple question: is it possible to customize the tab-to-space conversion factor when using VSCode? For instance, right now in HTML it appears to produce 2 spaces per press of TAB, but in Typescript it produces 4.

Multiple Launch Files in Visual Studio Code

Is there a way to debug multiple files from a single folder? I had expected that I could create multiple launch files in the .settings folder and pick the one I want to execute, but that did not seem to work. It seems to insist on only 'launch.json'.

Run / Open VSCode from Mac Terminal

I'd like to run / open Visual Studio Code from the Mac OSX Terminal by running this command code .. I found instructions here: https://code.visualstudio.com/Docs/setup Apparently I need to include this in my .bashrc file, so I did, but to no avail. code () { if [[ $# = 0...

vscode Intellisense not working

I just downloaded visual studio code for linux ubuntu 14.04. I created a simple test.cpp and wrote it in vscode and the intellisense did not work. Here is the code inside test.cpp: struct test{ int a = 5; } int main(){ test t; t. } There was no intellisense telling...

Visual Studio Code - is there a Compare feature like that plugin for Notepad ++?

Is there a Compare feature like the Plugin for Notepad ++ ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnpcWIK_EsY

VSCode can't find angular.d.ts

I opened up angular code in VSCode. At first it didn't recognize angular, so used the light-bulb to add: /// <reference path="../../typings/angularjs/angular.d.ts"/> But it still doesn't recognize angular and now I get an error saying that it can't find angular.d.ts....

VSCODE how to connect to winscp

is there ways to connect visual studio code to winscp- ftp program? i tired that, but it doesn't work. i set this value to external editor "C:\Users\Omistaja\AppData\Local\Code\update.exe --processStart Code.exe !.!".

How to ignore `node_modules` folder in Visual Studio Code or TypeScript compiler

I'm using visual studio code IDE and typescript, how do I get it to ignore the node_modules folder during build? Or have it build .ts files on save? It is showing a lot of errors because it's trying to compile node_modules tsd. Currently my tasks.json is { "version": "0.1.0", //...

How can we edit Rust files in VSCode? [closed]

I like the new VSCode and would love to use it for Rust programming. Are there any rust plugins available?

code . shortcut fails on OSX

I've tried adding the 'code .' shortcut to launch your current directory in Terminal in Visual Studio Code, but I was promptly returned the following error: LSGetApplicationForInfo() failed with error -10814 while trying to determine the application with bundle identifier com.microsoft.VSCode. Visual Studio Code is installed on my machine successfully....

How to add theme in Visual Studio Code?

I recently downloaded the VS code editor which is really nice. but the only problem I find in it is the color theme, I am use to monokai color theme like in sublime text and I can't find a way to edit the color theme or download a color theme...

Visual Studio Code not recognizing the built-in typescript definition files

I've been trying to create a hello-world sample with TypeScript (1.5 beta) and AngularJS (1.4) using Visual Studio Code (0.3.0) editor. As shown in the snapshot below, when the code references AngularJS' TypeScript definition file, VS Code throws a lot of errors. Not sure what wrong I am doing here....

Is there a tabbed view for VSCode?

Just wondering if there is a way to get a tabbed view in VS Code (editor), and if not, is that feature yet to be added?

Collapse XML to elements in Visual Studio Code

In Visual Studio and most other editors you can collapse XML to tag / element level. Is there any way to do the same in Visual Studio code or is this feature still to come?

Reference typescript definitions in one file, instead of all JS files?

I'm working on a Node JS (+Express) project in Visual Studio Code, and am wondering if there is a way to reference TypeScript definitions in one global spot, rather than having to re-reference definitions in every JS file. I see that VSCode supports tsconfigs, but I don't think .tsconfig files...

What is accessibility mode for (ctrl-m)?

Visual Studio Code has an accessibility mode that can be accessed using: CTRL + M What is the purpose of this mode?...

What is the correct tasks.json config for compiling typescript in Visual Studio Code?

Using Ctrl+Shift+B I added a default tasks.json file and uncommented the second task runner block. I have a typescript file in the root of the directory and a tsconfig.json. Everytime I compile I get 'error TS5023: Unknown compiler option 'p'. What is the correct definition to allow me to compile...

Using VSCode: How to debug a mono process which is started from another mono process

I have a process 'a.exe' which I can debug it without any problem. mono --debug --debugger-agent=transport=dt_socket,server=y,address= a.exe The problem occurs when I want to debug a new process ('b.exe') started by 'a.exe' instead of 'a.exe' itself. Here is the code. var startUpInfo = new ProcessStartInfo('b.exe', argumentsOfB); Process.Start(startUpInfo); I have to...

Trying to run a gulp task with VSCode which is not based in the root folder

This is my task.json // A task runner configuration for gulp. Gulp provides a less task // which compiles less to css. { "version": "0.1.0", "command": "gulp", "isShellCommand": true, "tasks": [ { "taskName": "sfdcBuild", // Make this the default build command. "isBuildCommand": true, // Show the output window only if...

Character “[” (altgr+F) not appearing in the client?

So, after downloading and trying out Visual Studio Code, one issue was critical to me: I could not do "[]". The "]" part appears correctly, the "[" however, does not. The command for "[" is AltGr+F. I have tried tinkering with the keyboard shortcuts, but this is not a shortcut....

How to view my HTML code in broswer with Visual Studio Code?

How to view my HTML code in browser with the new Microsoft Visual Studio Code ? With Notepad++ you have the Option to Run in broswer. I wonder how can I do the same thing with Visual studio code...

Cannot start OpenDebug because Mono (or a Mono version >= 3.10.0) is required

I have downloaded and install vscode in ubuntu 14.0 lts, and include existing node.js project. First think I have to do with vscode is debugging my app, for that I have go to debug (ctrl+shift+D) penal, configure launch.json file with "name" and "program"="app.js" properties. Put debug point in app.js file...

How do I collapse sections of code in Visual Studio Code for Windows

How do I fold or collapse sections of code in Visual Studio Code? Is this feature supported?

Multi-Line select with Alt

How can I select multi-line with vscode? On Visual Studio you can press left alt key and select multi-lines. But it is not working with vscode. Regards, Leo...

How do you open the Javascript console?

A moment ago I had minimized VSCode but then accidentally pressed some set of keys. VSCode popped up and displayed a standard Javascript debug console on the right side. While this may very well be an error and VSCode does not intend to expose this console, it's very interesting and...

Visual Studio Code - debug by “Attach” does not work on Mac OS

I'm trying to debug my node js project on Mac. It works very well in "Launch" mode but not in "Attach" mode. In "Attach" mode, when I start debugging, I see VS Code first trying to start the debugger in seconds and then stop suddenly without showing any error message....

Is it possible to assign different shortcuts to different tasks in VS Code?

VS Code allows multiple tasks to be defined in the ["tasks"] array in tasks.json and the one with the property isBuildCommand: true gets given the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B by default. I would like to assign different keyboard shortcuts to each of the tasks I've created. Is this possible, and if...

How to add a post tsc build task that copy files?

How to add another task to VSCode, that copies files from x to y, after the tsc build task?

Does Visual Studio Code have box select/multi-line edit?

The title says it all. I've been using ATOM and I think they are doing great with their direction, problem I have is that it is terribly slow on bootup and still has some bugs. I heard Microsoft released a new editor called Visual Studio Code and it looks pretty...

Is there a way to refresh the task list in VSCode?

The first time I open VSCode, it scans my gulpfile and populates the task list. However, if I add a new task to my gulpfile, and then Run Task, it will only show the initially loaded tasks. Is there a way to manually refresh the task list? Right now I've...

the --harmony flag in the args parameter seems not to work

the --harmony flag for node in the args parameter seems not to work. I can't use fat array functions. Here part of lounch.json "configurations": [ { // Name of configuration; appears in the launch configuration drop down menu. "name": "Launch app.js", // Type of configuration. Possible values: "node", "mono". "type":...

Intellisense does not work visual studio code in OSX Yosemite

The intellisense does not work visual studio code in OSX Yosemite. Are there any specific steps to debug this issue?

Is there a shortcut to hide the side bar in Visual Studio Code?

It'd be handy if there was a keyboard shortcut for hiding and showing the sidebar. Sublime has cmd+k+b and it's a quick way of gaining some screen real estate when you need it. Anybody know if this exists or if the user can add it manually to VS Code?

How do I search for files in Visual Studio Code?

I am used to Resharper where I can search for files, not the content, but the filename, which makes it quick to open new files. Is this feature implemented in Visual Studio Code and is there a shortcut for it?...

How to disable/override the ctrl+shift+i binding in VS.Code for Windows?

ctrl+shift+i seems to be hard bound to open the VS.Code Inspector/debugger in Windows. I use an inverted-T on the home row for cursor control [1] and need this chord free for "select up": {"key": "ctrl+shift+i", "command": "cursorUpSelect", "when": "editorTextFocus"}, How do I override this keybinding? 1 http://xahlee.info/kbd/osx_keybinding.html...

How to debug aspnet 5 app on vscode?

Im playing with the new Visual Studio Code on Windows 8.1 and create a new project template with the yo and i could see it running on my browser, but im not able to debug it, i set a break point in some action and it doesnt hit. On the...

How do I set up VSCode to compile C++ code?

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code editor is quite nice, but it has no default support for building C++ projects. How do I configure it to do this?...

Create Custom Language in Visual Studio Code

Is there a way to extend the supported languages/grammars in Visual Studio Code? I'd like to add a custom language syntax, but I've not been able to find any information on how language services are provided. Can anybody point to any references or even examples of existing language implementations?...

the use of Developer Tools in VS Code?

when you click on help I see item toggle Developer Tools. just want to ask what is the use of developer tool inside VSCode. I don't see any infomation in Docs

Show whitespace in Visual Studio Code

Is it possible to show whitespace characters, like the the space character, in Visual Studio Code? There doesn't appear to be an option for it in the settings.json (though it is an option in Atom.io), and I haven't been able to display whitespace characters using CSS....

Remove git integrations from VSCode

I downloaded Visual Studio Code to try out at work and I'm in love with almost everything about it. One part I am not in love with though: Git integration. I imported my entire working folder (~14000 source files + git items), and the layout and everything within Visual Studio...

Visual Studio Code for Mac crashes on startup

My Visual Studio Code crashes on startup. To no avail I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application. The issue persists even after having deleted %HOME%/Library/Application Support/Code. I feel like this issue may be due to Code using a file on an external HDD when it was forcibly ejected, but I...

Visual Studio Code - Debugging a spawned process

The project setup, is a basic express application, generated with express-generator. The project, vscode-debugging-node is available at GitHub Please refer the screencast at Visual studio Code - Debugging node application The Gruntfile.js in root of the project, manages the dev process. The purpose of the Gruntfile.js is simple, it starts...

How to execute Python code from within Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code was recently released and I liked the look of it and the features it offered, so I figured I would give it a go. I downloaded the application from the downloads page fired it up, messed around a bit with some of the features ... and then...

In VS Code, how to use the Typescript 1.5 alpha compiler

Looking through the VS Code settings, there doesn't seem to be an option, on a per project basis, to set the Typescript compiler. Can I set VS Code to use the 1.5 alpha compiler I've installed via NPM? Would referencing this compiler in a tsconfig file work? Edit: Just want...

“Cannot start Omnisharp because Mono version >=3.10.0 is required”

I just installed Visual Studio Code and when I started it, it gives me this error. When I try to execute my example application, it gives me TypeLoadExceptions. Cannot start Omnisharp because Mono version >=3.10.0 is required ...

How to silently install Visual Studio Code on Windows?

Current observed behavior: invoke VSCodeSetup.exe install happens with no prompting Code opens, which was a little surprising for a Windows package I'm creating a Chocolatey package, and ideally, what I want: no banner during install (but can live with it) Code can't open! That's a deal breaker for a package...

How do you run command line programs from Visual Studio Code?

When using Visual Studio Code, how do I run command line programs, such as a choco (Chocolatey) command? Do I need to have a separate Command Line (CMD.exe) running outside VS Code, or is there a hot key / window within Code where I can run those commands? I see...

Remove trailing spaces automatically or with a shortcut

Is there a way to remove trailing spaces in visual studio code (automatically or with a shortcut)? I've been looking for this in the command palette and in the editor settings, but I cannot find what I am looking for....

Change encoding a file in Visual Studio Code

Is there any way to change the encoding of a file? For example UTF-8 to ISO 8859-1? Setting Example Sublime Text: "default_encoding", "UTF-8"...

Cannot open solution file in Visual Studio Code

I have installed the Visual Studio Code on Windows. When I try to open a solution file in VS Code it opens the solution file, instead of opening all projects in solution. Is there a way to open existing project solutions in VS Code.

Building C# code in VSCode on Mac

I've been building a command line tool using Xamarin. After being told about Visual Studio Code, I wanted to see if I could try using it as an editor and debugger. I managed to get it to debug an existing .exe file built with Xamarin, by editing the launch.json file,...

Install VSCode in a specific folder

I just downloaded the Visual Studio Code App from https://code.visualstudio.com/ and when I tried to install it, it simply just installed it by itself, without the option to change the installation path. I have an external harddrive, which is where I want the IDE to be placed instead of the...

OmniSharp error loading projects with COMReferences in Visual Studio Code

Having issues loading projects in the new Visual Studio Code that work fine in Visual Studio 2013. I was able to load other projects that don't have COMReferences in Visual Studio Code. Using Windows 7 Enterprise. Relevant snippet from .csproj file: <ItemGroup> <COMReference Include="DTOLib2"> <Guid>{DBE2B0CE-6BE9-48FE-8300-6ABE0DB9692B}</Guid> <VersionMajor>1</VersionMajor> <VersionMinor>0</VersionMinor> <Lcid>0</Lcid> <WrapperTool>tlbimp</WrapperTool>...

How do I set up a link to open up Visual Studio Code from terminal on OSX?

I've recently installed Visual Studio Code and I love it! In the past, I've used sublime text 2/3 and at some point I copied code to allow subl . command to open the current directory with sublime. Question: How can I write a similar code to allow visual studio code...

vscode file icons

I am looking for vscode file-icons like Atom file-icons https://atom.io/packages/file-icons if vscode is built using an atom shell, is it possible to use extensions such as Atom file-icons with vscode?

Close Working File on Mac?

What is the keyboard shortcut for closing a working file in VS Code on a Mac? When I issue the default CMD + W, it sometimes closes the entire IDE, or alternatively blanks the screen, but the file is still in the "Working Files" list....

Is there a way to make Visual Studio Code recognize HTML syntax in EJS files

I am using Visual Studio CODE on a Mac to work on Node.js applications. Is there a way to make VS Code recognize EJS files as HTML markup? I didn't see any file / scheme association in user preferences....

Visual Studio Code layout render bug - mouse actions work only in full screen mode

Has anyone else encountered this annoying situation? In short, there is this black bar that appears right above the menu bar and on the left of the sidebar. It causes any mouse actions to fail (unless you position the cursor slightly above the targeted item) and the status bar to...

VSCode Creates an automatic breakpoint that I can't delete

I've created a basic node app following the steps described here - https://code.visualstudio.com/Docs/nodejs Every time I run/debug (hit F5), VSCode automatically breaks at line 2 of this auto created debug file. The weird part is there is no breakpoint set. I can continue past this and everything runs a-okay after,...

View code changes without restarting the server

We're using Visual Studio Code and DNX as follows. Command Line to Start Web Server dnx . web project.json > commands "web": "Microsoft.AspNet.Hosting --server Microsoft.AspNet.Server.WebListener --server.urls http://localhost:5001" Note that we added carriage returns for readability. When we change a *.cshtml and refresh the browser, the changes show up in the...

How to do git push in Visual Studio Code?

There is a "Push" menu item, but when I click on it, nothing happens except for a subtle progressing bar showing up and never finished. From Visual Studio Code's Docs page, I found this line: "Credential management is not handled by VSCode for now," and that page links to a...

How can we debug web application on Visual Studio Code?

Microsoft just released Visual Studio Code a couple of days ago. How can we debug ASP.NET MVC applications from within that IDE?...

How to close an opened folder in Visual Studio Code?

I love VSCode. But I can't find a way to close an opened folder. It seems that you can only open one folder at a time. And the only way to close it is to close the whole program? Am I missing something?...

How to configure Visual Studio Code and tslint?

In 0.3.0, I'm seeing intellisense for typescript. However, I was also expecting to see some tslinting as I have a tslint.json. Does VSC support linting natively or do I just need to lean on gulp? If the latter, is it configurable to run as files are changed or does it...

Multiline editing in VSCode

Is it possible to enable multiline editing like in Sublimetext? Eg. press ctrl to place additional cursor carets and being able write/delete on multiple places in document at one time....

Debugging a node app hosted on a VM using Visual Studio Code

I'm looking for a little help in debugging my app using Visual Studio Code, where my app is held in a virtual machine hosted by Oracle Virtual Box. The VM has been provisioned with a typical setup of node, express, node-inspector etc. and I am able to debug my app...

JS Code didn't work, trying do a demo in css lessons

but there's a demo that uses JS and CSS. I have been trying to fix it for about 3-4 hours. (FYI after 2 hours struggling I have found half of solution. I'm using Safari and should but -webkit-transform) Now I have tried the css added directly to the element and...

How do I support jasmine and es6 syntax in Visual studio Code?

Question where can I find and how do I add support for jasmine and es6 syntax in Visual studio code? ...

visual studio code mac how to open a new window everytime drag a folder onto dock?

For visual Studio Code is there a way to open a new window every time I drag a folder onto the mac doc or drag a folder into the Editor window?

Error when debugging Ruby code in VSCode (Mac OS X)

I'm trying to figure out this new Visual Studio Code (VSCode) Editor while also learning Ruby. Whenever I try to debug a simple ruby program (even Hello World) I receive the following error VSCode Error: could not launch 'node' in debug mode And this is what shows up in my...

Emmet to Handlebars (.hbs) files

I am using Visual Studio Code and lovin' it. The major "problem" I am experiencing now is straight simple: how do I use Emmet sinppets for .hbs files? Is there any way? As far as I know, it is only available on .html and .css syntaxes—but I want more....

Visual Studio Code: compile typescript module

I've just downloaded the new Visual Studio Code and my first impression is very positive. For typescript, intellisense works beautifully. However, there is a strange problem: VS Code doesn't seem to be able to compile typescript modules. This code: /// <reference path="../definitions/react.d.ts"/> import React = require("react"); compiles perfectly fine on...

Running ASP.net V5 in VSCode

I am trying to run code sample from https://github.com/aspnet/home in the VSCode in Windows 7 OS. I successfully launched the website but it errors out An unhandled exception occurred while processing the request. MissingMethodException: Method not found:'Microsoft.Framework.Runtime.Compilation.ILibraryExport Microsoft.Framework.Runtime.ILibraryManager.GetLibraryExport(System.String)'. Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.Razor.Compilation.RoslynCompilationService.GetApplicationReferences() I tried upgrading the DNVM and tried listing the version available...

How do I duplicate a line within Visual Studio Code?

Using Microsofts Visual Studio Code, how do I duplicate a line of code and then move it up and down? (Similar to how Sublimes cmd+shift+d) It's a feature that I use constantly, and am struggling using Visual Studio Code without it....

How to use triple-slash references for libraries in Visual Studio Code?

I'm trying to get Visual Studio Code 0.3.0 to recognize my JavaScript libraries. However, intellisense is complaining. Here's a repro: Open Visual Studio Code File > Open Folder (select a freshly created empty folder) Add a file mytest.js to that folder Download jquery-2.1.4.js (full/uncompressed) to that folder (appears in the...

How do you change the formatting options in Visual Studio Code?

I know you can Format Code using ctrl+cmd+f in Visual Studio Code but how do you change the formatting options for each language? For example, in Visual Studio 2013 I can choose compact mode for CSS. Is there another hidden json file to do that?...

Multiline git commit message in VSCode

When commiting files using VSCode's Git integration, is there any way of writing a multiline commit message, or am I limited to a single line only? As of now, VSCode is great at staging files. But it seems I'll still have to write most of my commit messages from the...

Could not run asp.net mvc 6 on Docker

I followed the guidance at Visual Studio Code to create an ASP.NET MVC app. I can run it on my local (windows 8). But when I tried to publish it to Docker, and the problem happened. My dockerfile like FROM microsoft/aspnet:1.0.0-beta4 #install npm in docker image RUN apt-get update &&...

Visual Studio Code: Treat other extensions as HTML

For the purposes of syntax highlighting and colouring and intellisense is it possible to treat other extensions (tpl, master, etc) as HTML? I know it's possible on a file by file basis by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+P and selecting "Change Language Mode" BUT I want it to work off file extension, and...

Can I create a SQL database in Visual Studio Code for OS X?

I have just downloaded Visual Studio Code (for OS X) and I wanted to try and create a simple REST API server to test out all possibilities. I can't seem to find how to create a SQL database. Do I need to create one in another application? If so, how?...

Visual Studio Code: using directive missing or invalid, except it isn't

I started messing with the new Visual Studio Code today and I am running into a small "problem"...of sorts. I have added reference to Npgsql in the project.json of a Web API project and run 'dnu restore' which also updated the project.lock.json to include the proper references. However the code...

Vscode attach debug output window

I do not want Vscode to open up another window while debugging. Is there a way to attach this window inside the IDE? If the above is impossible, is there a way to choose a more usable terminal? The default terminal doesn't allow for text selection which makes it unacceptable....

How to compile c# in Microsoft's new Visual Studio Code?

I have installed the preview version of Microsoft's new code editor "Visual Studio Code". It seems quite a nice tool! The introduction mentions you can program c# with it, but the setup document does not mention how to actually compile c# files. You can define "mono" as a type in...

Run AngularJS Tutorial with VSCode

I was hoping to try VSCode on the AngularJS tutorial, say step 1, and get debugging and building working. I was able to get it running, but it's a bit of a hack and VSCode doesn't like it. { "version": "0.1.0", // List of configurations. Add new configurations or edit...

Visual studio Code Collapse panes

Anyone know of a keyboard shortcut to collapse all the panes in visual studio code? I've had a look in the keyboard shortcut settings and couldn't find anything and searching on google just returns visual studio results.

VSCode - adding c# assembly reference

Getting the following error: The name 'File' does not exist in the current context[dnxcore50] Tried to build it in-case it was to do with VSCode alone. It threw me same error. I have installed the dependency using the following: dnu install System.IO Gave me the following message c:\Users\user1\Dropbox\dev\csharp\vscode\ads\WeightedGraphs>dnu install System.IO...

How to change tabSize and insertSpaces in vscode

How do you actually go about changing the "editor.tabSize" and "editor.insertSpaces" values for vscode? I've opened File > Preferences > User Settings and added: // Place your settings in this file to overwrite the default settings { // Controls the rendering size of tabs in characters. If set to auto,...

Cannot display JSON file created and saved in Visual Studio Code

When I create a file in Visual Studio Code (on a Windows 7 box), add some content, then save it, the content is replaced with the following message: The file cannot be displayed in the editor because it is either binary or uses an unsupported text encoding. My workaround is...

VS Code keybindings on Mac for cmd+delete

I am trying to set the command `` to be executed based upon the key binding cmd+delete which is not working (not working === nothing happens) The default mapping is: { "key": "shift+cmd+k", "command": "editor.action.deleteLines", "when": "editorTextFocus" } My attempted setup is: { "key": "cmd+delete", "command": "editor.action.deleteLines", "when": "editorTextFocus" }...

Are there bookmarks in Visual Studio Code?

How can I set Bookmarks in Visual Studio Code? I can't find any keyboard shortcuts. Or is there anything else, that I can use instead. I'm searching for bookmarks in Visual Studio Code. This has nothing to do with Visual Studio

VSCode debugging not working for NodeJs application

I have added the configuration in the launch.json file with the following details : { "name": "Attach" "type": "node", // TCP/IP address. Default is "localhost". "address": "localhost", // Port to attach to. "port": 5858 } Now I start my app with the following command : node --debug-brk ./bin/www When i...

Running first ASP.NET 5 application using VSCode, DNX and kestrel results in IOException

Following the steps described in the Visual Studio Code documentation, running the final command dnx . kestrel via the Command Palette of VSCode on Mac OS X results in an IOException when visiting http://localhost:5001: kqueue() FileSystemWatcher has reached the maximum nunmber of files to watch. See the attached screenshot for...

Visual Studio Code Permanently Deletes Files

Deleting a file from within Visual Studio Code permanently deletes the file, instead of sending it to the recycle bin. Why is that?

How to define test task

I am using VS Code to develop a simple project. I've created some unit tests (xUnit.net) and I would like create a test task to execute them. The idea is to run tests whenever I hit Ctrl+Shift+T. However, I am not able to figure out how to define test tasks....

User Setting for default save and open locations in VS Code

Is there a property name that can be added to the settings.json for the default open/save location?

VSCode appends taskName to msbuild automatically

In Visual Studio Code (VSCode) I've create a task to build my c++ project. The build-process is based on Visual-Studio 12.0 projects files create by CMake. It provides configurations for Release/Debug/... modes and I want to create for each configuration a separate task. Problem: VSCode appends the taskName to msbuild...

Intellisense not automatically working VSCode

I just downloaded Visual Studio Code and my Intellisense is not automatically working. The two settings that control this seem to be set correctly: "editor.quickSuggestions": true, "editor.suggestOnTriggerCharacters": true, I do get an Intellisense menu when i start typing and press "CTRL + Space", but this gives me a list of...

Mocha breakpoints using Visual Studio Code

Is it possible to add breakpoints to ones Mocha tests using Visual Studio Code? Normally when debugging code one need to configure the launch.json, setting the program attribute to the javascript file to execute. I am not sure how to do this for for Mocha though....

dnu restore fails on mac

I download visual studio code for mac today. I tried to create a simple asp.net 5 web application following these instructions https://code.visualstudio.com/Docs/ASPnet5 When I open my web application folder in visual studio, it says I need to run a restore command. I ran the dnu restore command just like the...