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Natural Language Search (user intent search)

I'm trying to build a search engine that allows my users to search with natural language commands, just like Google Now. Except, my search engine is slightly more constrained, in that it is mainly going to be used within an e-commerce site, and allow the users to search for certain...

How to listen for “any speech” in VoCon Hybrid and capture what was said

Part of my task is to make a system that simulates dictating and sending a text message using Vocon. I tried using the <...> aka "garbage" rule like this: #BNF+EMV2.1; !grammar messageInput; !start <messageInput>; <messageInput> : cancel | <...>; Unfortunately that means I don't get what was said, but rather...

google speech recognition api in hindi

I am looking for a Google Speech Recognition API, but I was not able to find any. Google has started service of Hindi Speech Recognition, as an example:- If I say "Kahan jaa rahe ho", then it searches for "Kahan jaa rahe ho" which means it converts speech to text....

How to implement voice command recognition in android?

Hello I want build an app where my android app recognize my voice command & perform certain task. i have searched a lot but didn't find any valid solution. Kindly tell how to implement it?

List of voice commands which trigger heart rate check

What is the list of all existing voice commands which create an intent with vnd.google.fitness.VIEW action and vnd.google.fitness.data_type/com.google.heart_rate.bpm mime type? The documentation shows only two of them: "OK Google, what’s my heart rate?" "OK Google, what’s my bpm?" but I've discovered more, for example: "OK Google, check my pulse." ...

How to override voice input key on Android keyboard?

I created an Activity with a button, which when clicked, starts an Intent to launch the voice input as follows: Intent intent = new Intent(RecognizerIntent.ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH); intent.putExtra(RecognizerIntent.EXTRA_LANGUAGE_MODEL, RecognizerIntent.LANGUAGE_MODEL_FREE_FORM); intent.putExtra(RecognizerIntent.EXTRA_PROMPT, "Speak Now"); startActivityForResult(intent, SPEECH_REQUEST_CODE); Then, I get the results and display them in a dialog so that the user can select the...

Voice Recognition - IF hello OR hi is said

Okay, so basically in C#, I want certain code to run when I say, for example, hello OR hi. I have gotten it so that when I say hello it runs the code but I can't figure out how to make it so that if I say hi instead it...

How “ok google” technology is implemented [closed]

I've read a little about Speech/voice recognition, and I wonder how does it work. For instance, "ok Google" on android and similar cases ? I would like to know how it works (how to differentiate and analyze a word in a continuous feed, to find of it's a keyword). If...

convert sound to list of phonemes in python

How do I convert any sound signal to a list phonemes? I.e the actual methodology and/or code to go from a digital signal to a list of phonemes that the sound recording is made from. eg: lPhonemes = audio_to_phonemes(aSignal) where for example from scipy.io.wavfile import read iSampleRate, aSignal = read(sRecordingDir)...

Voice Recognition technology

I am curious is there any voice recognition technology in the market such that it is able to identify different people through different voice. Basically the technology i am searching for is able to model people's voices. ...

Voice to Text with Moto 360

I'm trying to create an Android Wear project, which I can translate the voice in my Moto 360 to String, for example, when the user say "Hello" I get the String "hello". can anyone help me , i need little explanation for the communitation between the android app and the...

VoiceXML Grammar Input sequence

I need to allow callers to enter their ID. It is 7 characters long and is a mixture of letters and numbers but there is a structure to it. Example: F0G0000 The first character is always a letter. The second character is always a number. The third can be ether...

Parse String command

I'm trying (it's an experiment) to develop a simple application that return data, given voice command (using iOs Siri, or Android voice recognition etc.). I would like to 'parse' it. I'm using this approach but i'm pretty sure it isn't correct. Suppose user say "Give me 2015 Revenue of customer...