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Unwanted database file being generated, how to prevent and remove?

When generating a new C++ project - specifically, I create a new "Empty Project", the directory the file is stored in seems to contain an .sdf file. This seems to be generated whenever I open the project in Visual Studio 2013, even after I delete it. I also seem unable...

VS 2013 winform application: how to convert generic object to button type

i am designing windows calculator on visual studio 2013 using winform application.i want to write a single button handler for the numeric buttons on a WinForms application that simulates a calculator keypad.but in order to do this i must first convert the object^ sender to button type have . already...

Visual Studio: cannot have multiple source files opened in different tabs

In Microsoft Visual Studio 2013/Visual C++ 2013, I cannot have multiple tabs showing multiple files. How can I enable it?

Cannot “Go To Definition” in Visual C++ 2013

In Visual C++ 2013 Professional, when I right-click CWinApp::Run(), an MFC function, in the afxwin.h header file and choose "Go To Definition" in the context menu, nothing comes up. The definition is also unavailable on this function's MSDN article. How can I fix the problem and find the definition? What...