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How to disable the BlockedThreadChecker of vert.x?

The BlockedThreadChecker causes a lot of stdout when debugging vert.x code. This question relates to vert.x 3.

vertx access event bus outside verticle class

I'm playing around with vert.x event bus, and everything is working fine in the simplest of examples. However I would like to send messages to the vert.x event bus outside the Verticle class. How do I access the event bus from outside the Verticle class? Can Guice be utilised to...

Access deployment id of vertx verticle from outside the inner class?

Hi i have deployed vertx verticle like this and now i want the asynchResult access this inner class. I have gone through many posts but didnt find any solution for that. container.deployVerticle("com.demo.vertx.FirstVert", snmp_trap_listener_count, new AsyncResultHandler<String>() { public void handle(AsyncResult<String> asyncResult) { if (asyncResult.succeeded()) { System.out.println("The verticle has been deployed, deployment...

Get HttpServerRequest for ServerWebSocket in VertX?

My problem is simple: I need to get HttpServerRequest of connection that triggered websocket handler in VertX? Websocket handler provides me just ServerWebSocket and I don't see how I can get the underlying HttpServerRequest?