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What is the difference between UTF-32 and UCS-4?

What is the difference between UTF-32 and UCS-4 ? Isn't UTF-32 supposed to be a fixed-width encoding ?

DOS ASCII Code pages

I have a legacy system that is using one EBCDIC to ASCII conversion table. The writer probably did not know that there are multiple code pages for ASCII and EBCDIC. There are extended and accented letters that are not converted properly and I can fix those according to the code...

Convert between UTF:s without intermediate encoding

Is it possible to convert between UTF-8 and UTF-16 without first decoding into UCS-4 and then encode the resulting code-point, without using a large mapping table?

Illegal characters in URI

The java.net.URI ctor accepts most non-ASCII characters but does not accept ideographic space (0x3000). The ctor fails with java.net.URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path ... So my questions are: Why doesn't the URI ctor accept 0x3000 but does accept other non-ASCII characters ? What other characters doesn't it accept ? ...

erlang os:cmd() command with UTF8 binary

I'm trying to get an Erlang function to execute a bash command containing unicode characters. For example, I want to execute the equivalent of: touch /home/jani/ჟანიweł I put that command in variable D, for example: io:fwrite("~ts", [list_to_binary(D)]). touch /home/jani/ჟანიwełok but after I execute: os:cmd(D) I get file called á??á??á??á??weÅ?. How...

Why am I getting the opposite of what is true in List.Contains(char)

I have tested this in two applications; Where I pass in a char looking for a special character. static void Main(string[] args) { ConsoleKeyInfo entered = Console.ReadKey(); char asChar = Convert.ToChar(entered.KeyChar); Console.WriteLine(IsSpecialChar(asChar)); Console.ReadKey(); } private static string IsSpecialChar(char dWord) { List<char> Special = new List<char>(); System.Globalization.NumberStyles hexer = System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber; Special.AddRange(Enumerable.Range((int.Parse("21",...

QTP - Getting a button value

I have a portion of code where I pick the value in a button and use it for other purposes. Or, at least, this is what I'd like to do. The button changes value at every refresh of the page (it's a webpage). For example: at the first access...

Oracle Import option

I have a simple question, how exactly do you use the oracle import tool to import a database with the option of automatically resize the column length, so it automatically fits the data before importing the data. Give you an example: if I have a table TABLE1 that has a...

pcre2 UTF32 usage

I've just spent some time figuring out the pcre2 interface and think I've got it for the most part. I want to support UTF32, pcre2 is already built with support and code point width has been set to 32. The code below is what I've got for working with code...