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Right GUI key in XMonad

Is there a possibility to make different bindings for L_GUI+key and R_GUI+key in XMonad, and if yes then how? Same question is for R_CTRL, R_SFT and R_ALT, but they are not so important for me.

How to add admin login link on a website? [closed]

I have a login and registration page where user can login and place an order. I have already crated a adminlogin , adminlogout, adminorder page to do the admin related task. But im not sure where to add this admin login link. Sould I add this link to the menu...

Best way to make dividers in ul menus

In all the years I have been developing, this has always been a controversy among fellow colleagues. What is the best way to add a divider to a menu item in a horizontal menu (or header navbar)? Consider all factors: Browser compatibility, maintainability, aesthetics, menu space and its effect in...

SEO and user-friendly URLs for multi-language website

Let's say I have a website that has 2 languages, one uses Latin and the second one Cyrillic transcriptions in URLs. For example: example.com/link example.com/ссылка My question is which is more user and SEO friendly, if I leave them as is or if I add the language prefix, so they'd...