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UrlFetchApp Google Script - Rate Limit Error to Nest Thermostat - Response Code 429

I use a very cool Google Script I found on Github (source: https://gist.github.com/beezly/9b2de3749d687fdbff3f) to fetch the temperature on my Nest thermostat and log it into a Google Spreadsheet. It is working great when I run the script manually, but not when I use a time trigger to run it automatically....

How to get a response for a streaming url on google app engine (python)

I am trying to verify if a online radio url is delivering music and if the url was redirected or not (this happens if for some reason the request url is wrong or not active). I found some advices here Fetching url in python with google app engine. However, for...

Why is my urlFetchApp function failing to successfully login

I'm trying to use google apps script to login to an ASP.Net website and scrape some data that I typically have to retrieve manually. I've used Chrome Developer tools to get the correct payload names (TEXT_Username, TEXT_Password, _VIEWSTATE, _VIEWSTATEGENERATOR), I also got a ASP Net session Id to send along...