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Track information of current song in Universal App

I'm trying to get the track info (song, album, artist name) of the currently played media in an Windows Universal App. The information can be updated by using the SystemMediaTransportControls. Is it possible to read the information of a song played by another app (like XBox Music)?...

Update - Xamarin (Visual Studio) iOS Universal project with Storyboard - simulators not being listed

I am using the following Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 Xamarin Xamarin.iOS When I create a blank Universal iOS app the set of simulators are displayed. When a Universal Single App project is created, the list of simulators does not appear in Visual Studio. Is there a fix...

Google Universal Analytics onClick

Looking for some pointers on introducing UA into our website and not sure how to convert the following code extract ... [button id="onepage-guest-register-button" type="button" class="button" onclick="window.location='https://www.jjjoneshomes.com/account'"] ... which already has the onClick ref into what the UA OnClick Event Tracking is asking for? Any advice appreciated, an example greatly! Thanks,...

Windows universal app - Show popup grid from parent control

I'm struggling to get something similiar to what I painted in Photoshop (took over 9000 hours). Basically our Windows app for tablets needs a control that shows an onscreen grid when clicked. The data genesis and grid preparation occurs in codebehind of the control and I don't know how to...

detect if app is sideloaded in windows runtime

I am working on a windows phone Runtime app I want to know how can I find if the app is side loaded or it downloaded from Store directly ? Note : I want to prevent application run when it's sideloaded. I want to prevent crack installation of application

universal and existential quantifier in prolog

How can I implement following rules in prolog. I write the “ No spiders are mammals” sentence as Existential and universal: ¬∃x(mammals(X) ∧ spider(X) ) //It is not the case that mammals are spider ∀X(mammals(X) ⇒ ¬spider(X)) //All mammals are non-spider. ...