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Need code for removing all unicode characters in vb6

I need code for removing all unicode characters in a vb6 string.

PHP convert double quoted string to single quoted string

I know this question asked here many times.But That solutions are not useful for me. I am facing this problem very badly today. // Case 1 $str = 'Test \300'; // Single Quoted String echo json_encode(utf8_encode($str)) // output: Test \\300 // Case 2 $str = "Test \300"; // Double Quoted...

simple sum of Unicode symbol codes

I want to do this: 1) Click event of Convert ! button User must type 2 value into writable edit controls. After pressing Convert ! program must set sum of these characters Unicode values to first read-only edit control (it's near of " = " symbol). For example, if I...

Python: Transform a unicode variable into a string variable

I used a web crawler to get some data. I stored the data in a variable price. The type of price is: <class 'bs4.element.NavigableString'> The type of each element of price is: <type 'unicode'> Basically the price contains some white space and line feeds followed by: $520. I want to...

Python array printing in unicode and csv issue

dict1 is a dictionary with a corresponding array with 4 sample elements like this: {u'OlpyplEJ_c_hFxyand_Wxw': [u'Inchin Bamboo Garden', u'Paradise Valley', 33.575816, -111.926234], u'_qvxFHGbnbrAPeWBVifJEQ': [u"Lenny's Sub Shop", u'Charlotte', 35.334993, -80.8129717], u's5yzZITWU_RcJzWOgjFecw': [u"Sergio's Italian Gardens", u'Las Vegas', 36.100414, -115.1265829]} I am printing data using the business_id as the key for the above...

Subview of UILabel disappears when the text was changed to Unicode string

I am seeing a strange behavior of UILabel and its subview on iOS development. I want to have a overlay view on the UILabel and want to change only the text of the label. It works well when the text is digits or alphabets. However when I changed the text...

Convert TUnicodeStrings to TStrings?

In Delphi XE7 I use the well known DragAndDropSuite from Anders Melander. The TDropFileTarget component from this suite gives back the dropped files as TUnicodeStrings. However, I NEED to use these files in a procedure which has a TStrings parameter: procedure DoSomethingWithTheseFiles(const AFiles: TStrings); begin // Do something... end; procedure...

Replace unicode characters with characters (Javascript)

Take for example the following string: &#8220;A profile of Mr. T, the A Team&#8217;s most well known member.&#8221; How do I use javascript replace the unicode character encodings and convert that to the following: "A profile of Mr. T, the A Team's most well known member."...

Support multiple languages at the same time?

I have seen many apps which will ask language settings when you open the app first time,it will load particular language whole time.but in my case i need to support different languages at the same time,the user can have more than 2 language songs and it should support the meta...

problems of unicode string in Python

when learning the unicode from python document, I am trying to reproduce the following example >>> ur'Hello\u0020World !' u'Hello World !' >>> ur'Hello\\u0020World !' u'Hello\\\\u0020World !' I use PyCharm as editor, the Python version is 2.7, However, what I get is >>>ur'Hello\u0020World !' Hello World ! >>>ur'Hello\\u0020World !' Hello\\u0020World !...

Remove unicode [u']

I have this string, input from a webpage. s = "[u'967208', u'411600', u'460273']" I want to remove the brackets [ ] and u and '. I would also like to make new line breaks instead of the commas ,. I have spent much time searching for a solution, including encoding...

PHP - length of string containing emojis/special chars

I'm building an API for a mobile application and I seem to have a problem with counting the length of a string containing emojis. My code: $str = "👍🏿✌🏿️ @mention"; printf("strlen: %d" . PHP_EOL, strlen($str)); printf("mb_strlen UTF-8: %d" . PHP_EOL, mb_strlen($str, "UTF-8")); printf("mb_strlen UTF-16: %d" . PHP_EOL, mb_strlen($str, "UTF-16")); printf("iconv...