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Undo a directory remove in HAMMER, DragonfFlyBSD

In DragonFlyBSD you have the neat functionality of transaction history for all files, which you can inspect using undo -a <filename>. If you remove a file you can bring it back to life using undo -o <output_filename> <removed_file>. Is there any similar functionality if you happen to remove a directory?...

Git checkout — recover lost files

I accidentaly deleted local file changes on git repository. They were NOT commited or even pushed. What I did: git status (then files not staged for commit showed and I accidentaly removed whole folder called "smdr" by this comand): git checkout -- smdr Then files changes disappeared. How can I...

Keyboard shortcut unintentionally triggering Java's UndoManager undo function [closed]

I have set up my application so that when I press Ctrl+Z, my UndoManager will undo the last entry. However, for some reason, Ctrl+H will also do this, and I have no idea why. Here is my source code....

What's special about an ampersand in an NSUndoManager action name?

I notice that if I say something like [self.undoManager setActionName: @"X & Y"]; then the resulting menu item looks like "Undo X Y" (with a double space between X and Y). (Tested on Mac OS X 10.7.5 and 10.10.3.) I can make the ampersand show up by doubling it, but...

How to undo / redo selective parts of code?

I am using Eclipse. It happens a lot when we develop code like this (assume it is developed sequentially, from top to bottom): Part 1 (*) Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (*) Part 5 But we just figured out that parts 1 and 4 (marked with (*)) are wrong...

In Vim, how can I undo opening?

I started using NERDTree recently. When I opened a file while having split window, the window of a new file was not I intended. Consequently, I had lost my unsaved buffer by opening a file. Is there any way to undo opening files or reopen my unsaved buffer?...

How to Undo an “Import Settings” in IntelliJ

How do I revert or undo the changes made after using the "Import Settings" option in IntelliJ IDEA?

How do I cleanup Git Commits messed up by Rebase

Here's what the commit history looked like before I mucked it up: A B C [master] \ D E F G H I [refactor] Here's what my current commit history looks like: A --------------- E B C F D [master branch] \ B C D E F G H I...