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Is it possible to replace the UIView behind a popover (or a modal view) based on the popover actions?

Need to implement a popover (or a modal view), and based on selection in the popover, may go to another view once the popover is closed

'Popovers' to highlight areas of interest or new features?

I've noticed a lot of apps have a 'popover' that highlights areas of interest or new features (see pic for example). What are these called? I dont believe there is a ready made solution to these in Apple docs apart from iPad UIPopoverController. Sorry if this seems a bit subjective...

ActionSheet Source View BarButtonItem

I have a bar button item in the navigation bar that when pressed, will present a UIAlertController with the style as .ActionSheet. In the iPhone it appears just the way that I want. For the iPad I know I need to add // For iPad, set the pop over bounds...

Popover Doesn't Work on iPhone

I implemented a Popover in my application and tested it. It will work fine on iPad but when I test it on iPhone, instead of showing Popover it will show the full storyboard. Please help me. Here is my code: @IBAction func MenuIsClick(sender: AnyObject) { var moveToNextVC:MenuViewController moveToNextVC = self.storyboard?.instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier("MenuViewController")...

how to dismiss already opened keyboard when popover appears ios

In my iOS project, I have a form which contains various text fields. Some text fields are edited by keyboard and some by picker view which is placed on popover. When I go on filling text fields, without dismissing it and then if I click on popover text field keyboard...

Keep text in UITextView highlighted when the popover is dismissed

I have a UIPopover that shows up a plain view containing a UITextView filled with some text. I have managed to highlight the text. When the popover is dismissed, and re-opened, the highlight disappears. I want to keep the text highlighted even if if the application is closed. Any ideas...