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How to get Query object to felogin repository?

i need Query object of TYPO3\CMS\Felogin\Controller\FrontendLoginController in my extention repository so i can create my own query conditions.

How do I access GET/POST from a view helper?

I have a custom content element which uses a view-helper that inherits from link action. I want to use specific CSS when this link is "active". One way to do this would be to read _GET and check for link variables. Can I access _GET in a sane way from...

why my frontend empty with automaketemplate after migration

I have an empty after migration from typo3 4.5 to 6.2.10. Hello world in body works but with the typoscript with the extension automaketemplate there is an empty body tag. Anybody have an idea why ? Thank you very much in advance. Mohamed...

Get String of n:1 Domain Model Object

I made an extension for typo3 with the extension builder. In there I have a relation called "sex" that refers to another model object from type n:1 (of course, everyone can only just have one sex). Now I want to present that in a table. When I use {person.sex} I...