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Typo3 6.2 fluid pagination not working as expected

My typo3 6.2(Upgraded from Typo3 4.5) fluid paginate displays all the items instead of 5 items. My Repository Method : public function getRandomLocation($iLimit) { $query = $this->createQuery(); $result = $query->statement("Select * FROM tx_sfel_domain_model_ttblocationsproduktegruppen WHERE hidden = 0 AND deleted = 0 AND logo != '' ORDER BY uid LIMIT 0,...

can't create files in typo3 inside fileadmin

I am building an extension with extbase where I need to create a pdf file inside fileadmin folder with php from a controller : fopen("/fileadmin/pdf/anass.pdf", "w") or die('could not create file'); The permission is granted to write files ... so I think I made a mistake writing the path. Could...

How to upgrade TYPO3 4.5 to 6.2

What are the recommended steps to upgrade TYPO3 4.5 (or 6.1) to 6.2? I have a mac and my site is running on a shared Linux account.

Typo3 Minor Update from 4.5.29 to 4.5.39

I want to update a Typo3 installation from 4.5.29 to 4.5.39. In the current installation I don't have typo3_src or any other symlinks. Typo3 is directly in the httpdocs. I know newer Versions (6.2.*) can be ugpraded by adding the new typo3_src and change the link to the new one....

In a Typoscript HMENU, how to force the language for the URL

I have a multi-language, multi-site, multi-domain TYPO3 (4.5) Instance where RealURL keeps me busy. In some sub-sites, I just can't get it to create the right URLs for Languages 1 and 2. It will result in the pattern www.language-2-domain.com/language-1-pagetitle Instead of keeping on fiddling with realurl_conf, I would like to...

findAll on non object in extbase

I just created an extension in typo3 4.5 with one model (product). I created the "productRepository" then injected it in the ProductController but I still get the Call to a member function findAll() on a non-object here is how the ProductController looks like : /** * @var Tx_PiProductDetail_Domain_Repository_ProductRepository */ protected...