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How to get page categories in Typoscript (and use with tx_news)

I would like to read out a page's system categories for further use with tx_news (to display news that have the same categories as the page - as tx_news is using system categories). I was looking for a native solution, hopefully via getText, something like: plugin.tx_news.settings.categories.data = page:categories but that...

News 3.0.1 - custom templates

Since I upgraded to Typo3 6.+, I've had a lot of hard times to get my custom templates/partials to work under a custom extension extended from News 3.0.1. Of course I ran through the documentation : http://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/extensions/news/stable/singlehtml/#changing-paths-of-the-template But I don't get it, I tried to use the typoscript from the...