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Libgdx tweening issue

I am creating a game and trying to set up a splash screen. Whenever I render the sprite that i want to tween to by using the sprite.draw method which looks like this: @Override public void render(float delta) { Gdx.gl20.glClearColor(0.2F, 0.5F, 1F, 1F); Gdx.gl20.glClear(GL20.GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT); tm.update(delta); cam.update(); sb.setProjectionMatrix(cam.combined); sb.begin(); Assets.splash_spr_bg.draw(sb); sb.end();...

TweenJS tweening the frames of a Sprite

I have a sprite that I want to animate using TweenJS. My first thought was to write something like this: createjs.Tween.get(mySprite).to({currentFrame:30}, 1000); Which didn't work. And simply writing... mySprite.currentFrame = 10; mySprite.currentAnimationFrame = 10; ...does not cause the sprite to update either. So I'm guessing these properties are get only?...

How to adjust a Greensock.js tween based on browser scroll y position rather than by the time?

How would I go about adjusting the time manually based on the scroll position? What might that look like? To basically 'scroll' the tween? So that the tween reacts to the scrolling mouse's Y position rather than just trigger and execute based on a preset time?

How to convert Greensock's CustomEase functions to be usable in CreateJS's Tween system?

I'm currently working on a project that does not include GSAP (Greensock's JS Tweening library), but since it's super easy to create your own Custom Easing functions with it's visual editor - I was wondering if there is a way to break down the desired ease-function so that it can...

respect collisions throughout haxeflixel tween

I've implemented some seemingly basic tweens for a side-scrolling platformer in haxe using flixel.tweens.FlxTween. For example: public static function lunge(sprite: FlxSprite) { var deltax:Int = sprite.facing==FlxObject.LEFT?-50:50; return FlxTween.tween(sprite, { x:sprite.x+deltax,y:sprite.y-10 }, 0.10, { type: FlxTween.ONESHOT } ); } This works as expected -- the sprite lunges forward 50px and up...

Changing the length of a line renderer using DOTween

I am trying to change the length of my line renderer over time using DOTween. LineRenderer myLineRenderer = GetComponent<LineRenderer>(); myLineRenderer.SetPosition(1, new Vector3(x, 0, 0)); This code snippet changes the position of myLineRenderer to x. How can I use DOTween to set the position gradually to x over 1 second?...

D3 tween - pause and resume controls

I am trying to edit this d3 example. More specifically, I will try to apply the pause-resume controls of a pause resume guide in addition with a control bar like this we have under videos. At the end I imagine to have something like this: How can apply the pause...

Moving an object in elliptical Path

In my LigGdx based game, I wish to move my Sprite in an elliptical path to reach the destination. I do not find any support in Universal tween engine. Sample of route example is shown below. Questions : Is there is any methods in UniversalTween Engine to have a elliptical...

how to make tween work normally?

I am new to Tween, so i made the frame with 1 picture and tried to move it with Tween. Code: public class Fram extends JFrame { public Fram() { setSize(700, 500); setLocationRelativeTo(null); add(new Panol()); setVisible(true); } public static void main(String[] args) { new Fram(); } public class Panol extends...

How to specify core project path in Libgdx Project Generator?

I am following a tutorial on making a flappy bird with the Libgdx framework. -http://www.kilobolt.com/day-11-supporting-iosandroid--splashscreen-menus-and-tweening.html I am currently on the step of adding the Tween Engine Library to my project. The is the algorithm that the author gave us to do 1.Open up the gdx-setup-ui jar, like we did in...