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Elements on CSS 3D z-axis overlap

I'm trying to arrange elements on a z-axis and want to order them. As you can see in the example, the second section looks like if it's above the first element (pink background) but has a lower value on the z-axis (-2500px). What am I missing? html, body { margin:...

Get divs position after translate3d

In Javascript, when I move an element using the gpu via the translate3d method, the elements style-left position doesnt change at all. As the cpu isnt even aware any motion has occurred. How do I track what the new position of an element is, after moving it via translate3d?...

CSS 3 Animations. translate3d versus matrix

I have been doing projects that have required smooth transitions and animations. We have recently migrated from using Javascript to CSS animations almost 100% of the time. I have found using translate3d provides a very smooth nice animation on both mobile and desktop. My current animating style is like this:...