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Best way to save traffic in iOS Parse App

I have a logic problem in my app using Parse, Regarding which path to choose to save in traffic, and if someone has already faced a similar problem, I will really appreciate the help. Also, you can end up helping other developers facing the same problem I have a social...

How this strange traffic from Samara, Russia works?

I just put up a new website. New domain, new everything. I set up Google Analytics and my first ever visitor is this: forum.topic60670121.darodar.com (i do not linking it, it is spam) I know lot of people experience traffic from several Russian spam sites those redirect to some other site....

SUMO: pass only TLS phases

I am using SUMO and for testing purposes I want to pass TLS phases. When declaring my TLS in an additional file, I am required to also pass the duration of the phase, but I want SUMO to fill that in. Is there any way of doing this?

Yandex Map - Get traffic data

I try to get traffic data at a spesific time and place using yandex maps. I look this page( api of yandex maps ). And I can show traffic data on my own map. Using geocoding, I extract some data(place names, coordinates etc) from yandex maps. But I don't know...

OpenCV traffic sign recognition

I'm coding a software (for my studies) for traffic sign recognition with an IP Camera, I have to, for the moment, recognize traffic signs like this: http://i.stack.imgur.com/yOTZb.jpg In my code, I'm doing a high transformation to isolate my traffic sign with a mask. Then, I do a SURF comparison (with...