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Drop down works strange on mobile device

I'm building this website with Bootstrap in which there is a drop down menu under "Projects" that is working fine on desktop PCs but on mobile devices it goes like this: the buttons opens at the touch and so does the menu "Projects" but then when tapping on one of...

Android touch screen power consumption

Hope this question is in the right place! I am wondering what would be the power consumption of an app leaving the phone with the screen on, but light at minimum level, just so the screen may respond to touch. How much would turning the light to higher level matter...

Recording the time of the start of a screen touch in PsychoPy on Windows

I'm helping to implement an experiment using PsychoPy on a Windows 8 tablet. It doesn't seem to be possible to get direct access to touch events through either PsychoPy, or the pyglet or PyGame interfaces. Most other sources I've found have referred to using mouse move events in place of...

Raspberry pi as a universal remote [closed]

I would like to know if I could use the raspberry pi phone as a universal remote. I am new to the raspberry pi. Would you recommend any parts for the device. If you are familiar with the pi phone them could you recommend any if blasters or batteries.

Working with Putty

I have decided to use PuTTY instead of hyper terminal because it is open source, and where I could manipulate the code. http://www.putty.org/ What I am trying to achieve is the following: The following locks http://www.southco.com/en-ph/em-05/em-05-11-111 would be connected to a windows tablet using a usb adapter, and upon entering...