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Mercurial - merging last three unpushed commits

I have (locally) three hg commits. As two of them are basically but a couple of minor corrections, I would like to merge them into a single commit prior to pushing. Any way to do that (with TortoiseHg or console)?...

Searching for the change history of partial file or path in Mercurial or TortoiseHg

Each time I need anything beyond the standard search, I find myself trying several things, searching Google and in the end terribly failing. Apparently, the Hg search syntax is pretty extensive and I would like to use its power, but I don't seem to be able to find a good...

Phantom Mercurial, How to remove?

I'm trying to install TortoiseHg on Ubuntu 14.04. It went fine, but trying to open it complains about having an unsuported Mercurial version (3.4.1). I removed via: sudo apt-get remove mercurial sudo apt-get purge mercurial sudo dpkg -r mercurial sudo dpkg --purge mercurial It comes out as successful, but if...

Hg Mercurial - Upgrading code not in repository

I have a customized local repository of NopCommerce 3.5. The new version of NopCommerce (3.6) is out and I would like to try to update to it. I downloaded their source code and I would like to somehow replace all the files in my local repository with the new files...

TortoiseHg 3.3 “Failed to open path in terminal”

I'm using the 64-bit version of TortoiseHg 3.3 on Windows Vista64, and when I navigate to the Repository --> Terminal I get the following error: I guess that I need to change a setting somewhere, and I do not know where to look. I did navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and found...

How can I commit/push changes to a “live” branch and then keep working on my “test/dev” branch?

I'm very new to working on larger projects and using any form of version control, so please bear with me. I have a project running on a local/intranet webserver. I'm using mercurial for version control with hgworkbench/turtoisehg as a GUI. So far I've simply commited and pushed my changes to...

Remove a revision in TortoiseHG

I know this question has been asked and I know it´s against version control. But we have done some minor changes in the layout etc. and would like to remove the history of 30 revisions. Is it possible to just remove these 30 revisions or merge them into one revision?...

Why i can't see new branch in tortoiseHG?

I create a new branch and commit it. But my team can't see this branch in their tortoise, why?

Mercurial - abandoning loose ends

Due to lack of attention, I have made a rollback ("backout") that I had forgot to merge back into the default branch - which I did not notice until a bit later, causing my local history to look like this: Which seems to disallow pushing ("new remote heads"). If I...