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Regular expression in text editor

I have a requirement to replace all the below numbers to TAB in text Editors like notepad++. I tried the below regular expression but it still needs some manually work. Can anyone help to achieve this in single regular expression. I used the below one and manually removed the [1-9]....

How to replace a parentheses at the start of a line in textpad

I know that the character ^ finds a character at the start of a line, but I need to delete a left parentheses at the start of many lines. When I try to do a replace, I receive the following error: Unmatched marking parenthesis ( or \(. The error occurred...

Regex match a non-unique character in same string

Here is an example string. I have many more of these that I need to fix: "måde", "answer" => "råd"); In this string there are 2 instances of the character å. I want find a match for the å in råd using regex, while ignoring the the å in måde....