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Is it possible to use TemplaVoilà and Backend Layout on the same installation?

I have a TYPO3 4.7 environment which holds 3 websites. All theses website use TemplaVoilà template engine. We are now redesigning one of these site and I wonder if I can use Fluid and Backend Layout instead of TemplaVoilà. It seems that I have to desactivate TemplaVoilà in the extension...

Disable TemplaVoila Backend Layout for some sections

I hope a TemplaVoila Professional can help me with this little challenge. I've a TYPO3 6.2.6 Installation with TemplaVoila 1.9.2. We are now switching over to Fluid and I want to start with one section, a small microsite. How can I disable TemplaVoila BE-Layout and enable the Fluid BE-Layout for...

typo3 templavoila check current language

Hi i have 4 languages in my typo. Here is my main configuration for them: #LANGS config.linkVars=L config.defaultGetVars.L = 0 config.sys_language_overlay = hideNonTranslated [globalVar = GP:L = 3] config.sys_language_uid = 3 config.language = en config.locale_all = en_EN config.htmlTag_langKey = en plugin.tx_indexedsearch._DEFAULT_PI_VARS.lang = 3 [globalVar = GP:L = 2] config.sys_language_uid =...