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How to get TeamCity to show # of ignored tests?

I have a build on TeamCity with MSBuild building a .NET 4.5 solution. MSTest running the unit tests with the bundled dotCover used for code coverage. The build works, the unit tests run, and I get the code coverage just fine, but it only shows the # of failed tests...

TeamCity Professional License

I'm considering TeamCity for CI and not sure whether I can use Professional License (which is free) for commercial application? From their license page https://www.jetbrains.com/teamcity/buy/ , seem like the Professional License only restricted in number of build configuration and build agents, doesn't mention anything about commercial usage. In their FAQ...

Retrieve --packageversion passed from TeamCity as a command line argument

When I create release from TeamCity, I specify --packageversion %build.number% as an additional command line argument. Is there a way to read that variable in Octopus Deploy? Looking at documentation, I've found only one variable containing "packageversion": Octopus.Action.Package.NuGetPackageVersionand it doesn't seem like what I need as it is specific to...

Can't build a Web Project in TeamCity

I am using TeamCity as my CI server(mac).I am trying to build a web project. When I use grunt serve or grunt buildproduction after changing directory to the cloned folder,it's working perfectly fine.But when I do this via TeamCity server it is giving an error You need to have Ruby...

Xamarin 9-Patch in Library Solution & Referenced via TeamCity NuGet

The Configuration In a library solution is an Android library project (let's call it Core.Droid) that has a 9-patch image as shown in this screen shot of the project This solution is built using TeamCity such that the project is a NuGet package. Another Solution contains an Android project (let's...

How to prevent TeamCity Build agent from removing work folders

My build script contains a local properties file that is used to set machine-specific values (such as base directory for the build). These are unique for each machine that the source is downloaded to. When the build agent hasn't been run for a while, it removes the work folder for...

How to get the checkout directory of project dependencies in TeamCity?

I am using TeamCity as build server and have a little trouble when configuring projects and their dependencies. Eventually I want to get the checkout directory of project dependencies to configure certain build steps. For that I have the variable %teamcity.build.checkoutDir% for the checkout directory of the project itself. However,...

How to get the return value of instruments?

I'm using instruments inside a bash script on a continuous integration server. I would like to know when a command as failed in the script, so I can exit prematurely from it and mark the build as failed. instruments displays a LOG ERROR to the console, but I don't succeed...

How do I set up a TeamCity build job to execute a maven job with no pom

We have an in-house developed MOJO that generates content and doesn't require you to have an existing project or POM. Think of the maven archetype plugin, where you can just run mvn [mojo]:[goal] and have maven just execute that goal without a POM. This MOJO connects to a specific database...

Is it possible to run a script when a build is tagged in Teamcity?

We are using TeamCity 9.x as are main CI server. I'm looking for ways to run a script (PowerShell, Python, ...) when a build is tagged. Is this possible? The only thing I can think of is to write a simple service which polls the REST API for the last...

How to change target url based on git branche?

We are using TeamCity with the Deployer plugin and we need to copy our build into a remote server. The server adress will depend on the git branche. For example : branche master as "target url : \server1\dev\" | branche trunk will be in "\server2\dev" I tried to specify it...

Running Karma and Protractor tests with or without a headless browser

I am confused about running Karma and Protractor on a TeamCity CI server. Should I run these tests with a headless browser or not and how can I do that?

Teamcity and Unit Testing Windows Store apps

I've been struggling to make Teamcity 9 compile and run Unit Tests for my Visual Studio solution. I have a Windows Phone 8.1 (WinRT, not silverlight) project and a "MyProject.Common.dll" portable class library with common functionality. I created a "Windows Phone Unit Test App" project. If i run it from...

MSDeploy: Copy files to particular folder on destination machine

I am using TeamCity and MSDeploy to deploy a package to an IIS site on a deployment server from the build agent. I want to deploy some fonts onto the deployment server as well. I know I can use two different approaches for this. Use FontReg.exe to install the fonts...

How do I reset the SMTP login and password of the Email Notifier in Teamcity

I'm trying to set up email notification for our Teamcity server (v9.0.1). During some trial and error I entered smtp login and smtp password, and saved. The problem is that the smtp-server I'm supposed to use does not require a login and password, so I would like to set these...

How can I split same-project unit tests into separate assemblies?

I have a few test projects, one of which has many unit tests, all very related to doing certain calculations. Running all unit tests takes a long time. So, I'm looking for a way to easily split tests into nightly unit tests and all other unit tests. How can I...

How do I import surefire-reports to Teamcity 9 webconsole?

I use Teamcity 9 to trigger a Maven buildstedp. Maven is set up to run Fitnessetests in JUnit tests. From Maven, I use the surefire-reports maven plugin and see that Teamcity generate ./buildAgent/work/xxxxx/target/surefire-reports/TEST-Test.xml files. I also see that I have managed to to set up Teamcity with "XML Report Processing"...

Teamcity - Create git tag after successful build

How can I create a git tag after successful build in Team City?

Get branch name from TeamCity build

I am deploying a nuget package which is a result of TeamCity Feature Branch build. The build number format I use includes branch name: 1.0.0.%build.counter%-%vcsroot.branch%. I need branch name at Octopus Deploy side to customize my deploy. What is the right way to have branch name as a Variable?...

Process text file by indented pattern

I've tried some combinations of sed with s/regex/../ but I was not successful. So here is my question: I have a text file which look something like this (PCLint output) --- Module A Info: indented message 1 Note: indented message 2 Warning: indented message 3 --- Module B --- Module...

Deploying to multiple environments [TeamCity]

We have a complex structure of projects in TeamCity (v. 8.1.5) that we trying to deploy to over 30 environments without user input. All along, we have been copying projects and using environment variables to identify the environment to deploy to. The main drawback with this approach is the rolling...

TeamCity Server - Unable to find P4 command-line client in path

I've done quite some research, to find other people with similar problems, but the closest I came to was people who were using TeamCity on just platform (either Mac OS X or Windows) and thus could afford to use the full path to p4 (e.g. /usr/local/bin/p4 or C:\Program Files (x86\Perforce\p4.exe)....

Git submodules in TeamCity

It must be something obvious but I cannot get our project working in TeamCity v9; any ideas? jetbrains.buildServer.buildTriggers.vcs.git.submodules.MissingSubmoduleCommitException: Cannot find the commit b60595d378a27d38cb4ed397524a4c90cac627fc in the repository '[email protected]:/opt/git/cocoa-common.git' used as a submodule by the repository '[email protected]:/opt/git/ios.git' in the commit 1ce3d3b22f702b43254dea1f27d40382c562de37 at a path 'src/xcode/External/CocoaCommon' Another project using the same submodule gives...

Teamcity - create dependency builds, whose svn repos are different from each other

I am trying to set up a dummy build configuration which does nothing apart from building other projects (build configurations) in Teamcity. I have 4 build configurations which are getting built perfectly fine without any issues. All these 4 build configurations are actually from 3 different SVN repositories looks like...

What does a grayed-out build in TeamCity mean?

Some of our builds in TeamCity are grayed out, like they were disabled. It often not obvious why. When I examine the details about the build, I find nothing noteworthy. What exactly does this color signify? Also: if, like in the picture above, there is a red build before the...

Teamcity nuget server with external nugets

Can I add an arbitrary nuget (not built on teamcity) to be served from teamcity nuget server? (I'm using teamcity 8.1.5)

Branch checkout directory with Teamcity

I have 3 build configurations: windows, osx and ubuntu. I also have two branches (generally): master and next. I've configured TC so that whenever a checkin occurs on either of the branches, the 3 builds are kicked off. I also have a 4th config called deploy which pushes the builds...

Teamcity fails to merge automatically

Given there are master and dev git branches, a git repository is hosted on the Github and TeamCity 9.0.1 installed as a CI server. The teamcity build project is configured to use github repository as a VCS root with refs/heads/master set as a default branch. The desired behavior is run...

How to archive a build configuration in Teamcity?

Is there a way to archive or temporarily hide a build configuration in Teamcity? The documentation only mentions pausing here: https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD8/Build+Configuration

Execute build file for Teamcity locally

I'm going through the tutorial from this website which explains how to use a custom MSBuild script (*.build). Because I'm new to this topic my question is how I can locally test the custom MSBuild script without Teamcity/VCS. Knows anyone the command for the command line? Or isn't that possible?...

Continuous deployment and running with TeamCiy

I have a project that is built into an executable. Some kind of server. And a Team City as CI. I configured Team City to automatically build my sources. I would like to achive the following steps: Sources are built by Team City when someone commits into repo. (done) Built...

Using Teamcity to deploy css into git repository

I have a git repository set up for our angular project. The styling for the website is being worked on by a separate front end team who will be checking in their work to a TFVC repository in TFS. We are using Teamcity for CI. I would like to be...

Manually add a nupkg file to TeamCity Feed?

I have a TeamCity server with its Nuget feed enabled. I would like to manually add some third-party nupkg files to it. Is it possible to do so?

How to provide credentials to JCIFS in TeamCity for the Deployer Plug In?

Using the Deployer plugin, I'm getting this exception: [13:37:11]Step 2/2: Copy Files (SMB Deployer) [13:37:11][Step 2/2] Starting upload via SMB to \devwebserver\WebApps\TCTest\TCTestDeploy [13:37:11][Step 2/2] jcifs.smb.SmbAuthException: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. [13:37:11][Step 2/2] Step Copy Files (SMB Deployer) failed Based in these instructions I added the following entries...

Android build fails only in TeamCity server

I am using TeamCity as my CI server.When I run a build for an android studio project it is failing. But when I open the cloned repository in Android Studio in the build server itself it gives a successful build. Please help me out.. EDIT:: When the checkout directory from...

How does Visual Studio measure the % Blocks coveraged in test unit?

When I click to run the unit tests with code coverage, it has a column showing the % of blocks coveraged. I also use TeamCity to measure, and I noticed that they have different metric. I would like to know how Visual Studio measures. I did some calculations but I...

Deploy Nuget package to multiple sites usingOctopus Deploy

I have 10 different sites that are the exact same site files just deployed to 10 different IIS sites. The only difference between the 10 sites is a web.config variable SystemID. This ID is used to pull the clients connectionstring from a DB before the user logs in. Once the...

TeamCity 9.x Setting up an External Database with unnamed(NULL) MSSQL instance

I'm evaluating TeamCity 9.0.4 and using HSQLDB. Now trying to setup MS SQL Server 2014 as External Database.I don't have a named instance(NULL). So I tried the following connection URL connectionUrl=jdbc:sqlserver://<host>:1433;databaseName=<database name> connectionProperties.user=<user> connectionProperties.password=<password> When I trying to load the build server I'm getting this message. TeamCity is starting Continuing...

TeamCity config transform error

I'm trying to switch out a web config file using team city so that each deployment has the correct settings. I've added an AfterBuild target in my .csproj file <Target Name="AfterBuild"> <Delete Files="$(TargetDir)$(TargetFileName).config" /> <Copy SourceFiles="$(ProjectDir)\Config\Web.$(Configuration).config" DestinationFiles="$(TargetDir)$(TargetFileName).config" /> </Target> and then called this in team city in the "Targets" section...

TeamCity launch application after build

As the last step of my build I'd like to deploy my WPF application. I need to copy it to stage and launch it. Is there any solution for it?

Prevent TeamCity build from starting if queued beyond a specified time

I have a TeamCity Build Configuration which runs tests during the night on a large amount of machines. It is important that these tests do not run during the day. The Build is kicked off with a Schedule Trigger which fires at 1am each day. I have set the Build...

Pass on branch name to a script in teamcity

I have a python script that runs as build step in teamcity 9.0. Now I need to know the branch name from which the build is triggered. I could use %teamcity.build.branch% to get the branch name. But I need it to be passed on to my script so that I...

Why does my gulp/teamcity build fail with “Assertion failed: 0, file src\uv-common.c, line 103”?

My TeamCity build is randomly failing with the following message: [16:25:45][Step 1/2] [16:25:45] Build complete! [16:25:45][Step 1/2] [16:25:45] Finished 'build' after 3.32 min [16:25:45][Step 1/2] [16:25:45] Starting 'test'... [16:25:48][Step 1/2] Assertion failed: 0, file src\uv-common.c, line 103 [16:25:48][Step 1/2] Process exited with code 3 [16:25:48][Step 1/2] Step Gulp (Command Line)...

TeamCity behind an Apache proxy server

I have installed latest TeamCity 9, now I want to access it from the public Internet via HTTPS. So I followed the instructions to setup TeamCity behind an Apache proxy server, as described in the official docs. Now when I try to access the TeamCity server in the browser I...

Order of independent Build Configs in TeamCity

I'm migrating our build system over to TeamCity and, because we have quite long build times, I'm trying to make good use of parallelism in build configurations. If two configs can run in parallel they are obviously not dependent on each other. However there are some cases where, if two...

Spring-boot : how to execute multiple test classes by just starting the service once using rest-assured

I am writing my spring-boot tests using rest-assured and these annotations on the test class - java class 1: @RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class) @SpringApplicationConfiguration(classes = ApplicationSErvice.class) @WebAppConfiguration @IntegrationTest("server.port:8083") public class MyTestClass{ } java class 2: @RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class) @SpringApplicationConfiguration(classes = ApplicationSErvice.class) @WebAppConfiguration @IntegrationTest("server.port:8083") public class MyTestAnotherClass{ } Question here is , if I have to...

How to programatically trigger cleanup?

I'm having a very busy build server. On good day we create almost 200gb of artifacts. Cleanup policy can be run once a day which is not enough for my case. I've searched the teamcity documentation and found zero API endpoints to support trigger cleanup manually. Is it possible to...

How can i get Team City builds to show up in TFS's build explorer

So here's the setup we have right now 1) We use TFS2013 for our code repository 2) We use TeamCity to do our builds 3) we have our tests created in CodedUI From what I've read online is that for the CodedUI tests to run automatically, they need a build...

Team city template missing

I was going to reuse teamcity configuration to new environments. Looks like the configuration is based on a template, but actually there is no clickable link to teamplate and I can't find it in the root project. I was thinking that the template was deleted but team city doen't allow...

Publishing VSTO add-in using MSBuild gives error: The “SignFile” task failed unexpectedly. System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null

I am trying to publish a VSTO add-in for Word using MSBuild on a TeamCity build server without Visual Studio. I've done the stuff from these two blog posts: http://kentb.blogspot.com/2008/08/building-vsto-projects-without-visual.html http://www.wiktorzychla.com/2011/02/msb3147-could-not-find-required-file-on.html My build file is my Visual Studio solution and my target is "publish". ClickOnce publishing in Visual Studio 2013...

TeamCity LDAP Synchronization does not create new users

I've configured LDAP for TeamCity. First sync trail fail. According to the teamcity-ldap.log all users were found but no created: [2015-01-30 08:04:53,077] INFO - jetbrains.buildServer.LDAP - User ... (remote ID: 'CN=...,OU=Users,OU=...,DC=...,DC=...') should be created, but automatic user creation is disabled. I set teamcity.options.createUsers to true but no users were created....

Adding TeamCity build configurations to (proper) source control

We have over 100 build configurations in Team City, and I've come to realize over the past few months that these assets are just as important (if not more so) than the actual project assets (code, config, etc) we are delivering. To that end, I know TC provides it's own...

Cannot execute a shell script from gradle file

I am using TeamCity as my CI server. I have a build.gradle file for an android project which contains android{project.afterEvaluate{ task packDex(type:Exec) { .... commandLine './script.sh' ..... } } On building my project I am getting a org.gradle.process.internal.ExecException error. How can I solve this. It is building in Android Studio...

Team City - Get Revision Number of Last Successful Build

Here is what I want to accomplish. When a Team City build runs, I want to call out to my exe and provide the current Svn revision number, and also the revision number of the last successful build if there is one I have already written an exe that can...

TeamCity: Disable trigger by schedule

I have VCS trigger which works perfect. But I want disable it every day from 20.00 till 6.00. (Server at night perform some performance critical tasks and developers rarely commit after 20.00) Is it possible?...

API for iTunes upload via TeamCity

I am using TeamCity 9.01 as my continuous integration server. I am planning to have a build step to upload an .ipa file to iTunes. How can I accomplish this?

Accessing hidden teamcity artifacts

So, the key element here is hidden artefacts, also known as those that appear under .teamcity/ part of the build artifacts. Some context: We currently run dotCover over our NUnit Test step to report on our test coverage. This places a compilation of the results in a file named CoverageResults.xml...

Where to find older versions of Android Support Library?

I am setting up CI server using TeamCity and I get a Gradle bust where it cannot find an Android Support Library that one of the modules uses. This is the error: ##teamcity[buildProblem identity='-1301271058' description='org.gradle.internal.resolve.ModuleVersionNotFoundException: Could not find com.android.support:support-v4:21.0.3.|nSearched in the following locations:|n https://jcenter.bintray.com/com/android/support/support-v4/21.0.3/support-v4-21.0.3.pom|n...

AutoMapper test fails on implicit widening conversion in TeamCity build but not locally

I have the following AutoMapper configuration: Mapper.CreateMap<Source, Dest>() .ForMember(dest => dest.InitiatorUserAccountUID, opt => opt.UseValue(0)); InitiatorUserAccountUID is of type long. The Mapper.AssertConfigurationIsValid() unit test passes locally, but fails on TeamCity with the following error: AutoMapper.AutoMapperConfigurationException: The following property on System.Int64 cannot be mapped: InitiatorUserAccountUID When I cast 0 to long explicitly...

TeamCity REST API: Triggering Build with Custom Artifact Dependency

I'm trying to trigger a custom build using the TeamCity 8.1 REST API (see https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD8/REST+API#RESTAPI-TriggeringaBuild). My builds run fine and I'm able to specify custom branches and properties with no issue. My goal is now to specify a custom artifact dependency for the builds I'm triggering. The response I receive...

Exporting coverage data from build machine

I was working on team internal KPI's lately and I thought that code coverage/number of unit tests will be a great measure. In our CI build pipeline we're using NUnit to run test and JetBrains dotCover to generate coverage report - everything works great and we have that fancy "statistics"...

TeamCity non-deterministic build triggering with Git

I use a GitFlow branching strategy. I like to have 3 build configurations per project: Integration - builds from develop, feature/* and hotfix/* with branch specification +:refs/heads/(develop) +:refs/heads/feature/() +:refs/heads/develop/() +:res/heads/(hotfix/*) Beta - builds from beta/* with branch specification +:refs/heads/(release/*) Release - builds from master with branch specification +:refs/heads/(master) Note the...

Teamcity 9: How to add git short hash into assembly info patcher

I'm trying to use assembly info patcher to create a version number something like: where the last bit is the git short hash. I've tried using a powershell script build step to create the short hash (as I cant find a variable that has it) and adding this to...

How do I get NDepend to do a baseline comparison on TeamCity?

I've got NDepend running on TeamCity. I want to use the baseline feature so that it only reports on violations introduced since the baseline. On my local machine, I can store the results in a baseline folder and everything is fine. But on TeamCity, this baseline folder doesn't exist and...

Build dependencies and local builds with continuous integration

Our company currently uses TFS for source control and build server. Most of our projects are written in C/C++, but we also have some .NET projects and wouldn't want to be limited if we need to use other languages in the future. We'd like to use Git for our source...

REST API of Teamcity for initiate a build

Can anybody suggest how TEAMCITY RestAPI can used for trigger a build for a particular project availble in bitbucket/mercurial repository and getting the result of the build ,that is jar/war file .

Trigger Teamcity build on succesful Git merge

We want our Teamcity server to do an automatic build whenever someone merges something back to the master branch. To do this we have created a new VCS Trigger and checked the Trigger a build on each check-in-option. We have disabled the Quiet period mode and added a regular expression...

Selenium grid and TeamCity integration

I'm new to TeamCity and Selenium Grid just trying to get my head around it. I'm trying to install Selenium grid. I am a bit confused about starting Selenium Grid. So on the Selenium site it explain to run commands: Hub: java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.44.0.jar -role hub Node: java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.44.0.jar...

TeamCity checkout GitHub repo to specific absolute path

My TeamCity VCS Root step needs to checkout a specific GitHub repo to a specific absolute folder on the agent ( Windows server ) : c:\github\{organization}\{repo} I'm not understanding how to construct my checkout rule to do this. By default, checkout rules are relative to the checkout dir which is...

Teamcity build fails because of EF code migrations

My TeamCity build fails because I have a project that has 2 EF Code Migration configurations in it. From the build log: [12:39:58]Checking for changes [12:39:58]Collecting changes in 1 VCS root (1s) [12:40:00]Clearing temporary directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent2\temp\buildTmp [12:40:00]Publishing internal artifacts [12:40:00]Checkout directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent2\work\1679b8b30e00ad0 [12:40:00]Updating sources: server side checkout (2s) [12:40:03]Step 1/8:...

How to fetch the Value of Teamcity Configuration in java?

I have a piece of java code where I have to display the Teamcity build configuration name. This piece of code will be executed in one of the steps configured for the configuration. can we read value of the env variable %env.TEAMCITY_BUILDCONF_NAME% set in Teamcity configuration settings and use or...

Default value for checkbox parameter in TeamCity

I'm building nuget in TeamCity and would like to append suffix "-pre" to version number when build is triggered by a checkin. And when build is triggered manually, I'd like to be able to provide a checkbox if this build should be a preview release or production-worthy. I've got a...

Publish nuget package during TeamCity build to Octopus

There is a known problem that if you deploy during a TeamCity build, a previous version will be deployed (as the current will be available only after the build is finished). Documentation suggests creating a secondary TeamCity BuildConfiguration as a workaround but it sucks and seems not to work anymore...

How to define WIX agent requirment in TeamCity?

I have add a WIX installer project to solution in Visual Studio 2013. The project is built with every commit on TeamCity. There are several build agents connected to TeamCity cloud, but only some have WIX installed. Usually I would add the build agent requirement, so only the computer with...

TeamCity Build Configuration to populate environment variable from XML

When editing the settings for a Build Configuration in TeamCity, is there a way of parsing an XML file to generate an environment variable that will later be used in the Build Steps? The XML file I want to parse (let's say version.xml) contains the version number that is going...

Finish build trigger with feature branches

Have a problem implementing following workflow. I have a number of build configurations(for running unit tests) that i want to run all of them manually for a feature branch. Feature branch is specified VCS root branch specification settings. All build configurations using the same VCS root.Git is used for version...

How to setup a TeamCity build for a ASP.NET 5 project

I'm trying to setup a CI server for a website that I'm developing, but I can't find any info regarding how to do it with the new ASP.NET 5.

Installing Teamcity build agent as a user: failed to install the service. selected account does not have enough rights

I want to install a TeamCity BuildAgend as a user. When entering my user credentials here: I always get this error: NOTE: My account (user) is Administrator with full permission! How can I do this?...

I installed tcWebHooks on TeamCity, options not showing

I'm using TeamCity Professional 9.0.2 (build 32195). I installed the tcWebHooks plugin: But I do not see any changes to the admin, and I cannot determine where to add web hooks to my build. I see no additional options in either the Project configuration or the Build configuration. Did I...

How can I associate a project to an agent pool on TeamCity?

For my automated tests I have a project added to TeamCity server and 2 Agent Pool, one is a Windows Server and the other one is a MAC. The default agent pool is WIN but I wanted to run my tests on the MAC server. To change the agent pool...

How to merge and commit to a branch in TeamCity

I want to figure out how to integrate TeamCity builds with Springloops deployments. Lets say I have a Git repo called api that has two branches dev and dev.build api |-- dev |-- dev.build I have set up TeamCity with a VCS trigger on dev to build upon commit. Which...

How to update TeamCity Agents to the latest fastlane tools gem

I am currently using TeamCity 9.0.3 running on a Mac Mini. Right now the duties of this build server are to compile my iOS project on each commit and run unit/ui tests. When that is all complete, I am using fastlane by KrauseFx to send my beta testers updates. My...

Show first lines of build log in teamcity email template

I'm new to FTL templates and I want to show the first 100 lines of the build log. I'm given the original script to show the entire build log from the TC documentation, which is this: <#list build.buildLog.messages[1..] as message><#-- skipping the first message (it is a root node)--> <#if...

Teamcity - Multiple web project in a single repo - deploy only some of them

I have a git repo which contains a single .Net solution with several web applications (public site, internal site, public services) and a shared class library project. I want to deploy some of the projects based on the changes that were made. For example if I fixed a bug in...

Restart TeamCity server via web interface

Is there a way to restart a TeamCity server running on Windows from its web interface? I haven't found a button or documentation whether this is possible.

“Fork=true” with Gradle: How to enable it?

I´m learning TeamCity Integration Server today and I´m trying yo enable Jococo Reports with my Android Gradle based Application. This document shows me how to enable Jococo coverage, with the following warning: Make sure your tests run in the fork=true mode. Otherwise the coverage data may not be properly collected....

What is the proper way of using /p per build step in a TeamCity build configuration?

In TeamCity I created a Build Configuration with two msbuild Build Steps which should build a Solution .sln file. I defined the target as "Build", when I run the build, both steps obviously execute the standard configuration and both build either Debug or Release configuration twice. Now I went to...

Passing an environment variable (parameter) to dependency project in TeamCity

I have a build chain with two projects: A is the root project, B depends on it. B has two dependencies configured: an artifact and a snapshot dependency. One build configuration for B has an environment variable (parameter) set. However, I also need this parameter set for the root project...