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Managing Celery Task Results

I am pretty new to Celery and I thought I had read somewhere that the task results only stay around for a limited time. However my backend (redis) is getting pretty bloated after running a lot of tasks through it. Is there a way to set a TTL on task...

Why am I getting an empty pointer when dequeuing in FreeRTOS?

I need to send some ascii character strings from one task to another. I need to send not the string but the address of the first character (as a reference to the string) to another task. The reason I want to send "a reference" to the string and not the...

Is it possible to execute a task inside Google App Engine taskqueue?

I want to do a unittest on a function inside Google App Engine taskqueue. I would like to know if there is any method by which we can execute the tasks in taskqueue so as to test whether it yields the desired output.

Using GAE Task Queues for handling persistence operations

Looking to get opinions on whether or not it would be a good idea to hand persistence operations off to a task queue. For example, a user submits a new 'order', I use bean validation to verify that everything is ok, and then hand over the processing/persisting of the order...

Check if a queue is empty in Google App Engine

I have a script that add tasks to a queue. For example: api.py: from google.appengine.api import taskqueue [...] for u in users: taskqueue.add(queue_name='mailqueue', url="/api/users/send-notification/%s" % (u.id), method='GET') I would like to check if the queue is empty and all tasks are finishing view.py: if queue_is_empty: print "Your task is finished"...

Laravel 5: Multiple workers - Cannot delete job XXXXXX: NOT_FOUND

I'm creating a website using Laravel 5. I'm using queues with beanstalkd with 2 tubes. I have 10 workers monitored by daemontools. 5 workers process tube A and B. The other 5 workers only process tube B. Things work great most of the time, but occasionally tube B seems to...

Frame works for distributed scheduling task queue for a high scale

I need to build a system which requires atleast a hundred thousand jobs created /scheduled for a day. I looked into multiple task queues but there isnt much support for scheduling say like quartz in a distributed way, A good solution seems to be celery( i am a java guy...