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ASP.NET Vnext Tag Helpers for Areas

I may use <a href='/Area/Controller/action'> </a> in asp.net vnext but just want to know whether we can use tag helpers like <a asp-controller="ControllerName" asp-action="ActionName" asp-area="AreaName"> to redirect to the specific file in the area. Will any one guide me how to redirect to a file in area using tag helpers.?...

TagHelper for passing route values as part of a link

When specifying asp-controller and asp-action on a link, what's the syntax for also passing an id attribute? E.g. If I wanted to link to the edit URL for a given object, the required URL would be /user/edit/5 for example. Is there a method to achieve this using TagHelpers, or do...

TagHelper specify valid attributes

I am playing around with creating a custom tag helper in MVC 6 / ASP.Net vNext - the taghelper works fine, however is there a way to specify valid asp- attributes to use with the tag so they appear in intellisense? For example, I want asp-ajax and asp-onsuccess to come...