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SQLite Administration Tool with System.Data.SQLite encryption support

Is there any SQLite Administration Tool wich provides System.Data.SQLite encryption support other than SQLite Expert Professional ? I'm asking this because the SQLite Expert Professional app throws errors when trying to create foreign keys....

Does SQLiteConnection.BeginTransaction retry when database is locked?

I'm using SQLite (System.Data.SQLite.dll) in a multi-threaded Windows desktop program. I use this code: using (var cn = new SQLiteConnection(connectionString)) { cn.Open(); using (var tx = cn.BeginTransaction()) { // do some work here tx.Commit(); } } I'm stressing the program using 8 concurrent threads writing to the database at the...

ADO.Net reporting empty data type in SQLite

I am trying to dynamically get the schema of one of my views in SQLite using C#. I am using this code: using (var connection = new SQLiteConnection(ConnectionString)) { connection.Open(); using (DataTable columns = connection.GetSchema("Columns")) { foreach (DataRow row in columns.Rows) { string dataType = ((string) row["DATA_TYPE"]).Trim(); // doing irrelevant...

Sqlite Online Backup Using System.Data.Sqlite

How can a sqlite database be backed up in native C# code while the database is still online? All of the online backup api examples are in C code.

How does System.Data.SQLite deal with .NET Data Types?

I'm struggling to find documentation around System.Data.SQLite's behaviour in regards to the various .NET data types. For example, how does System.Data.SQLite store .NET Booleans in an SQLite database? There are several possible methods: Integers 0 and 1 Integers 0 and –1 Text 'True' and 'False' Text 'T' and 'F' Text...

Releasing SQLite resources in F#

Consider the following F# script, which creates a simple SQLite database and table, and then should delete it. However, the SQLite obejct doesn't seem to be disposed of properly and isn't releasing its lock on the file. #r @"C:\Path\To\System.Data.SQLite.dll" open System.Data.SQLite let createTable() = use db = new SQLiteConnection(@"Data Source=test.sqlite")...