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Using Sync Framework in Visual Studio 2013

Does anyone have a walkthrough or video on how to use Sync Framework in VS 2013? I've seen nice examples using VS 2010 but some important items like local database cache object have been deprecated. For what I have read is that LocalDB will be replacing the Sql Compact (which...

Left outer join in SQL Server 2012 LocalDB not working?

Using SQL Server 2012 (LocalDB), I have three tables: BESEXT.COMPUTER BESEXT.ANALYSIS_PROPERTY BESEXT.ANALYSIS_PROPERTY_RESULT These contains following info: BESEXT.COMPUTER: Mapping between ComputerIDs and ComputerNames BESEXT.ANALYSIS_PROPERTY: List of properties that can be mapped to a computer BESEXT.ANALYSIS_PROPERTY_RESULT: List of values of properties for a computer First, I perform the following query: SELECT AR.ComputerID,...