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Neo4j neverending slow node creating

have dataset in .csv file with format "title"|year|"word" "Into the Wild"|2007|"abandoned-bus" "Into the Wild"|2007|"adolescence" "Into the Wild"|2007|"adoption" This file has over 4M lines. I have database running on remote super-computer which I connect using ssh tunnel. I create 2 indices: CREATE INDEX ON :MOVIE(title) CREATE INDEX ON :KEYWORD(word) Then I...

How To Fetch Specific Column From Repository Using Neo4j

I have problem about to fetching some specific column on Java Spring. I am using Java Spring Boot and GraphDB as my database and I use Model and Repository to access the database (ex: I have userRepository, and I use userRepository.FindAll and all records are loaded within all their fields)....

Spring-Data-Neo4J: How do log into the remote server?

I'm using Spring-Data-Neo4j 4.0.0.M1, and trying to connect to the server. I'm getting an exception: Caused by: org.apache.http.client.HttpResponseException: Unauthorized I have a password on the server interface, but I'm not sure how to tell Spring about it. @Configuration @EnableNeo4jRepositories(basePackages = "com.noxgroup.nitro.persistence") @EnableTransactionManagement public class MyConfiguration extends Neo4jConfiguration { @Bean public...

Neo4j 2.2.2 server does not start after db is generated via java code

I am new to Neo4j. I am trying some application in Java using Neo4j 2.2.2 along with Spring Data. I am using spring-data-neo4j (2.2.2.RELEASE) to connect the Neo4j DB. I have successfully done all CRUD opertaions using repositories in Spring Data. But I am unable to open & view this...

Neo4j TimeTree in Spring Data Neo4j 4.0

I'm trying to utilize the timetree library in my spring data neo4j 4.0.0 project. As elaborated in this page, https://github.com/graphaware/neo4j-timetree, I've edited my neo4j.properties file to enable the auto event attaching, add timetree dependency to my gradle, and set a property 'creationDate' in the event node with Long data type....

How to get output from 2 different relation in neo4j

My model is transoport system: nodes: BusStop, Bus, TransportOperator Relationship : BusStop-[:Stops_At]->Bus Relationship : Bus-[Operated_By]->TransportOperator If i use the below query i get an out put as : QUERY: MATCH (a:BusStop{name:'Bonhoefferstrasse'}),(d:BusStop {name:'HeidelBerg Hauptbanhof'}) MATCH p = allShortestPaths((a)-[:STOPS_AT*]-(d)) RETURN EXTRACT(x IN NODES(p) | CASE WHEN x:Bus THEN 'Bus' + x.id WHEN...

Issues accessing neo4j data with spring data

Is it possible to have full access to my neo4j graph with spring framework if I haven't build the graph with using spring? I am trying some examples and it seems that it's not working properly as some metadata that spring creates don't exists. EDIT: For example I have this...

Compatibility neo4j-spatial with spring-data-neo4j-rest and neo4j CE 2.2.1 server mode?

I'm trying to make neo4j-spatial version 0.14-neo4j-2.2.0, works with spring-data-neo4j-rest version 3.3.0.RELEASE with neo4j CE 2.2.1 in server mode. It looks like they are not compatible. Trying to create new instance of class EditableLayer throws NoSuchMethod exception. For instance: EditableLayer layer = (EditableLayer) spatialDb.getOrCreateLayer( "layer",SimplePointEncoder.class, EditableLayerImpl.class); I get the exception:...

Spring Data Rest does not fetch nested objects from Neo4j

Following "_links" from an Object the return Json object is empty. I suppose this is because of the lack of automatic lazy fetching in SDN. Is there an easy way to tell SDR to fetch objects before returning them? Example: .../questions/1131 returns the following JSON: { //... "_links" : {...

Can't use EXISTS in a cypher query

I'm working on a java project using spring-data and neo4j. I tried to write a cypher query using the predicate EXISTS but I have an error telling me "nested exception is Unknown function 'EXISTS'". I have the following pom.xml : <properties> <aspectj.version>1.7.4</aspectj.version> <js.basedir>src/main/webapp/js</js.basedir> <jsonpath.version>0.9.1</jsonpath.version> <project.build.sourceEncoding>UTF-8</project.build.sourceEncoding>...

SpatialRepository in Embedded Neo4j

Can someone answer this question. Is it possible to have the spatial repository in a spring boot app in embedded mode? @Bean public GraphDatabaseService graphDatabaseService() { return new GraphDatabaseFactory().newEmbeddedDatabase("neo4j.db"); } by just adding the <dependency> <groupId>org.neo4j</groupId> <artifactId>neo4j-spatial</artifactId> <version>0.9</version> </dependency> to your classpath? I keep getting the error Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:...

Neo4j automatic index doesn't work first time

I have a following test: @Test public void testAutoIndexingAndFuzzySearch() { GraphDatabaseService graphDb = template.getGraphDatabaseService(); Index<Node> autoIndex = graphDb.index().forNodes("node_auto_index"); graphDb.index().setConfiguration(autoIndex, "type", "fulltext"); graphDb.index().setConfiguration(autoIndex, "to_lower_case", "true"); graphDb.index().setConfiguration(autoIndex, "analyzer", StandardAnalyzerV36.class.getName()); sampleDataGenerator.generateSampleDataJava(); List<Product> products = //...

Unique subnodes with spring-data-neo4j

I am currently working on an enterprise-architecture-management-system for my bachelor thesis in a insurance company. The company wants to display all self-made applications (Application-Node) in a Neo4J-Graphdatabase with Webservice-dependencies as relationships. Alongside the applications, the company also wants to persist the [Maven] versions (Version-Node) of an application (HAS_VERSION-Relationship), because new...

MappingException: Error mapping GraphModel to instance

I'm trying to follow the new Cineasts app with SDN 4.0.0.M1 and SpringBoot to learn Spring and Neo4j but I have an error when I try to access the movie url with curl http://localhost:8080/movies MappingException: Error mapping GraphModel to instance I implemented the minimum to get something working so the...

Related nodes are not fetched in Spring Data Neo4j 4.0.0

I have a weird problem with the node auto fetching in Spring Data Neo4j 4.0.0. I have a class like below : @NodeEntity public class FilterVersionChange extends UnitVersion { @GraphId private Long id; public FilterVersionChange() { super(); } public FilterVersionChange(String description, Long creationDate) { super(description, creationDate); } @Relationship(type="CONTAINS", direction =...

Neo4j 2.2.2 and wrong Cypher query

In continue to this question Neo4j how to delete nodes recursively from some start node I have moved to Neo4j 2.2.2 and now have a problem with one Cypher query that works fine on a previous Neo4j 2.1.7 I use Spring Data Neo4J: @Query("MATCH (d:Decision) WHERE id(d) IN {decisionsIds} WITH...

Spring Data Neo4j how to aggregate

Im trying to do what I think should be a very basic task but I'm getting steam rolled. My code is as follows: @Query("match (x:Package) where x.houseAirwayBill = {self}.houseAirwayBill return count(x)") @JsonIgnore Long pieces @JsonProperty("total_pieces") Long getPieces(){ return pieces } However, it just throws a stack strace saying that it...

Spring-Data-Neo4j annotated Cypher Query, match paramter

I'm trying to parametrize the match part of a annotated Cypher query with Spring-Data-Neo4j-3.1.4 as follows. The first method is working. Passing the node type as parameter in the second method fails. public interface NodeRepository extends CrudRepository<Node, Long> { @Query("START n=node(*) MATCH (n:Organization) RETURN n") List<Node> findByNodeType(); @Query("START n=node(*) MATCH...

Removing simple Relationships in Spring Data Neo4j

Good Evening, I am using SDN 3, and am running into problems with removing simple relationships (RelateTo) in my underlying graph. The scenario is that I want to establish a Friend request/approval system amongst Users in my web application. I have no problem issuing the request by creating a "HAS_REQUESTED"...

Multiple match with where clause in Neo4j Cypher gives error “Cannot match on a pattern containing only already bound identifiers”

We are using neo4j-community-2.1.2. Right now we have only 3 nodes Of Job label in the database And we do Schema indexing on all fields that are used in this query . Total DB hits approx 40 Query is -> PROFILE match (job1:Job) where (job1.jobType="Adhoc" or job1.jobType="Virtual") AND (job1.mode="Free" or...

How to get departure time and arrival time from 2 different relation in neo4j

Model is transport system: nodes: BusStop, Bus, TransportOperator Relationship : Bus-[Operated_By]->TransportOperator Relationship : BusStop-[:Stops_At]->Bus relationship STOPS_AT has 2 properties arrival time(9:00) and departure time(9:01) connected to all the busstop. Example: Bus number 34 is connected to BusStop1(ArrTime-9:00, DeptTime-9:01), BusStop2(ArrTime-9:10, DeptTime-9:11), BusStop3(ArrTime-9:15, DeptTime-9:16) If i use the below query i get...

Trying to use my Service in 2 classes : org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name

Trying to use my AccountService (@Service) in 2 classes getting me this Error: Exception in thread "main" org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'accountService': Injection of autowired dependencies failed; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Could not autowire field: com.mz.springContextWorld.repositories.AccountRepository com.mz.springContextWorld.services.AccountService.accountRepository; nested exception is...

Inherited properties of related entities are not visible in spring-data-neo4j-rest

I have three NodeEntities A, B, and C. A is the parent of B and C. C has a property of type Set. For all three entities I have also a PagingAndSortingRepository. The Spring Boot application is set up as in the example https://spring.io/guides/gs/accessing-neo4j-data-rest/. Now there is a strange thing:...

spring-data-neo4j: Can't create two relationship properties with same label

Using spring-data-neo4j, I am not able to set up two relationship properties in the same class with the same label. The following code can be found in my branch https://github.com/spencerhrob/gs-accessing-data-neo4j/tree/same-name-relationships. Person.java: @NodeEntity public class Person { @GraphId Long id; public String name; public Person() {} public Person(String name) { this.name...

RelationshipEntity not persisted

I'm having problems with relation @RelationshipEntity(type = RelTypes.Tag.TAG_ON_OBJECT_EVALUATION) public class TagOnObjectEvaluation { @StartNode private Mashup taggableObject; @EndNode private Tag tag; // Other fields, getters and setters } In both the entities involved (Mashup and Tag), I have this field (with opposite Direction) @RelatedToVia(type = RelTypes.Tag.TAG_ON_OBJECT_EVALUATION, direction = Direction.INCOMING /*Direction.OUTGOING*/) private...

How to query collection using cypher in neo4j?

I have one node in neo4j whose structure looks like: { "nodeId": 32, "id": "0290cf88-3345-4c30-8e5f-7ce0cb3f0b6b", "type": "User", "name": "Mahendra", "index": 0, "data": "This is sample user", "description": null, "contentBlocks": [], "icon": null, "createdOn": null, "modifiedOn": null, "properties": { "displayName": "Mahendra", "lastName": "Kawde" }, "tags": [ "tag1", "tag2" ], "categories": null...

Why can't i create a neo4j relationship with spring data for neo?

i'm fairly new to spring data for neo (though i have experience with neo4j itself). i tried following the 'official' guide on spring data for neo, specifically the chapter on creating relationships. But it seems i cannot get it to work. Spring is giving me an java.lang.IllegalStateException: This index (Index[__rel_types__,Relationship])...

Spring Data Neo4J findByName(String name) in interface returns incorrect results

I'm using 4.0.0.M1 Organisation microsoft = organisations.findByName("Microsoft"); if (microsoft == null) { microsoft = new Organisation("Microsoft"); organisations.save(microsoft); } Organisation apple = organisations.findByName("Apple"); if (apple == null) { apple = new Organisation("Apple"); organisations.save(apple); } Organisation checkMicrosoft = organisations.findByName("Microsoft"); The last line in my case crashes as 2 results are returned and...

Spring Data Neo4j neo4jTemplate.fetch() only returns one value

I'm converting a working system that uses @Fetch to a lazy load strategy. However, when I retrieve the object with a container, the container only has one entry and neo4jTemplate.fetch(obj.getContainer()) does not retrieve the other entries. Here are the pertinent snippets @NodeEntity public class SourcePage { @GraphId private Long id;...

Getting error org.neo4j.rest.graphdb.entity.RestNode cannot be cast to java.lang.Iterable

I am trying to filter feeds which contains user actvitity. I am using @QueryResult object to retrieve the result. I need both the feeds and the relationship information of user Liked Feeds. But while retrieving the feeds getting error: org.neo4j.rest.graphdb.entity.RestNode cannot be cast to java.lang.Iterable. (I am using SDN 3.3.0.RELEASE...

Spring Data Neo4j 4.0 Gradle Dependency

I am trying to download the Spring Data Neo4j 4.0 tests dependency with Gradle, but it doesn't seem to work. In the official tutorial documentation (http://docs.spring.io/spring-data/neo4j/docs/4.0.0.M1/reference/pdf/spring-data-neo4j-reference.pdf), only maven dependency below is provided: <dependency> <groupId>org.neo4j.ogm</groupId> <artifactId>neo4j-testutils</artifactId> <type>test-jar</type> <scope>test</scope> </dependency> <dependency>...

Move method code to Neo4j Cypher query

I have a Spring Neo4j repository method getAvgVotesWeightForCriterion @Query("MATCH (d:Decision)<-[:VOTED_FOR]-(v:Vote)-[:VOTED_ON]->(c:Criterion) WHERE id(d) = {0} AND id(c) = {1} RETURN avg(v.weight)") double getAvgVotesWeightForCriterion(Decision decision, Criterion criterion); and also I have another method calculateWeight completely written in Java. This method internally in loop uses getAvgVotesWeightForCriterion public double calculateWeight(Decision decision, List<Criterion> criteria) {...

Neo4J IndexProvider is deprecated

The project https://github.com/neo4j-contrib/developer-resources/tree/gh-pages/language-guides/java/spring-data-neo4j produces a warning: Class 'org.springframework.data.neo4j.support.index.IndexProvider' is marked deprecated I use Spring Boot. The managed version for spring-data-neo4j is 3.2.2.RELEASE Does anybody know how this deprecation can be resolved?

Spring Data Neo4j: How do I pull a list of nodes of which I do not know the type?

I'm using Spring Data Neo4j and I'd like to pull a list of owners. An owner can be a :Person (human) or an :Entity (company). I'm not sure what Type<T> should be. I could use in the GraphRepository<Type> interface. My Query is: MATCH ()-[r:OWNED_BY]->(o) RETURN And this is the code...

Use @NodeEntity on interface/abstract class

Is it possible to add @NodeEntity (or even @RelationshipEntity) annotation from SpringData Neo4j on an interface or abstact class or their fields? If not, how do you manage these situations?

How to convert org.neo4j.graphdb.Releationship to a SDN Relationship entity?

How can i convert a neo4j org.neo4j.graphdb.Releationship object to a spring data neo4j Relationship entity without loading the object again?

Spring data neo4j tutorial for beginners

Is there any comprehensive spring data tutorial for neo4j for a complete newbie. I know cypher and Java, but I have no experience in things like JPA. I searched a lot but couldn't find anything for beginners.

Neo4j schema indexes for fuzzy search

Right now I'm thinking on possibility to create fuzzy search in my application over my Neo4j database. The main criteria are: fuzzy search and performance. What is the best way to achive these goals with a last version of Neo4j community edition ?...

How to use @Labels spring data neo4j?

It is very confusing for me to use @Labels annotation and its use ? I am following spring-data-neo4j 3.2.2 documentation. And I have found no examples of @Labels annotation. Though in api , there is @Labels annotation is available. Can anyone please explain it.