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What is the Intel Strata Flash Memory on Spartan-3E Starter Kit?

What would an use case scenario be like? I know that there's plenty information about this in the user manual, but i'm a beginner and don't know really how to handle that information. Thank you for your time.

FPGA reached the limit of USB WireIns

I'm programming a Xilinx Spartan-6 on an OpalKelly implementation for my master thesis at university. To by precise, this is the FPGA I'm working on (XEM6010-LX45): https://www.opalkelly.com/products/xem6010/ It is mounted on a board that has to acquire multiple signals (8+), process them and generate multiple ones (16+) to close some...

VHDL simulation failed with unexpected result

I learned VHDL 5 years back, and never used after that as I was working on different domain. Now I'm working in a project that required some work in VHDL. I have to implement SPI to program a ADF4158 device. I opened a book for syntax and tried to program....