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Keep source maps when saving files in a different folder with Gulp

I'm trying to make a Gulp task that takes JS files, runs uglify on them, adds a .min suffix to the filename and then saves them in a destination folder that is different than the source folder. The tricky part is to keep source maps working... gulp.task('uglify-js', function () {...

External Source Map Tool

I have a minimized file in production, with a an error handler that logs the errors, as well as the source map that was generated when I minified the file, however I have no way to map the errors to my source file since the errors are in a log...

Is it possible to disable source maps for certain files in webpack?

I'd like to hide a part of my code from being shown in chrome dev tools. Is it possible with webpack?

GWT source maps in production

GWT supports source maps in super dev mode. Unfortunately, they seem not to work in production mode, despite the fact that I added source maps option to my *.gwt.xml file. How to enable them there?...

Less SourceMap file location relative to filesystem, not website

I have a file structure that looks like this (simplified for brevity): /less/ /styles.less /public/ /css/ /styles.css /styles.css.map /images/ index.php /gruntfile.js Gruntfile.js: less: { options: { sourceMap: true, sourceMapFilename: 'public/css/styles.css.map', sourceMapURL: '/css/styles.css.map', sourceMapRootpath: '/' } files: { 'public/css/styles.css': 'less/styles.less' } } In the index file: <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/styles.css"> Now in...

Unsupported format of the sourcemap while loading jquery-migrate.min.js

I am getting the following error message in the Visual Studio 2013 debug window: 'iexplore.exe' (Script): Loaded http://localhost:4453/Scripts/lib/jquery-migrate.min.js Unsupported format of the sourcemap Module load messages are turned on (debug window context menu). I know that there should be a jquery-migrate.min.js.map file, but that is unfortunately not distributed by the...

chrome debugger: clicking exception link in console opens file in new tab instead of cross-linking into source file

I have the chrome debugger open showing both the console and the sources tab. I am debugging a meteor.js application and am getting an exception in the console that displays a file link with a line number in the stack trace. I swear when I used to click these it...

Sentry - JavaScript Projects and Source Maps

i have some questions about the Sentry handling of minified JavaScript code. My Projects have around ~3 MB of regular JavaScript, in production its reduced to 200 - 400kb. How does it work if Sentry is implemented plus JavaScript Sourcemaps. If an error appears, will the client load the sourcemap...

`Invalid mapping` error trying to use babel require hook and polyfill with react jsx transpile

I'm trying to use babel for both ES6 and JSX transpilation for mocha tests. Suppose we have test.jsx like this: var React = require("react"); React.createClass({ render: function(){ return (<div>Hello World</div>); } }); Running babel test.jsx gives us valid transformed code. No problem. I would expect that if I create a...

Sass Sourcemap with Chrome DevTools

We are using gulp-sass to compile our SCSS, and using gulp-sourcemaps to generate sourcemaps in our dev environment: ... .pipe(plugins.if(IS_DEV, plugins.sourcemaps.init())) .pipe(plugins.sass({ outputStyle: "nested" })) .pipe(plugins.if(IS_DEV, plugins.sourcemaps.write("./"))) ... Sourcemaps get generated, no issues. When inspecting elements in Chrome DevTools, we can see the source SASS definition, but as soon as...

Why we use minified version of Angularjs (Reason to give preference to angular.min.js over angular.js even if we are adding angular.min.js.map) [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: angular.min.js.map not found, what is it exactly? 2 answers I added angular.min.js to my project and faced this issue. http://localhost:8000/AngularProject/angular.min.js.map 404 (Not Found) angular.min.js.map:1 Upon research, I found that adding angular.min.js.map got rid of the "404 (Not Found)" error. I also found...

How can I get source maps to work when running tests using ember-qunit for an ember app built on ember-cli

I have an Ember app built using ember-cli and I'm writing my tests using the ember-qunit testing adapter and running them in the browser using testem as instructed in the ember-cli documentation. Although debugging in Google Chrome works fine when I'm interesting with my app, I am unable to use...

Gulp Browserify SourceMaps

I've looked at this question already and the answer doesn't work in my situation: gulp, browserify, maps? So here is what I have: gulp.task('debug-app-js', function () { console.log('DEBUG-APP-JS'); var src = './node_modules/js/app-main.js', dst = '../www/js', bundler = browserify(src, {debug:true}); return bundler.bundle() .pipe(source('app-build.js')) .pipe(gulp.dest(dst)) }); Debug is set to true, so...