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Python - Scapy Choosing an interface to sniff

Im building a sniffer with Scapy, python 2.6.6 and windows 7 and I want to know if I can choose the interface to sniff before sniffing, kind of like Wireshark.

using libtins and libosip

I'm trying to write a simple SIP sniffer using libtins which works nice. I then try to parse the packet received to libosip. Although it does parses the message properly, it dies silently. I've no idea what could be wrong here, some help would be greatly appreciated! this is my...

Intercept serial port data in Delphi

I know how to comunicate over serial port using TComPort, but I'd like to view the data going in and out a virtual (USB<=>RSR232) COM port without interupting the transmition and (obviously) opening the port. To be precise I want to see the GPS data from the USB GPS receiver....

Get the IP Adresses of other apps connected to the internet in Android?

I would like to get the IP addresses of different android apps which are connected to the internet. E.g. Google Play services is connected to Or Internet app is connected to xxx.xxx.xx.x. I know that it is possible. But I am not sure how I can receive these IP...

Filtering ObjectListView - Python

I'm using ObjectListView and I want to know if I can filter it by it's attributes. I'm using scapy to build a sniffer so I show all the packets in an ObjectListView, each row is a PacketObject that has an attribute called packet. Let's say I want to Filter by...