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How do I set main URL a priority of 1.0 and subdirectory urls priority of 0.5 in sitemap.xml

How can I make the root index in the sitemap a priority of 1.0 and the rest of the sub directory files a priority of 0.5? I'm using this php code to generate my sitemap on the fly when page is accessed. As it is right now, it gives a...

Google App Engine app.yaml PHP scripting parameters

In my GAE PHP app.yaml i am trying to do this: application: myapp version: 1 runtime: php api_version: 1 threadsafe: yes handlers: - url: /sitemap.xml static_files: sitemap.xml upload: /sitemap\.xml - url: /MyOneLink script: /myDynamicContent.php?myparam=hardcoded_value_1 - url: /MySecondLink script: /myDynamicContent.php?myparam=hardcoded_value_2 so one can browse http://example.com/MyOneLink and get the result of the...