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Google App Engine app.yaml PHP scripting parameters

In my GAE PHP app.yaml i am trying to do this: application: myapp version: 1 runtime: php api_version: 1 threadsafe: yes handlers: - url: /sitemap.xml static_files: sitemap.xml upload: /sitemap\.xml - url: /MyOneLink script: /myDynamicContent.php?myparam=hardcoded_value_1 - url: /MySecondLink script: /myDynamicContent.php?myparam=hardcoded_value_2 so one can browse http://example.com/MyOneLink and get the result of the...

How do I set main URL a priority of 1.0 and subdirectory urls priority of 0.5 in sitemap.xml

How can I make the root index in the sitemap a priority of 1.0 and the rest of the sub directory files a priority of 0.5? I'm using this php code to generate my sitemap on the fly when page is accessed. As it is right now, it gives a...