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Which laws simplify this boolean expression?

Which laws do I need to use to simplify !X + (!Y + !Z)*(Y + Z) to !X + (Y*!Z) + (!Y*Z) ...

Simplify coding trycast vb.net

Consider I have some models as follow: black, green, blue, red. I have a function which receive an object and I would like to trycast the object to appropriate model. Now I have the code like this: Public Sub SetData(ByVal obj As Object) If TryCast(obj, black) IsNot Nothing Then Dim...

How to prevent MariaDB from simplfiying logical expressions

I'm having a very weird problem with MariaDB 10, it simplify automaticaly some logical expression !! here's an example CREATE VIEW test AS SELECT 1 FROM test_table WHERE NOT (1 < 2 OR 3 > 4); SHOW CREATE VIEW test; CREATE ALGORITHM = UNDEFINED DEFINER =`root`@`localhost` SQL SECURITY DEFINER VIEW...