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Disable code inspection in SharpDevelop

How can I disable the code inspection in SharpDevelop 5.1? It annoys me as hell and slows down typing speed due to constant code checks. There is a checkbox in Tools - Options - Coding - C# - Code inspection, but it is read-only.

static method invoked via derived type

There is a class, called circle. It contains circleID, circleGeometry and circlePath propertities. public class Circle { public string ID {get; set;} public EllipseGeometry circleGeometry {get; set;} public Path circlePath {get; set;} } Now, I'm trying to set ZIndex value for a circle. For example it'll be 2. Canvas.SetZIndex(someCircleID.circlePath,2); But...

Application is missing required files

Pic of Error: http://s23.postimg.org/7uj6qcxtn/9708083373e57a9ec91e4296e302f88e.png Cannot Download the Application. The Application is missing required Files. Contact Application Vendor For Assistance. So I'm building a windows form application using SharpDevelop 5.2 and I'm trying to make a standalone/version someone else would be able to use on another machine. In sharpdevelop (and visual...