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Retrieve all instances of recurring event via CSOM

I need to get all the instances of a recurring calendar event in Sharepoint 2013 online via CSOM. I read that it can't be done, that I need to do it via REST API directly. My question: 1) Is it possible to get the items from a View instead of...

“Unauthorized” exception by Simple.OData.Client by accessing the SharePoint REST API with valid credentials from Xamarin PCL

Before I used Simple.OData.Client in our Xamarin project, I tried it with help of LINQPad. I was very impressed by the easiness to use it. When I built it into our Xamarin project I got exception by trying to get data from SharePoint's REST Api. Simple.OData.Client.WebRequestException: Unexpected WebException encountered --->...

Execute SharePoint Function On Page Load in AngularJS Application ($scope issue???)

I am using SharePoint's JavaScript Object Model in an AngularJS app and need one of its functions to execute on page load so an array is populated and used by an ng-repeat. Currently, it logs to the console the array push on page load, but does not appear to commit...