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Best practice to automatically initialize project (git + composer + bower etc.)

I have private git repository with 2 git submodule (Backend - Laravel API REST & Fronted - AngularJS). Once the developer clones the project, he must run a setup process to initialize this project. For example: git submodule init git submodule update cd backend composer update mv .env.example .env php...

Automatic installation of .NET framework from InnoSetup installer

I'm using the following code to install the .NET package automatically procedure dotnetfx40full(); begin if (not netfxinstalled(NetFx40Full, '')) then AddProduct('dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe', CustomMessage('dotnetfx40full_lcid') + ' /q /passive /norestart', CustomMessage('dotnetfx40full_title'), CustomMessage('dotnetfx40full_size'), dotnetfx40full_url, false, false); end; It's using this project. Please check cannot post full code here. http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/20868/NET-Framework-Installer-for-InnoSetup But after the .NET installer...

Does the main Nexus repository have to be named: “central”?

G'day all ... I have been looking at stackoverflow about the use of a local or cluster nexus repository. Anyway I've had a Nexus repository on my PC and my laptop for a number of years with little bother. I think more projects are using Nexus themselves and I've had...

How can I determine the prerequisites for my program to run on a new, “fresh” system?

I've completed work on a project that is all ready to go except for one problem : Upon installation, it fails to run on a fresh system (that is, one that has never been updated, had anything installed to it, or anything else). The system installs by a Microsoft Setup...

Saving file to a directory when porgram installed on another computer.

I created a setup project with installshield to install my program on other computers. I have to save an image to use later. But the image is not being saved on the directory that i created. Here is the line: image.Save(Application.StartupPath + "\\data\\config\\Choosen.bmp"); (Application.StartupPath = C:\Program Files (x86)\PT\My Product Name)....

Delphi exe setup in visual studio

I have a multiple exe file in that was created in delphi 6 . I want to create a setup file from the Visual Studio 2010 for these EXE. How can i do that. Please provide me the steps for do this.

Setting up SpringToolSuite with Maven/Java/GIT combo

I am trying to set up Spring Tool Suite v3.6.3.SR1 (Eclipse Luna 4.4.1) with my project. STS comes with Maven which I have replaced with my version (3.1) and Java is v1.7. When I do: Package Explorer > Import... > Maven > Existing Maven Projects I get the project imported...

How to Customize Visual Studio Setup

I have created a video chat application in c#. Now I wan to make a setup of it. I have created a setup using Visual studio's setup project but my client told me to customize the setup progress bar styles and other properties. i dont know how to do it....

How to make secure local SQL database for C# application

I have a C# application with .NET 3.5 and SQL SERVER 2008 R2. I want to make a setup project and i want to install each user db while installation. I use local db when i import database as application file, the database is available and anyone who has access...