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How to Customize Visual Studio Setup

I have created a video chat application in c#. Now I wan to make a setup of it. I have created a setup using Visual studio's setup project but my client told me to customize the setup progress bar styles and other properties. i dont know how to do it....

Delphi exe setup in visual studio

I have a multiple exe file in that was created in delphi 6 . I want to create a setup file from the Visual Studio 2010 for these EXE. How can i do that. Please provide me the steps for do this.

Saving file to a directory when porgram installed on another computer.

I created a setup project with installshield to install my program on other computers. I have to save an image to use later. But the image is not being saved on the directory that i created. Here is the line: image.Save(Application.StartupPath + "\\data\\config\\Choosen.bmp"); (Application.StartupPath = C:\Program Files (x86)\PT\My Product Name)....

How to make secure local SQL database for C# application

I have a C# application with .NET 3.5 and SQL SERVER 2008 R2. I want to make a setup project and i want to install each user db while installation. I use local db when i import database as application file, the database is available and anyone who has access...

Setting up SpringToolSuite with Maven/Java/GIT combo

I am trying to set up Spring Tool Suite v3.6.3.SR1 (Eclipse Luna 4.4.1) with my project. STS comes with Maven which I have replaced with my version (3.1) and Java is v1.7. When I do: Package Explorer > Import... > Maven > Existing Maven Projects I get the project imported...

Automatic installation of .NET framework from InnoSetup installer

I'm using the following code to install the .NET package automatically procedure dotnetfx40full(); begin if (not netfxinstalled(NetFx40Full, '')) then AddProduct('dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe', CustomMessage('dotnetfx40full_lcid') + ' /q /passive /norestart', CustomMessage('dotnetfx40full_title'), CustomMessage('dotnetfx40full_size'), dotnetfx40full_url, false, false); end; It's using this project. Please check cannot post full code here. http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/20868/NET-Framework-Installer-for-InnoSetup But after the .NET installer...

How can I determine the prerequisites for my program to run on a new, “fresh” system?

I've completed work on a project that is all ready to go except for one problem : Upon installation, it fails to run on a fresh system (that is, one that has never been updated, had anything installed to it, or anything else). The system installs by a Microsoft Setup...

Best practice to automatically initialize project (git + composer + bower etc.)

I have private git repository with 2 git submodule (Backend - Laravel API REST & Fronted - AngularJS). Once the developer clones the project, he must run a setup process to initialize this project. For example: git submodule init git submodule update cd backend composer update mv .env.example .env php...

Does the main Nexus repository have to be named: “central”?

G'day all ... I have been looking at stackoverflow about the use of a local or cluster nexus repository. Anyway I've had a Nexus repository on my PC and my laptop for a number of years with little bother. I think more projects are using Nexus themselves and I've had...