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JSON [{“non_field_errors”: [“Invalid data”]}]} Django Rest Framework

I have some serializer where I have some elements and want it to POST it when I create POST method for InvoiceDictionarySerializer. Dont have any idea how to make it works properly. Any suggestions? My code looks as follow: class InvoiceDictionaryElementSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer): class Meta: model = InvoiceDictionaryElement fields = ( 'name',...

Stuck with nested serializer using Django Rest Framework and default user

The models and serializers are described in the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/ZxzxWY7V In my database I have a user which also has a member profile and a set of credentials attached to it. Now... when I run this as is and try to pull a user using the AuthUserModelSerializer I get the...

django-rest-framework edit data after validation

I have a few fields on my serializer and I have overridden the validate method on serializer to do some object-level validation. The problem is after validation, I need to edit the final data before passing it to create function. Currently, I'm doing this: class MySerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer): def validate(self, attrs): #...

Gson serialize interface / abstract class

If I register a JsonSerializer with an interface or abstract class like: GsonBuilder builder = new GsonBuilder() .registerTypeAdapter(MyInterface.class, new MySerializer()); Gson gson = builder.create(); MyInterface i = new MyConcreteClass(); String json = gson.toJson(i); // <--- Serializer is not invoked The serializer is simply not invoked in gson.toJson(). However, if I...

Why `create()` method of django rest framework serializer return a value?

I don't understand why the create() method in DRF serializer has to return a value. E.g.: class UserSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer): profile = ProfileSerializer() class Meta: model = User fields = ('username', 'email', 'profile') def create(self, validated_data): profile_data = validated_data.pop('profile') user = User.objects.create(**validated_data) Profile.objects.create(user=user, **profile_data) return user Would not be sufficient save User...

django rest framework: set field-level error from serializer validate() method

I have a serializer that validates fields based on the values of other fields, In the error response I would like to show each field error as a field error as opposed to showing everything under "non_field_errors" which is what would happen if I were to raise a ValidationError in...

why do we need to prevent Circular Object References

I'm new to this. Can you please explain to me why the "Circular REference" is a bad thing, what's the bad result it may bring about?

How to use Django JSON and GeoJSON Serializer?

I am relatively new to Django. I have read the documentation but I'm still having trouble getting it to work. views.py def getMarkers(request): query = request.GET zoom = query.__getitem__('zoom') fromlat = query.__getitem__('fromlat') tolat = query.__getitem__('tolat') fromlng = query.__getitem__('fromlng') tolng = query.__getitem__('tolng') querystring = coordinate.objects.filter(lat__gt=fromlat) .filter(lat__lt = tolat).filter(lon__gt = fromlng).filter(lon__lt =...

JSON.NET custom serialization of properties

I have a class looks like below public Class Sample { public string schema {get; set; } public string version {get; set; } } output i am looking for is { $schema : "some schema", version : "" } I used below code to serialize the public class SchemaSerializer :...

Django MultiValueDictKeyError what is it when do they occur and how can it be avoided?

I'm getting a MultiValueDictKeyError in my views.py on my zoom variable. When I remove the zoom variable the error falls on the variable bellow it. So I can assume that this will just follow suite for the rest of the variables. What is a MultiValueDictKeyError and how can they be...