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Sentiment analysis training set

I am using NLTK python to do sentiment analysis and my data has about 200,000 reviews. To use Naive Bayes Classifier, I need to have training set that is labeled. Since my data is not labeled, I manually created about 100 reviews as positive and negative. But I don't think...

NLP Shift reduce parser is throwing null pointer Exception for Sentiment calculation

i am trying to find out sentiments using nlp.The version i am using is 3.4.1. I have some junk data to process and it looks around 45 seconds to process using default PCFG file. here is the example String text = "Nm n n 4 n n bkj nun4hmnun Onn...

xampp crashes when many simultaneous API requests are made

I'm making an application which takes in a user's tweets using the Twitter API and one component of it is performing sentiment extraction from the tweet texts. For development I'm using xampp, of course using the Apache HTML Server as my workspace. I'm using Eclipse for PHP as an IDE....

Features Vectors to build classifier to detect subjectivity

I am trying to build a classifier to detect subjectivity. I have text files tagged with subjective and objective . I am little lost with the concept of features creation from this data. I have found the lexicon of the subjective and objective tag. One thing that I can do...

sentiment package installation from local zip file issue

I am trying to find a way to install sentiment package in R for performing sentiment analysis. I searched in all d repositories but it isn't available.I am trying to manually install sentiment_0.2.tar file from local directory but i get this: Error in read.dcf(file.path(pkgname, "DESCRIPTION"), c("Package", "Type")) : cannot open...

Instruction for training model in Stanford Core NLP

I am a novice in the area of sentiment analysis, and I am very interested to learn about training models, could you please explain each of the instructions contained in the following command? java -mx8g edu.stanford.nlp.sentiment.SentimentTraining -numHid 25 -trainPath train.txt -devPath dev.txt -train -model model.ser.gz what is the function of:...

Amazon Machine Learning for sentiment analysis

How flexible or supportive is the Amazon Machine Learning platform for sentiment analysis and text analytics?

Sentiment analysis/Opinion mining tools

Can anyone recommend me some good Sentiment analysis/Opinion mining tool? It's for research purposes, I looked allover the Internet and found nothing. Thanks...

How to iterate over many websites and parse text using web crawler

I am trying to parse text and run an sentiment analysis over the text from multiple websites. I have successfully been able to strip just one website at a time and generate a sentiment score using the TextBlob library, but I am trying to replicate this over many websites, any...

How to separate text from twitter streaming JSON responses and run analysis on text with python?

I am trying to use the twitter API to run sentiment analysis on the text. I am running into the issue that I am not understanding the way to separate the text from each tweet and running the sentiment polarity analysis provided in the TextBlob library. Further more I would...

How to integrate the GATE Twitter PoS model with Stanford NLP?

I'm currently using Stanford NLP library for sentiment analysis of a twitter stream (version 3.3.0 but that’s not set.) I was looking for ways to increase the accuracy when I came across this https://gate.ac.uk/wiki/twitter-postagger.html I'm relatively new to sentiment analysis but am I right in saying that if I choose...

mashape sentiment and R integration

Here is one mashpe sentiment analysis curl code returning json. How to integrate it with R? curl -X POST --include 'https://community-sentiment.p.mashape.com/text/' \ -H 'X-Mashape-Key: pVke3AAqHzmsh4xNdsKrPshYHQC1p1H78y0jsn2uwaEPcU1TnF' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \ -H 'Accept: application/json' \ -d 'txt=Today is a good day' Edit: Also how can I add -d 'txt=Today is a...

How to iterate through the synset list generated from wordnet using python 3.4.2

I am using wordnet to find the synonyms for a particular word as shown below synonyms = wn.synsets('good','a') where wn is wordnet. This returns a list of synsets like Synset('good.a.01') Synset('full.s.06') Synset('good.a.03') Synset('estimable.s.02') Synset('beneficial.s.01') etc... How to iterate through each synset and get the name and the pos tag of...

Stanford Parser - Factored model and PCFG

What is the difference between the factored and PCFG models of stanford parser? (In terms of theoretical working and mathematical perspective)

How to capture iterated output variable into list for analysis

I am trying to parse html text from a number of webpages for sentiment analysis. With the help from community I have been able to iterate over many urls and produce sentiment score based on the textblob library's sentiment analysis and have used the print function successfully to output a...

Lazy parsing with Stanford CoreNLP to get sentiment only of specific sentences

I am looking for ways to optimize the performance of my Stanford CoreNLP sentiment pipeline. As a result, a want to get sentiment of sentences but only those which contain specific keywords given as an input. I have tried two approaches: Approach 1: StanfordCoreNLP pipeline annotating entire text with sentiment...

NLP- Sentiment Processing for Junk Data takes time

I am trying to find the Sentiment for the input text. This test is a junk sentence and when I tried to find the Sentiment the Annotation to parse the sentence is taking around 30 seconds. For normal text it takes less than a second. If i need to process...

Sentiment Analysis in Spanish with Stanford coreNLP

I'm new here and wanted to know if anyone can help me with the following question. I'm doing sentiment analysis of text in Spanish and using Stanford CoreNLP but I can not get a positive result. That is, if I analyze any English text analyzes it perfect to put it...

UnicodeDecodeError on Python 2.7

Having some problems. I'm doing a TwitterSentimentAnalysis on a dataset of length 1.6 million. Since my pc could not do the work (due to so many computations), the professor told me to use the university server. I just realiazed that on the server, python version is 2.7 that it does...

Sentence-level to document-level sentiment analysis. Analysing news

I need to perform sentiment analysis on news articles about a specific topic using the Stanford NLP tool. Such tool only allows sentence based sentiment analysis while I would like to extract a sentiment evaluation of the whole articles with respect to my topic. For instance, if my topic is...