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Can I install 2 or more Android SDK when using Eclipse

I am new to android developments. I am setting up my android development environment using Eclipse. I have a test smart phone with Android version 4.2.2. The automatic installation installed the latest Android SDK version, which is 5.1.1. My questions are: 1. Do I have to install the SDK version...

Getting Facebook Profile Picture from user ID

Scenario: I have obtained Facebook user ID's of the people who have liked my certain POST (status) of my Facebook Page. Question: How should I be able to get their profile picture or link to their profile picture. Size of the picture doesn't matter. PS: I am using PHP GraphAPI...

How can I download older Android versions in Android Studio? I want to make the emulator run KitKat but it shows only Lollipop

I want Android Studio Emulator to run a previous Android version to test web pages. How can I download or make changes in the Android Studio to make the Emulator run 4.4 and not Lollipop?

Unable to resolve sdk.buildtools property value '18.1.0'

I'm getting this error and cannot compile my android program. Here is my project.properties file: target=android-22 android.library.reference.1=../appcompat_v7 renderscript.target=18 renderscript.support.mode=true sdk.buildtools=18.1.0 How do I fix this? Thanks in advance!...

Configuring Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Device for AVD

I tried the following https://mega.co.nz/#!XYZzGJyD!YOD4HvIjX5mGm1yzvCxvUDOoazRau73xYYtEH_5-qM4 but when I click on "Create Device" button, nothing appears, no error messages, nothing. What can I do?...

CRM - Retrieve Selected Option Set From Another Form

In my quotes form the user will input the 'potential customer' when this is done I want to be able to retrieve what option has been selected from a option set from the account form and put the text into a text field in the quotes form. So far I...

How do I use other API versions as build targets in my Android Project?

Introduction I'm new to Android Development Using Eclipse Luna r24.1.2 and JDK 8 I can't use Android Studio because it lags too much on my computer The Problem I can't choose a build target in the Compile With dropdown that is above API version 8. However, I can choose a...

Android Facebook 4.0 Logout Programmatically

In my app, I allow users to login to and logout from Facebook programmatically. For login, I call: ArrayList<String> permissions = new ArrayList(); permissions.add("manage_pages"); permissions.add("publish_actions"); LoginManager.getInstance().logInWithPublishPermissions(App.activity, permissions); And for logout, I call: FacebookSdk.sdkInitialize(getApplicationContext()); LoginManager.getInstance().logOut(); When I call the logInWithPublishPermissions() method above, the official Facebook app opens prompting the user to...

AWS ruby sdk for Async non blocking calls

I want to publish custom application level metrics to be pushed to aws cloudwatch service. (http://docs.aws.amazon.com/sdkforruby/api/Aws/CloudWatch/Client.html#put_metric_data-instance_method), so that I can see all the metrics both system and application level custom metrics in AWS dashboard. This way I don't have to use third party monitoring solution like graphite etc. The thing...

C++ compiler reading data from .db file stored in .lib

I have a decent understanding of C#. I've been asked to make a SDK along with our program so that a customer can make his own UI using our functions. In C#, I did this by adding a DLL. I had to use a database file (.db) to hold commands,...

Error in running android code on emulator

While running an android code in Eclipse, I get an error saying "Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE Please check logcat output for more details.". But I have declared Target SDKVersion = 11, MinSDKVersion = 3, MaxSDKVersion = 21. Version Code = 15 Version Name = 2.0

Android SDK Manager - Some stuff is missing?

Im currently trying to install a few SDK packages, but some are missing. At the moment im missing Android 3.2 API 13. I already tried different things, setting up a proxy server, ticking Force https:// option and everytime I cleared the cache and reloaded, but nope, nothing downloads :/ Thanks...

Android Studio Install SDK Error

i try to Update version 5.0 layout Library inside android studio , but end of download return this error : Loading SDK information... Refresh Sources: Fetched Add-ons List successfully Refresh Sources Installing Archives: Preparing to install archives Installing SDK Platform Android 5.0.1, API 21, revision 2 Failed to rename directory...

Create a virtual device appear an error “The skin directory does not point to a valid skin”

My SDK tools to version 24.2 and SDK with Android 4.4W.2 (API 20). I used Android Virtual Device (AVD) to simulate Android wear devices. but appear error "The skin directory does not point to a valid skin"...

Can the Android SDK be Stored in a different location

A this point in time my SDK and affiliated tools are stored on my C ( C:\User\Jeff\App\AppData\Local\Android\sdk) drive is there a way of moving everything to another drive without android studio or other programs blowing up with errors? p.s. im new to this sorry ...

Request additional permission Facebook SDK 4 iOS

I have an app that log in through facebook. When it log in, I only asked for "public_profile", "user_friends" and "email" permission. I know that I can ask for more permission later on, as FB stated: "Your app can ask for additional permissions at any time, even after a person...

Haskell data, custom string values

I am writing a Haskell SDK, I have everything working however I'm wanting to introduce stronger types to my search filters (url parameters). A sample call looks like: -- list first 3 positive comments mentioned by females comments "tide-pods" [("limit", "3"),("sentiment", "positive"),("gender", "female")] config While this isn't too horrible for...

Build library jar with Gradle

I'm developing a library on Android Studio (a SDK, let's say module A). To test it out, I also got a demoApp I also have another lib with the SDK dependencies (a plugin, let's say module B) So in my project, there are 3 modules : the SDK (A), the...

scikit learn installation difficulty

I am facing the same problem as mentioned in this question while installing scikit learn from C:\Python34\Lib\site-packages\sklearn. My OS is Windows 8.1 and Python 3.4. I have checked that vcvars32.bat is inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\Tools and the vcvarsall.bat file is located C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC...

How do you list My Images on Azure using the Java SDK?

I am using the Azure Java SDK to list available images for creating virtual machines. When I use: ComputeManagementService.create(config).ComputeManagementClient().getVirtualMachineOSImagesOperations().list().getImages(); It only lists the gallery images available and not my custom images. I have seen other topics that cover SDKs for other languages or using PowerShell but I would like to...

ios Objective C delegate methods

This is my first day of Objective C so I apologise for the lack of knowledge. I need to import an existing SKD into an App and I done it successfully. Now I need to create the delegate methods and I don't understand how can I do it. This is...

How to fetch the Join Properties using ODI 11g SDK

I am using ODI 11g SDK to read interfaces. After getting the Join collection using the below code: Collection<Join> joins = dataset.getJoins(); I can only check if a join in the collection is a Cross join, Natural join, Left Outer or Right Outer, but in the ODI tool I can...

Implementing Nokia Here SDK in Android

I want to develop an app in android using 'here sdk' but i'm unable to find any libraries or files to include in my android project. I have searched over here https://developer.here.com/mobile-sdks/documentation/android-hybrid-plus/topics/app-simple.html but still no luck. Can anyone guide me. Thanks....

Facebook login returning null for name result

I am trying to use the new Facebook 4.0 sdks, but I was quite confused about how to get the name once I successfully get the permissions. The nslog returns a null value for some reason? FBSDKLoginManager *login = [[FBSDKLoginManager alloc] init]; [login logInWithReadPermissions:@[@"public_profile"] handler:^(FBSDKLoginManagerLoginResult *result, NSError *error) { if...

Will my Java SDK app work in BusinessObjects XIr2?

I got a sample application from the SAP site which uses the SDK that comes with BusinessObjects. I modified it to move reports from one folder to another folder. It used to delete reports. It uses the getSessionManager() method and it uses the IInfoObhects interface. The sample was written in...

WindowsAzure.Storage using C# mono

Im trying to connect and download from AzureStorage blob which I manage to do using windows while writing in C#. While working on linux however Im missing : Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage; I've been adviced to use https://github.com/richorama/azure-sdk-for-mono but I cant get it to compile If anyone have managed to do this all...

How can I download Mobilecore SDK for Unity?

I am developing a game now and I have to integrate MobileCore Ads in my project. But I can`t know where and how can I download this SDK for Unity. I logged in mobilecore site and searched unity SDK in Dashboard/Resources. But I could see only Android and iOS SDKs....

Crashlytics doesn't work after migration to Fabric

I use Crashlytics SDK in my app (with Mopub and Twitter SDK's). All work normal, but after last update I dont get message with crashes. Before update After update (only last app version) In my project I make all instructions from manual: build.gradle buildscript { repositories { ... maven {...

My application slows down when processing Kinect RGB images with EMGU library

I'm currently using Kinect SDK with C# ( WPF application). I need to get RGB stream and process the images with EMGU library. The problem is when i try to process the image with EMGU ( like converting image's format and change the colour of some pixels ) the application...

Is application change required when new couchbase node added to cluster?

I am using Node.js SDK to connect to a couchbase cluster. In Node.js docs they haven't specified how to pass multiple ips(of cluster nodes) while creating the cluster object but java docs shows it can accept array of IPs, is this functionality available in Node.js SDK too? Also if this...

Laravel 5 AWS SDK

I am upgrading to L5 this weekend and already have a stopper. I tried both of these in my composer.json file, neither are working upon a composer update. "aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel": "1.*" "aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel5": "1.*" Error message: "Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages."...

facebook sdk4 android getprofile

I'm having this trouble: When I try to do the method "Profile.getprofile()" it returns me null even using ProfileTracker. Here's my code: public class Login extends Activity implements OnClickListener,ConnectionCallbacks, OnConnectionFailedListener { //TODO Facebook ProfileTracker mProfileTracker; private CallbackManager callbackManager; final List<String> permisos = new ArrayList<String>(); private FacebookCallback<LoginResult> fb = new FacebookCallback<LoginResult>()...

What does the fadeTime for the Citymaps SDK's CEMarker class represent?

Documentation claims only this: /** How long it takes the marker to fade in and out when visibility changes. */ @property (nonatomic, assign) CGFloat fadeTime; Does this CGFloat value represent seconds? milliseconds? No matter what value I supply: [marker setFadeTime:3000.0f]; // assume milliseconds or marker.fadeTime = 3.0f; // assume seconds...

Installing Informix Client SDK on Raspberry pi

I wanted my raspberry pi to connect to an Informix database thru Python. I tried installing the InformixDB module for python but I get an error as NameError: name 'arch_' is not defined But this is caused because I didn't have an Informix Client SDK installed on the pi which...

ElasticSearch php sdk simple query not working

this is my first question here, I am having a problem with a simple elasticsearch query made throught the php sdk, json example: { "_id": "event:5569fbbdddc85", "_type": "event", "videos": {}, "status": "published", "owner": { "firstname": "Patricio", "lastname": "", "profilepicture": "http://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/581193413426544640/Q5aqMmPk_normal.jpg", "_id": "twitter:2383339241", "_type": "user", "updated": 1433008088365, "created": 1428439794713 }, "max_age":...

How can I open emulator [closed]

I use ADT in windows 7 32bit . I open ADT and try to make a emulator so that I can test my own application . But I cannot do that . It show me some error which I didn't understand ...

Need Fingerprint Reader Integration with SDK?

I need to integrate a fingerprint system with my software. Can any one recommend any best fingerprint sdk solution with complete tutorial. Thanks in advance Robert...

OpenCL / AMD: Deep Learning

While "googl'ing" and doing some research I were not able to find any serious/popular framework/sdk for scientific GPGPU-Computing and OpenCL on AMD hardware. Is there any literature and/or software I missed? Especially I am interested in deep learning. For all I know deeplearning.net recommends NVIDIA hardware and CUDA frameworks. Additionally...

Facebook PHP SDK Age Range

I'm creating a facebook application that allows users to register at my site using data from facebook, then I need to retrieve these data. The code I wrote is as follows: $request = new FacebookRequest( $session, 'GET', '/me' ); $response = $request->execute(); $graphObject = $response->getGraphObject(); $user = $response->getGraphObject(GraphUser::className()); And then...

How does an SDK/framework works when included into xCode projects?

I am able to see the headers of the SDK, that means I am able to see what methods the SDK has but where is the actual implementation of those methods and how can I override the code that is automatically getting executed? And what about the .a files of...

Paypal ASP.NET without credit card management

I'm starting to use Paypal SDK to implement the payment service for a ASP.NET site. I wrote the code following the SDK example and everything worked fine, of course I'm managing the whole process (credit card data entry and submission included). The site owner however complained about credit card data...

AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer and preview from camera position

I'm developing an app that permits user to takes photo. I've started using AVCam apple provides but i'm actually have a problem Simply i cannot position the camera layer where i want but it's positioned automatically on center of the View On the left side you can see what i...

Pyvmomi what does this do?

i'm currently working on the VMware SDK in python (with Pyvmomi) and I see in all sample or example this line: atexit.register(Disconnect, self.si) Does anyone know what does is supposed do ? I don't understand, thanks for ur help....

Create a .dll Library consisting GUI Components windows phone 8

I have to create a library which i would like to reference in other project. However I would like to include in other projects. So basically when there is a button click I have to switch to the application pages created by my library. Is there any way to do...

Corona sdk random text

I`m have a problem because when i touch my button sometimes not appear my text... (Sorry for my English!) Code: function randomText(event) display.remove(mmDis) local a = {"Cristiano ronaldo jest najlepszy!","messi jest dobry!","lewandowski jest ok","diego lopez to bramkarz realu"} com = (a[math.random(1,#a)]) local mmDis = display.newText(tostring(com), display.contentWidth*0.57, display.contentHeight*0.7, display.contentWidth*0.9, display.contentHeight*0.8, "Impact",...

How to login facebook using sdk 4.1.0 in android?

[I"m writing codes for my login Page for my application.i have already made my login successful with the given email and password but i"m facing a problem while writing the codes for login with facebook.I have already checked this https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/android/v2.3 but still i"m getting errors while running my code as...

does the android webview version depends on the sdk or the device?

Android 5 is upgrading the WebView to Chromium 37. Does it mean I have to use the latest sdk for android 5 to enjoy the benefits, or the WebView will be automatically updated for the app once the user has been upgraded to android 5? What if I use android...

Why I get the problems with Visual Studio “2013” SDK samples?

Visual Studio 2013 Premium Update 4; Visual Studio 2013 SDK installed. I see the code sources are for older Visual Stuido version. It has a link to Visual Studio 2010 (instead of 2013) SDK Samples.zip file. I try compile its some projects but I get an exceptions... For example: Other...

how to import facebook sdk in android studio?

I really searched for days to find a good tutorial to import the facebook sdk to make a simpel login system. if the facebook sdk work with the login then I can go on to import contacts and so on. but everytime I try to import it (tryed like 20...

iOS using microsoft band build error

I created the project, imported the microsoft band sdk http://developer.microsoftband.com/download/Microsoft%20Band%20SDK%20for%20iOS.zip And I tried intimate the sdk sensor sample http://developer.microsoftband.com/download/Microsoft%20Band%20SDK%20and%20Samples%20for%20iOS.zip my viewcontroller.h: #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> #import <MicrosoftBandKit_iOS/MicrosoftBandKit_iOS.h> @interface ViewController : UIViewController<MSBClientManagerDelegate> @property (strong, nonatomic) IBOutlet UIActivityIndicatorView...

How to fix 'javah' error when using NDK with Android Studio?

I am trying to set up NDK so that I can add C/C++ code to my Android application within Android Studio 0.5.1. I am ultimately trying to get it compiled during gradle build, and to properly handle APKs generation. Much like the tutorial explains in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okLKfxfbz40 . My...

Facebook integration in android is not working when Facebook app is already installed

I have integrated Facebook sdk in my android application. It works fine when I run it in the emulator which is not having Facebook app. It properly allows me to login but when I tried it in emulator and real device having Facebook app it just shows progress bar but...

Creating blank actvity doesn't generate R.java

I'm working with eclipse Luna in Ubuntu 14.04.. My problem is when I created an "android project", and choose "blank Activity" (minimum API 2.2 target 4.X and compile with 5.1). Eclipse creates 2 projects, the first one is "appcompat_v7"(with missing R.java) and the second is my project. I've already tried...

Google Cardboard SDK demo head tracking inversed?

I upgraded my new Google Cardboard Unity game to the newer SDK, but now the head tracking is inversed. The camera is upside down. Even the demo scene is the same way. Has anyone been having the same issue? Thanks in advance!...

Unity - How to get data from a js script to a csharp script?

I have my player score located in the gameobject _GM (script = gamemaster.js) like this: static var currentScore : int = 0; Now I want this score to be used here: (In the script gameOver.cs located in an other scene) public void SetScore() { var scoreData = new Dictionary<string,string> ();...

RubyMine Cannot switch SDK. RVM SDK '[email protected]' wasn't found

I switch to new version of ruby 2.2.0p0 (2014-12-25 revision 49005) [x86_64-linux], then RubyMine show me this blody message: Cannot switch SDK. RVM SDK '[email protected]' wasn't found When i go to RubyMine SDK Settings, i see, that evyrything is in place: http://i.stack.imgur.com/sdIfr.png Anyone can help me with that ? Thanks...

Android SDK gives wrong path, Android Studio

Recently I've started to get involved in Android developing, and I learned that Android Studio was available contrary to Eclipse. So I downloaded the new software by Google and started it up. It prompted me to install some SDK packages and I did all that it recommended me to do...

Errors after updating sdk with Eclipse

Well i've decided to update the sdk using sdk manager. I've updating at the last android M preview API. After that, i re opened Eclipse and all my projects had errors!! The appcompat library returns in the console this: android-support-v7-appcompat] /android-support-v7-appcompat/gen already exists but is not a source folder. Convert...

Not fetching any events using Graph Api

Using This code for getting event:- new Request(session,"/{event-id}",null,HttpMethod.GET,new Request.Callback() { public void onCompleted(Response response) { /* handle the result */ System.out.println("Result: " + response.toString()); } } ).executeAsync(); } }); Permission :--- authButton.setReadPermissions(Arrays.asList("user_location", "user_birthday", "user_likes","user_events","read_stream")); And it gave me error :---- I/System.out﹕ Result: {Response: responseCode: 404, graphObject: null, error: {HttpStatus: 404,...

Visual Studio 2008 doesn't appear X64 option for win 7 64 bit

I install visual studio 2008 express on win 7 64 bit and I also install Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). I try to transform a DLL(c++ source code) from 32 to 64 bit but the X64 option doesn't appear in visual studio 2008. I use command "vcvarsall amd64" in "Visual...

Fb.Login() doesn't get extended permissions

I want to post on users facebook timeline from my application. I added js sdk as in facebook tutorial and tried a simple example. window.fbAsyncInit = function () { FB.init({ appId: 'xxx', xfbml: true, version: 'v2.3' }); }; (function (d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id))...

Questions about actionBar android

How add image in action bar? Example: I have products that can be added to the cart. Shopping image is in Action Bar. If i add 2 products, in Shopping image display little 2. If i press Shopping image i move on Shopping activity. How display another image menu...

Android Studio SDK manager takes up more than 10GB on mac .. is this normal?

I downloaded Android Studio on Mac, and from Android SDK Manager I installed Android 5.1.1(API22) Extras I had 11GB of free disk space, but it all ran out and couldn't install all of them. Is it normal for SDKs to take up this much of disk space? Are there any...

Download link to android SDK WITH Eclipse

Please help me with the download link to android SDK WITH Eclipse (any version just before android studio release is fine) because i'm having a serious problem with my existing projects in android studio

Why can SDK not resolve Id as a symbol?

public void onClick(View v) { switch (v.getId()) { case new R.Id():Imagebutton(); ImageButtonClick(); break; } } private void Imagebutton() { } I'm quite new to Android SDK and this may be a minor issue but I keep getting this error "Cannot Resolve Symbol 'Id'". I'm currently trying to design a button...

Install android sdk in eclipse without downloading full os

I would like to install the SDK for several android platforms on my chromebook using Ubuntu with crouton when I get it. The problem is that the chromebook I might get only has 16gb minus the OS. Installing the android SDK to eclipse also seems to install the whole emulator...

Azure SDK 2.6 instllation for VS 2013 -

Am seeking support to fix an issue that is holding progress on starting with Azure. When installing Azure SDK 2.6 for VS 2013, am getting below errors. I am admin in my system. I have VS 2013 + SP4. OS is windows 7 enterprise, 32 bit. * [176C:0720][2015-05-05T14:35:35]i320: Registering bundle...

import facebook friends birthdays in android using facebook sdk

I'm trying to get facebook friends birthdays in android using facebook sdk. Can someone please help me on this? Also, I heard that as per changed facebook policies we cannot get friends birthdays in our app unless they install this app. Is this correct?

How do make Dagger optional when buildling an SDK in Android/Java?

I am an SDK that will be public for other developers. I have build my SDK using Dagger thus far, but I wouldn't want developers to rely on Dagger when using the SDK. Is there a way to set the @Inject dependencies based on whether dagger has been enabled or...

What is the correct schemaVersion for Azure SDK 2.6

Anyone knows what is the correct "date" in the schemaVersion for CloudConfiguration's ServiceDefinition schema? I just updated the Azure SDK from 2.4 to 2.6, but the "Upgrade" button in CloudConfiguration project fails to work (seems a lot of things that Microsoft published have to be fixed with Notepad). So I...

NetworkOnMainThreadException inside AsyncTask inside onFacebookLogin

I'm having this situations right here: My LoginActivity, that extends from FacebookActionBarActivity run login method from an instance of my custom class named Session: @Override protected void onFacebookLogin(final GraphUser facebookUser, com.facebook.Response response) { User user = new User(this, facebookUser); Session preSession = new Session(this, user); preSession.setCallback(new Response() { @Override public...

Why my android application stopped when I run it in Emulator?

Unfortunately, app has stopped. I get this error when I'm running my application in the emulator. Why? My program doesn't contain any error, but it's not running. I use Eclipse with SDK. Here is my manifest file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" package="com.example.jvstgs" android:versionCode="1" android:versionName="1.0" > <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="3" android:targetSdkVersion="21"...

How to prepare a closed sourced SDK module on Android Studio?

Background I'm working on an app that has become very popular, so much that a part of it is supposed to become an SDK (which would be available for developers), and the app will split to 2 apps (both use the SDK). According to what I know, there are multiple...

Apple Mach O Linker Error popped up out of nowhere

My current project is driving me absolutely crazy The issue is with sdk's that I have added to my project. Such as google ads, parse, Facebook and adcolony. I added them when I first started my project weeks ago and they worked fine. Today I opened my project, cleaned it,...

CloudKit: Fetch all records with a certain record type?

I have currently got CloudKit set up in my app so that I am adding a new record using the help of the following code below, CKRecordID *recordID = [[CKRecordID alloc] initWithRecordName:@"stringArray"]; CKRecord *record = [[CKRecord alloc] initWithRecordType:@"Strings" recordID:recordID]; [record setObject:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"one", @"two", @"three", @"four", nil] forKey:@"stringArray"]; [_privateDatabase saveRecord:record completionHandler:nil];...

PayPal PHP SDK - Set a tax in an invoice

I'm trying to insert a tax in this example https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-PHP-SDK/blob/master/sample/invoice/CreateInvoice.php using the setTax function and I always get an error. Could you help me? Thank you in advance.

Android Studio Preview Issue, Important SDK Tools?

I'm totally new with android development. I installed android studio today. By default, I'm getting 15 options that can be installed in sdk manager, but my net is limited, so I cannot install all of these :( Can you please suggest the most important of these to install so that...

Intuit QBO SDK v3 Setting Customer PreferredDeliveryMethod to None does not seem to be working correctly

I use Intuit QBO SDK v3 DataService.FindById to get a Customer entity, modify some of the attributes including PreferredDeliveryMethod then call DataService.Update. When I set PreferredDeliveryMethod to 'Print' or 'Email', the Customer is modified correctly as shown by the response object. When I set PreferredDeliveryMethod to 'None', the response comes...

This version of the rendering library is more recent than your version of ADT plug-in. Please update ADT plug-in - already updated

on eclipse - i'm getting this error although i'm on the latest adt version. im not sure it's related but this happened right after i installed android-m sdk.

Share image ant text Facebook SDK 4.0 iOS

I'm trying to share an image and a text with the new SDK 4.0 of Facebook but I'm unable to do it. To share an image I have this code: FBSDKSharePhoto *photo = [[FBSDKSharePhoto alloc] init]; photo.image = imageFinal; photo.userGenerated = YES; FBSDKSharePhotoContent *content = [[FBSDKSharePhotoContent alloc] init]; content.photos =...

Google IMA SDK client - How to Translate “Skip Ad” and “This ad will close in 5 seconds”

I have pre-roll video ads on my site, I'm using Google IMA SDK client. How can I translate "Skip" and "This ad will close in 5 seconds"?...

Can I use Facebook advertising for an iOS app without having the SDK integrated?

I have my app already sent for App Store review few days ago. I just noticed that Facebook advertising requires the Facebook SDK to be integrated with the app. Is it a compulsory step? Or can I use Facebook advertising without having the Facebook SDK?

How can I update Android SDK without internet using updated SDK of other computer?

Websites, Blog or Videos with working files like Lynda Tutorials I don't have enough cash to enrol

Installing Facebook PHP SDK via Composer w/ Autoload

I have followed the instructions at getcomposer.org combined with those at developers.facebook.com but I am struggling to get the PHP SDK up and running. The install worked fine and all files were generated including the autoload.php in the vendor folder. I have put this line in my index.php: require 'vendor/autoload.php';...

IPackageStatsObserver cannot be resolved to a type (Android)

I want to calculate the sum of all the cache memory utilizing the device. For this I am getting a compiled time error: IPackageStatsObserver cannot be resolved to a type I have mentioned this error 2 times in the code: public long totalCacheSize(){ totalSize=0; PackageManager packageManager = getApplicationContext().getPackageManager(); /* List<PackageInfo>...

Android Studio Sdk

Well then, i am not sure if this is the right place to ask this things, but i was looking for more then a week now and tried to understand what is "Android Studio sdk". Do you really need to download eveything? when you go online and check what sdk...

Android LinkedIn SDK produces unusable access tokens

What I am trying to accomplish: Authenticate w/ LinkedIn via their Android SDK Fetch User's profile to obtain their userId Create new user against our internal service So far I have been able to authenticate with LinkedIn, retrieve an access token, and use that against LinkedIn's service to obtain their...

DynamoDB Retrieve an Item using iOS mobile SDK

I'm starting with AWS mobile SDK for iOS and can't get to load an item properly. I have the entity mapped fine because I can save an item to the DynamoDB table. My problem is that I can't get the information after the load operation. I'm following this AWS docs,...

Localycs iOS Crash

I keep getting this issue in my Fabric crash log: Fatal Exception: NSInvalidArgumentException -[__NSCFNumber length]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xb0000000000a8d23 -[LLNetworkHandlerBase createRequestWithURL:installId:libraryVersion:customerId:] com.apple.main-thread APPNAME -[LLManagerBase syncExecuteBlock:] APPNAME -[LLAnalyticsManager applicationKey] APPNAME +[Localytics customerIdInMemory] APPNAME +[Localytics upload] Crashed: com.localytics.LLAnalyticsManager_queue -[LLNetworkHandlerBase...

How to convert software into a DLL?

I have a software which provides some functionality which is written in C++ language visual studio. I want to use this into my asp.net web application which is written in C#. So I decided to convert the software into DLL, so that I can include the DLL in my web...

Paypal Checkout Express doesn't show the order details

I'm using the lib PayPal-PHP-SDK on Laravel 4 and I have a problem with showing the order details. I followed the steps from Paypal Web Checkout and it doesn't showing me the order details. it says "You'll be able to see your order details before you pay." - Image Link...

Bluemix Push service security concern

We are using IBM Push-Notification service and Mobile-App-Security on our Bluemix app (serving iOS clients). In order to send a push notification, our server sends a POST request to: https://mobile.ng.bluemix.net/push/v1/apps/{application-id}/messages with the application secret in the Ibm-Application-Secret header (following the instructions here). To initialize Mobile-App-Security SDK inside our app you...

Using Windows SDK 8.1 for development on Windows 7

Can I install Windows SDK for Windows 8.1 on my computer with Windows 7 and use its libraries for development? Specifically I'd like to use the Direct3D libraries/headers.

Casting when migrating to Android Studio

I'm working on an old project built on Eclipse and having it opened in Android Studio. Originally built with version 1.7, i'm now on 1.8, having tried 1.7 with no success. My main problem is i get the 3 following errors: float size = (float) Float.parseFloat(v.getTag(R.string.size)); Error: Error: Error:(228, 71)...

LinkedIn sdk for iOS [closed]

Hello to all I am looking for the LinkedIn sdk that allows implementation with iOS devices, this is my first time when I am needed to work with the LinkedIn in an application, I am interested in retrieving the aptitudes(tags). Thank you in advance and please bare with me....

Xcode - Parse & facebook header file(SDK) error

I want to use both Parse & facebook SDK's with my app, I did everything and added every library from both Parse & facebook and edited my App Delegate file according to the docs, but I keep getting errors in my bridging-header file: #import <FBSDKCoreKit/FBSDKCoreKit.h> #import <ParseFacebookUtilsV4/PFFacebookUtils.h> #import <FacebookSDK/FacebookSDK.h> #import...

Android custom UI code fails to draw when SDK is changed

I'm using the code from http://mindtherobot.com/blog/272/android-custom-ui-making-a-vintage-thermometer/ as the basis for some custom UI code. The original code's AndroidManifest.xml contains code as follows: <application> ... </application> <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="3" /> I modified this to: <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="18" android:targetSdkVersion="19" /> <application> ... </application> and the hand fails to draw. The background canvas draws fine,...

Is there any sdk to log exceptions, events and errors in production app?

I want to catch all the un expected/undesirable events in my app during production. I want something which can send a error log file to server and I can easily read it through a web application. Do you know anything of this sort ?

Why does this Sparkpost Python SDK Install fail?

I'm trying to install sparkpost sdk in the read me on git hub. I used the command: pip install sparkpost But I got this error: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement sparkpost (from versions: 1.0.0.dev1, 1.0.0.dev1) ...

Updating VM state in ovrt python sdk script

I'm trying to write a python script to query the status of VM's in ovirt (I'm completely new to python!) Here's a test script I'm using! APIURL="https://..." APIUSER="[email protected]" APIPASS="..." CAFILE="path" LOGFILENAME="/tmp/shutdown_vms_dc.log" logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG, format='%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)s', filename=LOGFILENAME, filemode='w') if __name__ == "__main__": try: api = API(url=APIURL, username=APIUSER, password=APIPASS, ca_file=CAFILE) print 'Connected...